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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Caring for someone

I think when you really care about someone, you truly want what's best for them.

You smile when they laugh, celebrate their wins and suffer together through the losses.

You adore the moments you share and give them enough space to be free.

But part of wanting what's best for another may involve accepting that your paths are no longer intertwined. 

It's not to say that the moments you hd aren't real, but rather coming to terms with the inevitable truth that sometimes showing someone how much you love them means letting them go. 

- Evan Sanders, The Better Man Project

I love everything this guy says, this is one of the harsh reality but we need to learn to come to terms with.
Everything that happens in life act as a lesson to build us, as a person.
So embrace what has happened in the past, what is happening now and what will come in the future.
Remember, life is wonderful and beautiful, eventhough you can't see it sometimes.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Random rants: Patience

Hello Assalamualaikum

Recently I've been tested a lot in this area, and I learned a lot as well.

Being patient is more than just holding it in, what you held in, you have to unfold and understand the reasons and come to good terms with them.
Because, i believe in the end, whatever you held in, was for the better.
But for you to be truly happy, you have to try and understand the good things that happen because of your strong will of holding it in.

Patience is also about waiting, really wanting something but waiting anyways.
but this kind of patience only happens if you're really sure of what you want.
like shopping, u know u want that skirt, but u wait and wait until a sale to get it.
If you're waiting for something you're unsure of, anytime you could change and decide not to wait and act bluntly.

So that is it, it's actually really hard to do, and i still got a long way to go. i know.

me and and my crazy personality have a lot of renovations to do. So if you can't help, don't sit around.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Random rants: Effort

always work for what you want, 
you know never which effort of yours will actually give you what you want
you never know, that if you tried just a little bit harder, you might just get it
you never know, if that last sprint you did could be the one that leads to success
you just never know

so be give it your all, 
till the last drop of effort running in your veins,
just so,
you can be absolutely sure, 
that you did your best and have no regrets,

understanding that it's not meant to be because you have already gave it your best shot.

but if you did not try your best,
you don't deserve to complain,
you don't have the right to blame,
you shouldn't criticize,
you will drown in regret,
cause something in you,
deep down realizes,
that you might just get it,
IF you tried harder.

So yeah, this applies to everything in general, i'm no love expert but believe me, it works even in that department. Although my experience is close to none, speaking as a girl, efforts just tear our walls down. It's only natural for girls to have thick and high concrete walls, and being thick and high, all you need is extra effort. 

Same goes to study, give it your best. Not necessarily you'll get exactly what you want. But at the end of the day, you regret nothing, cause you did your best.

p/s i am also amazed and freaked out at my current state of mind that keeps having these random rants.