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Monday, December 12, 2016

Random rants: Patience

Hello Assalamualaikum

Recently I've been tested a lot in this area, and I learned a lot as well.

Being patient is more than just holding it in, what you held in, you have to unfold and understand the reasons and come to good terms with them.
Because, i believe in the end, whatever you held in, was for the better.
But for you to be truly happy, you have to try and understand the good things that happen because of your strong will of holding it in.

Patience is also about waiting, really wanting something but waiting anyways.
but this kind of patience only happens if you're really sure of what you want.
like shopping, u know u want that skirt, but u wait and wait until a sale to get it.
If you're waiting for something you're unsure of, anytime you could change and decide not to wait and act bluntly.

So that is it, it's actually really hard to do, and i still got a long way to go. i know.

me and and my crazy personality have a lot of renovations to do. So if you can't help, don't sit around.