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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Note to guys

hello assalamualaikum

i've been thinking about this for a few days now. this thing is very very very important. yet, regardless of it's importance it is not being stressed enough in our society

if a women can cook, well that's a bonus, if not, so what ? it's not even her responsibility in the first place. this is whatever lah. it's a small matter.

what i really don't get is those guys who thinks that women are the one whose supposed to be glued to the kitchen, women are the ones that should fold the clothes, women should be the one sweeping and mopping and washing the toilet.

it was never our job in the first place, but we do it anyway because or resistance to dirty disgusting environment is quite low.

if you don't know how to do it, then learn how to do it.

if the women, regardless ur mom or sister or wife has done it, then try to offer her to do it next time and ask her if u guys should alternate doing it, or you could do it together half half.

and if she hasn't done it yet, go and help.

what makes me wonder is, when a son looks at a mother doing all these chores ALONE, sampainya hatimu. really, it breaks my heart to see this. especially if the mother is a working mother, have u no heart dear men.
i could forgive the little ones, the busy ones and those in appropriate situations, but those just sitting at home doing nothing much really, that is just unforgivable, how could you ?

if it is so hard to help, at least, at the very very least, please brothers, say thank you, show your appreciation, esp to a mother, to the women who help you in completing what is originally YOUR responsibility.

getting older, a son should take care of the mother. don't ever dare admit that u are taking care of your mother when you do nothing except staying at home instead of renting your own house. seriously don't, it makes u look esp stupid tbh.

yes, i am currently emotional, why ? because in this week alone i've seen this happen too many times in different households.

wake up, start to appreciate or better yet start to help.

ramadhan kareem ppl, make it worthwhile k ?


Friday, June 27, 2014

random heart chants

heart, this heart, it beats daily, not yet a beat has it skipped,
yet me, myself has always constantly forget the one that allows this heart to beat,
me, i cannot blame anyone else for this dementia of mine,
but the one to blame is my own self for making choices that lead to this,
choices, life has always been about choices, even to the wee bit of life,
eat, sleep, do, work, learn, speak, walk, think, remember, forget, love, hate,
it was always a choice, one good and one bad,
and if today i feel that my life is meaningless, empty,
then dear self , has there been a wrong choice in life ?
i dare not say that i haven't 
yet to admit that i have, oh such a shame to bear,
though i know, and i see and i remeber the wrong choices i made,
i wish to erase each of it from my memory, as it showers me with guilt, when i remember what i did.
when i remember ? how about when i don't.
do the guilt follows me daily, hourly, each and every second of my life,
though it is a shame for me to admit, i must say, that to forget the guilt is happens way too easy,
and that, that being easy to forget is a sign that i am greatly lacking of something that gives purpose to this life.

the luster, the shine, the gleam of what others hearts have, is what i seek,
yet the journey i take to seek for it, is not a simple one,
it is filled with twists and turns that i myself get confused,
where should i actually turn,
therefore i sink and i drown, yet i do not die,
and just because of that i could not be any more grateful than i am,
this is because, i've been given the chance to continue to try and try and try,
eventhough failure has knocked too many times.
the only thing that i regret most,
is the failure which is caused by non other than me.

end of 2nd year, Bachelor of pharmacy

hello assalamualaikum,

         actually, it's been over for like almost 3 weeks i think. but i was still out of my mind and unable to think straight * excuses* Anyways, now that i am at my brother's office, i will use this time wisely to update this beloved blog of mine.

        to be frank, 2nd year was a year of discovery to me. when i was in first year it was more to adapting, observing, gettin the feel but then 2nd year was like an eye opening era, learning to understand the reason behind everything, self-discovery, riding the groove kind of thing. u know what i mean ? so all in all, 2nd year was amazing ! learning felt better, quizzes were more bearable, life was full of colours, friendship woven stronger. what more can i add to that. it's just simply amazing !

        we've been through a lot these 2 years, and to summarize that and also as a sign of my remorse for almost never updating this blog, today ! i will slosh this blog aggressively and return it to it's true lustrous glory. muahahahahaha.yeah i'm kinda hyper right now.

FIRSTLY last semester we had the launching of the new corporate shirt, new ? i mean the FIRST corporate shirt under IIUM PHARMACY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (IPhA). each batch had different colours and ours was blue.. lovely..
let me present to you the models !
ignore the quality, what's important is the memory.

now, moving on, what i remember is we had a sister's gathering /bbq/party yadayada at sg pancing, that was an amazing experience because it was kinda the first outing of most of our batch, sisters of course. so i am really thankful to the organizer for sacrificing ur time to organize this. i loved it !

pictures please ! but i'm really sorry i'm not good with captions. so let it be boring. hehehehehe.

 next. u know my memory is kinda patchy so i'm just mentioning whatever i remember really fast, we had three sport events interbatch, rx11 won, interkuliyyah, KOP did nit win, nvm thgat we had fun. and last but not least, the most grand event of all, NPSC, national pharmcay sports carnival. and alhamdulillah for that we grabbed first place. wee hooo !
let's have a peek !

haaaa. so that's the sports part lahh. now i remember about PHARMILY DAY !!! it was organized by the first year students and it was awesome. if i am not mistaken the theme was fairytale or something like that. the prizes were so luxurious i swear i still have some of it. hahaha. and the ambience itself was a complete success. i honestly loved the games, the prizes the setups, everything. they brought forth a completely different concept from what we did before. and that is what makes pharmily day amazing each year cause it is always different. again i'm just summarizing so back to pictures.

i am getting dry here people, dry of ideas, i have no words. nut let's get on with it. we had our batch activity at taman pertanian where we hiked and rafted and sweat like a buffalo. *does a buffalo sweat ?* i wonder. haha. anyways, it was a really good experince for me cause going out of our comfort zone doin something out of the ordinary routine. a great way to bond. truly it is. not only that, it also gave us the chance to take a closer look at the wonderful creations of  Allah. These combinations are what makes things worthwhile, friends, experience, and a continous remembrance of Allah. lovely feeling i tell yaa. lovley !

ah yess. for this year, i mean the second year of study in pharmacy, we had two visits. one for nuclear pharmacy where we went to bangi and putrajaya subject and the other one for sterilization and aseptic technology which we went to ain medicare in kelantan. both these visits really helped a lot in my understanding for these subjects. but this is my personal opinion lah. plus, aside the visit to the knowledgY kinda place of course we had our own PARTY goin on, haha and so that made it even more memorable then it could ever be. so once again i will let the pictures speak further.


 and finally finally finally for the closing of this semester, we went through a very wonderful, heart warming programme that was a really priceless experience to me. for me to tell you about it  and let you dive into the experience with me, i would need another post to put everything into beautiful words. so that will be my next post, our community service program. 
with that. fin.

Monday, January 27, 2014

around UK we go #3

helllo assalamualaikum

yes to those reading, including future me, just in case your in the mood to reminisce these old memories, this will be the last post regarding my experience in UK. even just writing it feels as sad as  leaving that country itself. i enjoyed myself too much there that i was so so so disappointed in leaving, but i did not have the chance to indulge long in these melancholic emotions coz i sped directly to class after arriving in Malaysia. now that i think about it, i really miss it. I went to hong kong when i was 16, but leaving that country i was sad, but i thought of Hong Kong as a really great place to visit. However, London is completely different, it made me feel, that i want to live there, i have to try living there, not for the rest of my life or anything but u know, the feeling of comfort that u get until u can think about living there, that's the feeling, that was exactly what i felt, like i could live there comfortably. it was so easy, everything seems easy. I'm in love, with that country, yes i am  

so back to the real story. after returning from Paris, i think we had about two days or maybe three, i can't recall, left in London before heading back. so guess what ? it's shopping time for me. hahahahaha. But before shopping i did manage to visit one last place. MADAME TUSSAUD. yess this is a must place to visit when ur in LONDON, i mean really it's almost as good as disneyland [okay, i'm joking] but the thing is, it is such a feast to the eye. A really joyful experience indeed. Because it’s madame tussaud’s, words won’t do it any justice so let the pictures handle all the describing required okay ?

REMINDER : these are not real people, so if I stand too close, please don’t judge me. Hahaha. I just had to stand close.

and these pictures are only few of the many people there, too much to put here.

and that's it, i don't have much to say except, it was worth a visit, really exciting to see these people be made into dolls that look oh so real.

so that's about it,  really hope to be able to get there once again.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

around UK + paris we go #2

Hello assalamulaikum

Finally, it's been ages since i last updated. Well let's put the blame on my beloved course PHARMACY, don't get me wrong, i love it, but i really don't know how i manage my time when the semester starts, suddenly i'm on holiday, hahahah

Anyways, i've been meaning to continue this story, this experinece of mine finally being able to reach europe. Based on my memory i'll try my best to dig what i went thru early september last year.

so finally we arrived in London after a few pit-stops in edinburgh, liverpool and amesbury. when we arrived we were all tired and mushed up so we just retired for the night at tune hotel somewhere near oxford street. The next day was shopping day ! we went to a place called Bicester village where you can find loads of branded outlets there.So i didn't really shop, those who shop are only those who already had intended to buy something, and people who have money of course, kah kah kah. To get there we took a train from king cross train station. yess people, the exact station in harry potter ! i got so excited that day. hehe

 king cross !

too pretty to be just a shopping place eh ?

And came the next day, when we, took a train and went to the land of eiffel tower, PARIS~ wowweeeeee. honestly, we stayed at ibis budget hotel nowhere near the city. So, that area is not as pretty as my mind hve been picturing all these while. Actually it was a bit scary to me, and there was not much to see around there. the pretty places are those near tourist attraction, basically the city areas lah. Anyways we went around the next day, and some of the places we went were, Eiffel tower of course, Gar de Leon ( i'm not sure how to spell) and also The Louvre. I think i'll let the pictures describe everything.

 going up

 the top !

 Gar de Leon

 beca modern !


 budak ni excited lebihhhhh, hahaha

underground orchestra, just lovely,

wokayhh, so that was paris, the thing about paris is, it has so many types of trains. everytime i get on one, it's different from the ones before. there is even a double decker train. i really think KTM has to change to these kind of trains. and yeahh, about the people they are really friendly, everyone is saying BONJOUR that i have to force myself to learn how to say it properly just so that i could say it back. Food, is good, especially the bread. They make excellent bread, i can eat it just like that and be happy. I really wanted to taste their pastry but we were not sure if it was halal or not. Sometimes we just eat at arab restaurants, and by the way, there are a lot of those, so no worries bout food if u ever travel to paris. i mean not only paris, even london and liverpool and scotland has a lot of halal foods to eat.

and then, we returned to london once more. and as i am tired i will continue again in the nearest future inshaAllah.