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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Note to guys

hello assalamualaikum

i've been thinking about this for a few days now. this thing is very very very important. yet, regardless of it's importance it is not being stressed enough in our society

if a women can cook, well that's a bonus, if not, so what ? it's not even her responsibility in the first place. this is whatever lah. it's a small matter.

what i really don't get is those guys who thinks that women are the one whose supposed to be glued to the kitchen, women are the ones that should fold the clothes, women should be the one sweeping and mopping and washing the toilet.

it was never our job in the first place, but we do it anyway because or resistance to dirty disgusting environment is quite low.

if you don't know how to do it, then learn how to do it.

if the women, regardless ur mom or sister or wife has done it, then try to offer her to do it next time and ask her if u guys should alternate doing it, or you could do it together half half.

and if she hasn't done it yet, go and help.

what makes me wonder is, when a son looks at a mother doing all these chores ALONE, sampainya hatimu. really, it breaks my heart to see this. especially if the mother is a working mother, have u no heart dear men.
i could forgive the little ones, the busy ones and those in appropriate situations, but those just sitting at home doing nothing much really, that is just unforgivable, how could you ?

if it is so hard to help, at least, at the very very least, please brothers, say thank you, show your appreciation, esp to a mother, to the women who help you in completing what is originally YOUR responsibility.

getting older, a son should take care of the mother. don't ever dare admit that u are taking care of your mother when you do nothing except staying at home instead of renting your own house. seriously don't, it makes u look esp stupid tbh.

yes, i am currently emotional, why ? because in this week alone i've seen this happen too many times in different households.

wake up, start to appreciate or better yet start to help.

ramadhan kareem ppl, make it worthwhile k ?