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Monday, December 12, 2016

Random rants: Patience

Hello Assalamualaikum

Recently I've been tested a lot in this area, and I learned a lot as well.

Being patient is more than just holding it in, what you held in, you have to unfold and understand the reasons and come to good terms with them.
Because, i believe in the end, whatever you held in, was for the better.
But for you to be truly happy, you have to try and understand the good things that happen because of your strong will of holding it in.

Patience is also about waiting, really wanting something but waiting anyways.
but this kind of patience only happens if you're really sure of what you want.
like shopping, u know u want that skirt, but u wait and wait until a sale to get it.
If you're waiting for something you're unsure of, anytime you could change and decide not to wait and act bluntly.

So that is it, it's actually really hard to do, and i still got a long way to go. i know.

me and and my crazy personality have a lot of renovations to do. So if you can't help, don't sit around.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Random rants: Effort

always work for what you want, 
you know never which effort of yours will actually give you what you want
you never know, that if you tried just a little bit harder, you might just get it
you never know, if that last sprint you did could be the one that leads to success
you just never know

so be give it your all, 
till the last drop of effort running in your veins,
just so,
you can be absolutely sure, 
that you did your best and have no regrets,

understanding that it's not meant to be because you have already gave it your best shot.

but if you did not try your best,
you don't deserve to complain,
you don't have the right to blame,
you shouldn't criticize,
you will drown in regret,
cause something in you,
deep down realizes,
that you might just get it,
IF you tried harder.

So yeah, this applies to everything in general, i'm no love expert but believe me, it works even in that department. Although my experience is close to none, speaking as a girl, efforts just tear our walls down. It's only natural for girls to have thick and high concrete walls, and being thick and high, all you need is extra effort. 

Same goes to study, give it your best. Not necessarily you'll get exactly what you want. But at the end of the day, you regret nothing, cause you did your best.

p/s i am also amazed and freaked out at my current state of mind that keeps having these random rants.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Random rants: Path in life

As i am growing older, i have many chances to see, observe, ponder and think about life in general.

Although you have chosen your path, there is no guarantee that it is the right path for you. If it is a mistake, it is a mistake that was meant to be anyways. It was a mistake that is needed in your life to shape who you are today.

So never feel you made the wrong choice, and your life is now a mess. There is no specific framework or any standard of procedures to life. Everyone has a different path, a different story, different set of people to meet, different places to be. It's different for everyone.

There will always be moments when you take a peek in other people's life and wonder about your life, thinking "am i doing it right ?"

Whatever path that you are taking, that is your route, that is the right route, all the good and the bads along the way is all for you. It's a part of the lesson that will make you the person that you are.

So believe, believe in you, believe in god and walk your path.

The only real mistake that you can ever make is not trying, not putting effort, not giving it your best shot, giving up and just letting go of everything.

If you don't do any of these, then you're doing fine. You're doing well indeed.

There is no one that will always always be there with you forever in every moment and hard times in your life. That is why you have to be the person you need when you are in need.

Yes, you can cry, you can breakdown, but darling please, DON'T forget to get back up, okay ?

#iknowiknow #somanydeeppostlately #guessimgettingold #nonono #imgettingwiseractually

why the hashtags ? tryna be young. ahaks

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Random rants: i should have

I should've been stronger
should've never stirred you
should've let you be

Never mind me
I believe I can get thru this
but you
can you ?

Sometimes the heart wishes what it can't have
and it drives you to an unknown place
somewhere you thought you've buried deep
yet somehow still there
kept neatly
as if it was waiting to be found

I should've hold back
I'm sorry
I was selfish

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The independent woman

This woman is somewhere in between.
She can do everything by herself,
But that does not mean she  doesn't want anyone to help her out.
She can enjoy and appreciate life as it is,
But that doesn't mean she does not want to share it with someone.
She can be content with the life that she has,
But that doesn't mean she wants to keep it that way.

This woman is prepared for a change,
But that doesn't mean she wants to rush into change.
Change will happen, that is inevitable,
But she doesn't want to make her life focused in finding a change.

This woman can stand tall all on her own,
But that doesn't mean she does not want a significant half.
She wants someone, but not to complete her,
as she is complete.
She wants someone to share moments with.
She wants someone to share life with.
To build a new life that consists of two very different people,
Yet able to enjoy each others company,
for the rest of their lives.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

10 travel must haves !

Hello Assalamualaikum

Every time we go travelling whether domestically or outside the country, there must be a bag that we carry around at all times with all of our essentials. Either a bigger than usual handbag, a rucksack or a sling bag. What are the most important things to have in your trusty bag ?

1. Basic important stuff
These are the extreme basics like your passport, mobile phone, train or bus pass, room key and phone charger. Its going to be a really tough day if you end up not bringing one of these items.

2.Hand cream and Hand sanitizer
Travelling usually means long hour drives or flight which almost always dries your skin. So some hand cream would do the work to moist and also make you smell a little better. That's two deals in one bottle ! Hand sanitizers are also very important as we are always exposed to dirty things in unknown places. So it's better to be safe from bacteria then sorry later. Use it anytime you feel uncomfortable with your hands. Extra tip; Find one with great scent to smell better.

3. Facial Mist
Never knew these were so important till I got one myself. It's really excellent to freshen up after a long day of fun. It can also help you moisturize your face on the plane or in the car when your skin tends to get dry a lot.

4. Lip Balm
Dry and chapped lips during travelling is a big no-no. Its very annoying to be bothered about your lips when you just want to have fun. So always carry a lipbalm with you to keep your lips and nice and moist. Carry a tinted balm would be even better for some flush of red to your lips.

5. Tissue
These always come in handy for so many reasons. You never know when you need one. For those who prefer wet wipes over tissue, go ahed and bring those or both. I carry both, because i just find both of them so useful.

6. Sunscreen
Oh honey ! Don't ever forget to bring these, unless you want to get wrinkles faster than everyone else your age. I got you there didn't I ? Whether it's a cold or tropical area, the sun is always there. Thus the need to put on sunscreen frequently is just inevitable.

7. Sunglasses
Who doesn't need these ? Other than being great for sunny days. Sunglasses just scream stylish to me. Psstt, its so good to cover eye bags, dark circles and no eye-makeup day.

8. A bottle of water
Do I need to say  more ? Travelling make you thirsty so you ought to need this. Fun fact ! you're watering your thirsty skin as well, keeping it  moist and supple.

9. Chewing Gum
Being out all day and long hours in the plane will definitely make you worry of bad breath. So some mint chewing gum would do the trick to freshen up your breath. Some people bring toothbrush and toothpaste along too, but again, it's up to your preference

10. Snacks
Simple snacks like a chocolate bar, energy bar, mints and buns would help you so much for that extra boost of energy.

With all that mentioned, let’s start packing !

P/S these are items that i usually need, not necessarily everyone needs it too, but think of it as a suggestion.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

very very easy bake cheesecake

Hello assalamualaikum

So today i decided to bake *clap2*
which is amazing cause i am not a fan of baking at all. i like cooking in general, but i like cooking meals for lunch or simple malay desserts that are to easy.
so yeah, from the title its so clear that the only reason i baked today cause it was just out of this world way too easy.

all you need is some

Biscuits (i used cornflakes instead)
*the amount depends on how thick you want the crust to be, but make sure it's not extremely thin that it can crumble at touch okay ?

500g Cream cheese
3/4 cup Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
4 Eggs

By the way you can add a bit of lemon zest if you like too, it does make it extra yumy. well at least to  me.

After that bake at 170C for about 30-40 mins

A little tip for a beautiful finish and no cracks is to bake the cake in a pan of water. Put the pan of cake in anther pan of water and then bake. After it's all cooked, leave it in the turned off oven for a bit before taking it out. Let it cool and ur all set.

Voila ! my shiny cheesecake ! yeah sorry, i cut it a bot roughly. i guess i was too excited.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Must Basic Skin Care

Hello Assalamualaikum

Today i'd like to share about the most basic skin care that everyone, like everyone, guys or girls should apply.

Why is it important ? not only for radiant healthy skin, but also to enhance it's function as the first line of defense to our body.

Too dry too oily is not good so we should tackle it the best way we can.

I was once that girl who repeatedly said to myself, i don't need all these stuff, my skin's fine, a bit of acne is not a problem, washing with water would be fine, it's just a waste of money.

But guess what, these are the biggest lie we could ever tell ourselves. we are actually in dire need of basic skin care, are you reading this well, it's basic for crying out loud.

Once i started using these products *consistently i must highlight, i noticed that my skin got a lot better. Acne reducing, blackheads and whiteheads, skin is moist and supple

One more thing to suck you in to this important skin care is that, your skin might be fine now, but if u don't take care of it now, it won't be fine later. specifically when you age later.

Facial Cleanser
cleansing your face is a very very important routine in your basic skin care. Everyday, you apply powders, foundation, makeups and just exposure to the environment leaves your skin not as clean as it should be. Therefore, when you get home, especially before bed, make sure to clean your face well. leave your skin feeling free, breathable before bed. If your a regular makeup user, cleansing your face with a foam alone would not be sufficient. Start with a makeup remover, to remove the obvious and then cleanser to remove the less obvious leftovers.Choosing a foam that suits your skin best is very important. If the cleanser leaves your skin feeling dry and tight. That is not a good choice as it takes out the moisture from your face.

Toner is a product that helps reduce your pore size. The importance of this is not only that it makes your skin flawless and makeup will look even better on it. In addition to that, smaller pore size will reduce chances of dirt getting deeper into our skin

Most people like to ignore the importance of moisturizer saying that their face is oily, or it just never feels dry. However, moisturizer is actually important for any type of skin, the only thing that differs is to choose a formula that best suit your skin type. Moisturizers are available in gel, cream, oil formulations

Sunscreen/Foundation with SPF
This is an extremely important part of skincare especially in a hot country with a lot of sun like Malaysia. The skin is prone to ageing with direct exposure to sun without any protection. It will also take longer for scars to heal too. Thus, you have to find products that include spf, the higher the value the better, or any sunscreen

Facial Scrub
Last but not least, scrubbing your face. This step will help exfoliate dead skin and allow new skin to come out healthy. however too frequent scrubbing is not good as well. take the time to do it 2-3 time per week.

let's aim for baby-ish skin. yeay !

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

3 Stylish Travel Backpack For Women !

Hello assalamualaikum.

I'm about to graduate now and all i can think about is travelling. Most of the times I just  feel like taking a break from everything and enjoy life and some do it by going for a backpacking trip. I myself love to go travel and see the world, the different culture and breathtaking views. it is very essential to be comfortable while traveling especially backpacking.  However, we cannot go for these backpacking trips with big luggage as it is a trip to relax and only the things you actually need for the period. You want to be able to explore new spots without having the burden of carrying too much things on your hands. 

But heyy, being girls that we are, of course looking good and stylish is a must too. Therefore, we girls, should take into account the choices of travel backpack for women (check it out!) which will be perfect to carry along and still appear in style.  Some of the choices that are popular nowadays includes

1. Army Backpack
    Army designed backpacks are always trendy and gives you that edgy look. Most of them are designed with a lot of compartments which you can fit it your belongings. If you are a laid back girl, these trendy army backpacks will be great to carry along on your travel trips. 

    These bags look stylish in any outfit, and the compartments makes it easier to arrange and later look for all our little stuffs that we carry around. i know you know what i mean by little stuffs (tissues, lotions, sanitizers, lip-balm,snacks, etc)

2. Water-Resistant
There are a few choices in the market which offers water resistant backpacks for your comfort. As backpacking seems quite an adventurous activity, you will never know how to control your bags during the trip. So by being safe and carrying a bag which is water resistant gives you the confidence.

Water resistant backpacks are now all the rage. A lot of brands and also unbranded bags are coming up with bags of water resistant materials. So there is no worry to choose a style that suits you best. from flowers, to dots and plain, different shapes and sizes are all available.

3. Camping Bags

If you plan to jump from one place to another and explore unique spots, camping bags should be a must-have, it just screams out traveller ! Outdoor travelers who love the nature can fit everything they need during the duration of the trip into one bag and never worry leaving anything behind. Note that it has all the necessary compartments for all the necessary things we need on a backpacking trip. The best thing is, it's almost automatically organized. Great isn't it ? 

It fits everything into one bag from clothes, toiletries, water bottles and other necessities with ease. It may become huge but the space allows you to bring all the items you need during the entire trip. Don't worry about style, as there a bunch of color choices for these bags, plus it is already stylish as it is, so traveller-ish. 

Last but not least, some general tips for the right bag.
  • Get bags with lightweight material so it does not add extra burden
  • Choose bags with wider straps as it will reduce shoulder aches
  • Getting a bag with zips is more safe than just a strap.
  • Always choose what you like so that you WILL use it.
  • Think of all the criteria's that you'd like before getting a bag *it'll save your time !


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Life ahead

I'm almost 23.
Truth be told it's scary
I feel like i should know everything
I should know what to do
I should have lived on my own by now
I should not be relying on my parents anymore
I should make money
I should have something to give to my parents


At the some time
I'm thinking, I'm just 23
I'm not 25. or even 30
I don't really have responsibilities yet
Should i really think of all the big people stuff

Huh, funny how I can think I'm all grown up
And at the same time think I'm still young and innocent
Yes, 23 does these things to you
Even what to wear is a struggle,
When I'm all chilled out,
Thinking of wearing sneakers, jeans and a  baggy T with characters on em
Then i think again, is this still appropriate for me ?
Or should i be wearing, blouse with skirts and look all mature
Yes again, 23 does these things to you

Such a confusing age it is,
Still studying, yet almost finished
It's the in between periods that scares me the most
In between study and work
Cause I think that what I do during those between periods will decide my path
Yes yes yes, 23 does these things to you

Ahh the future
Frankly speaking, it suffocates me
Because it's an unknown that won't be known until we finally face it
Thinking of the future
It only builds questions,and curiosity
Of course on top of all that
There's fear

Not only the fear of what's to come
Or what will be of myself
But a fear that I won't even exist in the future

Then guilty seeps in
Who am I to think of the future life of  mine
When even a life is no guarantee for me then

That is what needs to be changed
Think of now
Think of this moment
Is it nice ?
Am I doing the right thing ?
Or is it bad ?
Am I doing something wrong ?

Fix it
Fix it now

Cause time is not ours to delay
Time is not ours to dream
Only this moment is ours to make the best of it.

A bridesmaids story

hello assalamualaikum

I suddenly have the idea to write about my experience as a bridesmaids. A lot of people currently have bridesmaids at their wedding. i dont know other people's concept and perception on bridesmaids. but here's a glimpse of what we did.

when i first heard my close friend was getting married, we were all mumbo jumbo hyper excited for her, unbelievable ! so we started helping her on small things like basically just triggering her thoughts on what she needs to think about and just being there for her. she didn't really mention the bridesmaid thing but we were already all over it going crazy and wild with all these ideas waiting to jump out of our brain. so we made a group, discussed the color that won't overshadow the bride, then we bought our own clothes. yep, the bride didn't say a thing about wanting a set of bridesmaid, we were just suddenly set and decided to be her bridesmaids. so it all just fun so far, the more juicy parts aren't here yet.

so we came to her house a few days earlier just thinking of helping the last couple of details. but little did we know, our hands were full each and everyday without fail. we came around Tuesday and her solemnization was on Friday evening. that Tuesday we arrived quite late in the evening, so we just ate, learn to do tissue flowers and slept. the next day woke up early and starting making tissue flowers that took forever to complete. it was fun at first making flowers, crafting like a lady, but we need near 100 of it, yeah it does get a little annoying. we left it half way and took the bride for last minute shopping for some of her hantarans.

in the midst of all this craziness we were actually trying to plan a bachelorette party. but looking at how busy she was, we changed the concept to something more like "last chillin session with the bachelorette". it turned out to be quite a surprise to the bride, which we were utterly grateful of. later that night back to busy mode, thinking about the things to make her pelamin at home. yes people, her pelamin for solemnization was hand made by us and her sisters and cousin. amazing. Not only that, her hantaran, ALL OF IT i must say, was made by a group of us beautifully and simply using fresh flowers even. Does that seem a lot, well not quite yet, we also packed the door gift which was an extremely tedious job to do, 100 door gifts with at least 7 steps were all packed from scratch by us. to show yah how complicated it was, lemme tell yah

first, we used a stamp of her name and stamp on brown paper like a thank you note, next we had to cut those stamped paper into small 100 little pieces, we got tired of it so we made a copy at the photocopy shop, but still, they couldn't cut it for us, we still had to cut thru 1000 little pieces of paper. Next step is cookie packing, the cookies arrived bare, so we need to pack it in plastics and seal it tight. After sealing it in a plastic, we had to put the plastic in a small paper bag, stick the small paper piece just now, cut some ribbons and tie ribbons around the pack. how about that for a manual labor.

next, we were also actively or should i just say 100% involved with her makeup and pre treatment and henna stuff. several nights in  a row we put on her henna late into the night. such  a struggle to make it neat and tidy, we had to tape her finger, then apply the henna. About her makeup, my friend studied like very seriously and practiced and tested several makeup styles on her until everyone approved of the make, thus on the day of the solemnizaton and the day of the wedding itself, we did her makeup. last but not least the pre treatment part, well our bride was really busy due to the last minute preparations, thus we took the morning of her solemnization day to open a mini spa and do what brides shud do before marriage. u girls know what i mean eh ? hahaha

on the day of the wedding itself, we just prepped her makeup, her outfit. Then we were the ones who drove her to the wedding location. at the wedding, there wasn't much to do, cause her cousins, uncles and aunts were all around and super hyped to help, we only managed to help, when they were eating or praying. at the end of the day. yes, on the day of the wedding we may seem useless, but behind the scene we were top notch high end quality workers kind of bridesmaids. To be honest, i was really proud of what we achieved together. on top of that, it was such a memory that i think i'm gonna remember it forever.

After this, we will all go our separate ways, pursuing our lives, and i dont think there is another chance to do what we did. thank god one of my friends married while we were still students. Later in life, i hope, just once, i can go through this kind of joyful ride as bridesmaids again.

P/S this is of no particular importance to anyone, i just don't want to forget any details when  think of this memory. I'm storing it here for later.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Pharmacist in the hospital (Malaysian way lah)

Hello assalamualaikum

     Too long, yep i know it's been too long. Anyways, as i just finished my hospital attachment of 6 weeks, i think i get the idea, what are the roles of pharmacist in the hospital. First and foremost, the work of a pharmacists in the hospital itself can be divided into many branches. It an be divided into outpatient, inpatient, Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) and store. i might miss out things, but heck, i only went for 6 weeks what do you expect , a professional review?

The outpatient pharmacist will pack the drugs based on the prescription, check em, give em to patients, and counsel when needed. This counseling part is especially important for first timers on new drugs, patients with known compliance problem or just to ensure previous understanding of their medication. but i didn't attach to this part, so i don't know that much

Next is TDM, okay this is where all the blood sample (well actually not all) are sent to. when samples are sent here, it is usually to check whether the drug in the patient's body is at an appropriate level. Basically, not toxic and gives a therapeutic effect. So what does a pharmacist do ? after checking on the levels. The pharmacist will suggest interventions such as increasing, decreasing or maintaining the dose, or maybe reinforce compliance. Bear in mind ladies and gentlemen, not all drugs are sent to TDM. there are only certain drugs that an be sent, such as drugs with narrow therapeutic index (basically means a very very very small range between therapeutic effect and toxicity), suspected toxicity, non compliance issue and etc etc. i'm not a text book, find out urself *coz i don't remember*

Moving on to the oh so ever interesting store. Here is the place where our management skills are put to test. we have to determine the order point, that is when to start ordering, how much to order, and all the process related to the product until the product arrives and arrange them based on first in first out concept. That's about ordering, we must also ensure the condition for storage is fit for each item, and we must maintain that proper condition so that the stability of all the medications, products are maintained in good quality until it reaches the patient.

Last but not least let's go into inpatient pharmacy. This is further divided into those who arrange the meds and send em out to wards, and clinical pharmacist. The arranging part sounds simple, but believe me when i say it aint easy.  firstly there's a system to follow, which i don't remember but basically we arrange medication according to the bed and the requirement for that day. so it's very critical not to get it wrong, because the nurses will give the meds based on what we have dispensed for the patient. and last but not least is the clinical pharmacist, as it is known by most people, the one who prescribe medicines are doctors. so what does a clinical pharmacist do. other than following ward rounds with the doctors, a clinical pharmacist goes around checking all the medication they are receiving, and ensure that there is no major interaction, all the required indications are treated, no unnecessary drugs are given, all the  med are suitable to the patient's condition, the correct dose is given and etc. clinical pharmacist also check on their past medications, check on their compliance, and do counselling especially if they are started on new meds or have poor understanding of their condition and meds, using some sort of device like inhaler or insulin pen.

yehhay, finally finish a blog post after two weeks.
so this is a very simple overview that i can see from my perspective, it might not be all that correct or exact, but it's not all wrong either.

the end