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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

10 travel must haves !

Hello Assalamualaikum

Every time we go travelling whether domestically or outside the country, there must be a bag that we carry around at all times with all of our essentials. Either a bigger than usual handbag, a rucksack or a sling bag. What are the most important things to have in your trusty bag ?

1. Basic important stuff
These are the extreme basics like your passport, mobile phone, train or bus pass, room key and phone charger. Its going to be a really tough day if you end up not bringing one of these items.

2.Hand cream and Hand sanitizer
Travelling usually means long hour drives or flight which almost always dries your skin. So some hand cream would do the work to moist and also make you smell a little better. That's two deals in one bottle ! Hand sanitizers are also very important as we are always exposed to dirty things in unknown places. So it's better to be safe from bacteria then sorry later. Use it anytime you feel uncomfortable with your hands. Extra tip; Find one with great scent to smell better.

3. Facial Mist
Never knew these were so important till I got one myself. It's really excellent to freshen up after a long day of fun. It can also help you moisturize your face on the plane or in the car when your skin tends to get dry a lot.

4. Lip Balm
Dry and chapped lips during travelling is a big no-no. Its very annoying to be bothered about your lips when you just want to have fun. So always carry a lipbalm with you to keep your lips and nice and moist. Carry a tinted balm would be even better for some flush of red to your lips.

5. Tissue
These always come in handy for so many reasons. You never know when you need one. For those who prefer wet wipes over tissue, go ahed and bring those or both. I carry both, because i just find both of them so useful.

6. Sunscreen
Oh honey ! Don't ever forget to bring these, unless you want to get wrinkles faster than everyone else your age. I got you there didn't I ? Whether it's a cold or tropical area, the sun is always there. Thus the need to put on sunscreen frequently is just inevitable.

7. Sunglasses
Who doesn't need these ? Other than being great for sunny days. Sunglasses just scream stylish to me. Psstt, its so good to cover eye bags, dark circles and no eye-makeup day.

8. A bottle of water
Do I need to say  more ? Travelling make you thirsty so you ought to need this. Fun fact ! you're watering your thirsty skin as well, keeping it  moist and supple.

9. Chewing Gum
Being out all day and long hours in the plane will definitely make you worry of bad breath. So some mint chewing gum would do the trick to freshen up your breath. Some people bring toothbrush and toothpaste along too, but again, it's up to your preference

10. Snacks
Simple snacks like a chocolate bar, energy bar, mints and buns would help you so much for that extra boost of energy.

With all that mentioned, let’s start packing !

P/S these are items that i usually need, not necessarily everyone needs it too, but think of it as a suggestion.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

very very easy bake cheesecake

Hello assalamualaikum

So today i decided to bake *clap2*
which is amazing cause i am not a fan of baking at all. i like cooking in general, but i like cooking meals for lunch or simple malay desserts that are to easy.
so yeah, from the title its so clear that the only reason i baked today cause it was just out of this world way too easy.

all you need is some

Biscuits (i used cornflakes instead)
*the amount depends on how thick you want the crust to be, but make sure it's not extremely thin that it can crumble at touch okay ?

500g Cream cheese
3/4 cup Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
4 Eggs

By the way you can add a bit of lemon zest if you like too, it does make it extra yumy. well at least to  me.

After that bake at 170C for about 30-40 mins

A little tip for a beautiful finish and no cracks is to bake the cake in a pan of water. Put the pan of cake in anther pan of water and then bake. After it's all cooked, leave it in the turned off oven for a bit before taking it out. Let it cool and ur all set.

Voila ! my shiny cheesecake ! yeah sorry, i cut it a bot roughly. i guess i was too excited.