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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Must Basic Skin Care

Hello Assalamualaikum

Today i'd like to share about the most basic skin care that everyone, like everyone, guys or girls should apply.

Why is it important ? not only for radiant healthy skin, but also to enhance it's function as the first line of defense to our body.

Too dry too oily is not good so we should tackle it the best way we can.

I was once that girl who repeatedly said to myself, i don't need all these stuff, my skin's fine, a bit of acne is not a problem, washing with water would be fine, it's just a waste of money.

But guess what, these are the biggest lie we could ever tell ourselves. we are actually in dire need of basic skin care, are you reading this well, it's basic for crying out loud.

Once i started using these products *consistently i must highlight, i noticed that my skin got a lot better. Acne reducing, blackheads and whiteheads, skin is moist and supple

One more thing to suck you in to this important skin care is that, your skin might be fine now, but if u don't take care of it now, it won't be fine later. specifically when you age later.

Facial Cleanser
cleansing your face is a very very important routine in your basic skin care. Everyday, you apply powders, foundation, makeups and just exposure to the environment leaves your skin not as clean as it should be. Therefore, when you get home, especially before bed, make sure to clean your face well. leave your skin feeling free, breathable before bed. If your a regular makeup user, cleansing your face with a foam alone would not be sufficient. Start with a makeup remover, to remove the obvious and then cleanser to remove the less obvious leftovers.Choosing a foam that suits your skin best is very important. If the cleanser leaves your skin feeling dry and tight. That is not a good choice as it takes out the moisture from your face.

Toner is a product that helps reduce your pore size. The importance of this is not only that it makes your skin flawless and makeup will look even better on it. In addition to that, smaller pore size will reduce chances of dirt getting deeper into our skin

Most people like to ignore the importance of moisturizer saying that their face is oily, or it just never feels dry. However, moisturizer is actually important for any type of skin, the only thing that differs is to choose a formula that best suit your skin type. Moisturizers are available in gel, cream, oil formulations

Sunscreen/Foundation with SPF
This is an extremely important part of skincare especially in a hot country with a lot of sun like Malaysia. The skin is prone to ageing with direct exposure to sun without any protection. It will also take longer for scars to heal too. Thus, you have to find products that include spf, the higher the value the better, or any sunscreen

Facial Scrub
Last but not least, scrubbing your face. This step will help exfoliate dead skin and allow new skin to come out healthy. however too frequent scrubbing is not good as well. take the time to do it 2-3 time per week.

let's aim for baby-ish skin. yeay !