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Monday, June 29, 2015

Of Guys and Girls

Hello Assalamualaikum

i'd just like to share a short conversation with my mum this morning. it's short but, as people say nowadays, DEEP.

we were both gardening at the front yard, she was collecting the  dried leaves and i was throwing it out.  and then my mum said

" us girls, we have to do eveything you know"

while doing all that, i was like yeah, so true. so i casually responded to her

" well i don't really mind doing all this, but amidst us girls doing all these work around the house, i wonder, what are the guys doing ?"

my mum laughed. well i do have four brothers,  currently only one is still staying with us, but still, it's not like the others don't come over sometimes. i think it's so funny how my mum responded, it may be just a joke, but it still means something though. so she said

" i guess they just eat "

and we both laughed so hard, even my brother standing nearby just waiting on us was curious. if u only u knew what we were talking about brother. haha

the thing is, i am not generalizing this to all the guys. some do know what to do how to do it and they just help around without being asked. some on the other hand, do help but only when asked to help. and other type of guys just try to avoid all these work cause they have this old-schooled mind constricting and quite abashing understanding that these work are meant to be for women. since a long time ago, we know that even our beloved prophet helped his wife a lot. so be that kind of person

to be fair i must say as well that not all girls know how to do these housework. and they also fall into these three categories such as the ones i mentioned for the guys before

the ultimate conclusion here is, we have to learn together & work together for the better. No bias in both guys and girls, everyone has to and should help around the house doing all these house chores.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 3 : Community Pharmacy Attachment

Hello Assalamualaikum

          Hah amek kau, kemahenn active lagi update. Truly cause i dont know how to update status in facebook. I feel like i would just ramble nonsense, so better here lah, because i still want to express myself in the form of writing. Anyways blogging is for  my future self. like a lesson book. like a trip to memory lane. uhuk. omaigod, can't  believe all this nonsense coming from me early in the morning. shakirah , i hope u change a bit later in the future *ihiks* Another thing i noticed is that i have a lot of typos in my previous posts. but heck all that, i'm not that diligent to correct it all. At least i know now. hahaha

           So, back to the pharmacy, so far it's been three days. Guess what ? i don't feel smarter yet. *imagine my stank face* 90% of the customer walks in, and boom, says the thing that they want and then we grab it and boom, they're gone like the wind. The point here is, everyone knows what they want, to be even more specific, they have a specific brand in mind, if we try to offer them another brand, some, only some will go for it, but everyone else wants whatever that they want. that's one thing. haa, and the other 10%, now they are more like our pharmacy practice practical, the ones how our lecturers come and act like they're sick and ask for recommendations. truthfully it's not even to that extent pun. for example yesterday this aunty came in and she was like, do u have any multivitamin good for elderly people, and i was like walking slowly to the supplement area, tp the staff pulak cooly go for multivit apa tah, and i was like, slowly looking for a place to hide. u feel me ? tengoklah, even that kind of customer is also specific already, she's not asking for recommendations for her condition, but she wants a multivitamin, so choose one for her. it's only to that extent.

          Now, that's one thing, all the customers know what they want. Second thing is, they all come in uttering specific brand instead of active ingredient. logically of course they would lah kan, if they were to sat the active ingredient, then better they also learn pharmacy like us lah. But the thing is, i didn't realize this all this while. so when a customer walks in and ask for something and i'm like, what the heck is that ? unless i've already remembered that brand then i know lah. if not, how would i know unless they say they want sunsilk ke garnier ke, then i know lahh. hahahahaha. *nonsense at it's best*

          Last but not least, for the 3rd day report is, it's normal to walk around like a sales assistant. it's the first week, it's my first time doing this. so don't be so hard on ourselves.we might not know it now, but soon enough we will. so be strong, have faith and enjoy the ride. Even better, if you are diligent enough, go study lah all the old related topics, then check out mims for the brand ke, then compare with ur pharmacy, that is kalau rajin *as if, ihiks*. Different pharmacy may have different situation. Maybe my pharmacy is like this, cause it's at an urban area *Tui* Maybe, Just maybe.

why u so lazy shakirah ?

*ahah! i just thought of the next update, life of a working housedaughter (konon like housewife lah), recipe of my favourite homemade arabian food ke? saja write here so i don't forget, don't judge, i'm not trying to trigger anybody's interest here*

bubbye *big wave from side to side, imagine that !*

Monday, June 22, 2015

First Day Community Pharmacy Attachment

hello assalamualaikum

          first and foremost, what i must say is, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah
I couldn't be more grateful to Allah for me giving literally a really great pharmacy to attach. The pharmacy has a nice warm welcoming ambience, the customer flow is no joke, well, maybe coz it's my first time. continuing, the pharmacist is so kind, and nice ad helpful and motherly. she's chinese and she'e pregnant and i like her so much ! okay my last two points are totally not related. next the staffs are also nice and helpful and very friendly.

          So basically, that's my first impression, so far so good. i hope to learn as much as i can through this attachment. on the way to the pharmacy this morning, i was screaming in my car like crazy cause i was so nervous and didn't know what to do. but then, it was all good. my screaming was baseless and useless.

          last point is that, i still can't believe that i'm not reading notes, attending lectures and facing quizzes. i am in a real life situation right now and it's just mind boggling to me. feels unreal. and i must say, that i am absolutely humbled because of how minute my knowledge is compared to everyone in the pharmacy. i can't even say one thing with confidence. it's good that i am free to do whatever and ask whatever instead of being questioned. *lega*

to think again, it's only my first day, shouldn't be so relieved yet.

so today i managed grab the layout of the pharmacy and know a bot about it's background

tip of the day to future shakirah:
don't be scared to ask, people are sometimes much more helpful than how you potray them to be in ur little constricted mind. Highlight the little and constricted part so that u will feel obliged to open ur horizons wider.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

what's up ?

Hello Assalamualaikum

hey hey blog bloggy

i can't believe how konon nya busy i was that i did not update my blog for like years !
anyways, i'm on holiday, so please shakirah be active ! at least u have something to read when u get old. u know what, my favorite thing about blogging is that i get to ramble nonsense and nobody ares, especially now when blogging is not that in no more *if u know what  mean* haha.

 anyways, i just wanna highlight that alhamdulillah, i've finished my third year of studies in bachelor of pharmacy and i got one more year to go. by this time next year, i'll be graduating man. i am totally grateful that Allah graciously bestowed me strength to go through  this one heck of a year. i mean, it was no kidding i tell ya. but now i realized something, the older i grow, the less stressed i am, the lessi pressure myself and hence more nonsense happens. the thing is, though more nonsense happens, i am more happy. so i am confused, should i be happy or should i be excellanto ? *As if*

let's cut the crap and get into business, i have a lot of thing lined up to write in this blog, but the problemo is, it's been too long so i kinda forgot, but if i do remember, it's gonna be a really really old story, but heck. i write what i want to yeah ?

Actually, tomorrow i will be starting my attachment at a community pharmacy near my house. i am so nervous if u must know. i don't fell knowledgeable or ready or hyped or excited or druggist feeling. naah, i have none of these feeling. i am just totally 100% nervous but i x study oreven read the log book pun. u see my problem here ? my laziness is like taking over me. man, i need a cure.

okay, so that is the end of my nonsense, please pray that i update my blog soon enough :)

Around australia we go #2

Hello assalamualaikum.

Yeah. it's time for the second part of the trip.

          As a continuation of my last post, i'd like to share more about where i went in Brisbane before moving on to Sydney.

          So, when u think of Australia, it's normal to think of boomerangs, kangaroos, koalas and stuff. duhhh, of course we had to visit these exquisite animals. To be awfully honest, i really thought we were heading to a zoo like place. But heck, I was so so wrong. Most of it is zoo like except for the kangaroos part.  Unbelievable really, the kangaroos were so free and tame and all over the place. I admit i got quite excited that i was touching all the kangaroos nearby. Other than kangaroos, there were also koala, wombats, snakes and something that looks like Tasmanian devil (the cartoon if u know what i mean) but i forgot the name. i really think it's a good and interactive place to visit.
This is Lone Pine Sanctuary.

          Moving on, the next place i visited was ROMA'S GARDEN. I don't know about you, but i love fresh flowers. Especially since the flowers there are different from what  we usually see in Malaysia. It's new to the eye, interesting to the mind, and just plain fun experience. The garden had a beautiful lake, shady trees and beautiful shrubs and stuff. in my point of view, not only girls can enjoy this sort of stuff, guys can too. why ? because my brother got all excited and suddenly acted like a pro photographer there. plus it's nature, something to appreciate and remind us of the greatness of the one who created all these varieties of plants on earth in different countries, for different weathers and different species. That alone, is pretty amazing don't you think ? anyways typing won't ever beat the pictures, so more pictures !

There were other places that we stopped by around brisbane, and honestly ever bit of the experience was amazing. but i don't have that much of memory of the name of the places and stuff. plus it's been a really long while and i'm quite late posting this, whateverrrr. So, after brisbane, we went to sydney, i wish it was by plane but no, we had to drove there, cause my mother wants to stop by at coff's harbor. as if that wasn't a long trip , my brother added the length of the trip by wanting to pass thunderbolt's way. but hey, all in all, AMAYZING ! coff's harbor was quite gloomy, but it was by the sea and it has lots of beaches and in a way it was quite calming, so yeahh loved it. plus we only stayed for a day before continuing our journey to sydney. From, coff's harbor to sydney is when we took thunderbolt's way. MashaAllah, Subhanallah. Those are the correct words to describe it. A picture like scenery that keep's taking my breath away again and again until i almost suffocated because the view was going on and on for hours and hours. unbelievable and just so beautiful. One thing i must warn you if anyone plans to drive from brisbane to sydney. such a long trip, i don't know how i got through it, but i did. luckily we returned to brisbane by plane. alhamdulilllah, the long hours of drive turned into a few minute of flight. awesome !

so yeahhahahh. heyheyheyllo sydney, australia !
continue another time lah, hahahaha.