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Sunday, September 1, 2013

NoGaPS !

hello, assalamualaikum.

the past week i've been away to penang for a program. NoGaPS. national gathering of pharmacy students. This year it was held in USM penang. As a pharmacy student, i did not have a high expectation for this program. i thought it was gonna be a plain program. but u know what ? i had loads of fun there. too much fun. maybe in the moment, it was not that great, but after ending the program, i realized, that it was a great, fun memorable experience.

the first day, was only ice breaking and the opening. the second day, we had a patient counselling talk, a visit to their research centre which is super duper up to date gadget-wise. then in the evening we had the PHARMTASTIC RACE. i'll just describe it in a few words : fun, crazy, tiring, far, funny, cooperate, teamwork, photos !

that night was the BOU, battle of university, USM did kpop dance, UiTM did a jabbawockeez, it's a type of dance, really pretty. and UIA presented a drama, with a very sad & sweet message. TAYLOR'S also did a cute drama.

the next day we had a community outreach program. this i love so much. we went to a flat, without any maintenance. we set up booths with health posters, and there were some of us explaining the posters, we did activities with kindergarten children, there were also booths set up for health screening. and not to forget we did gotong royong there.a total of 300 students to do all of this. no problem of course. it's a good feeling to know that we did something to help others, we're giving back. i love the feeling.

now finally, it was the night of group performances. our group = popular pasteurella, got the task pharmadance. yeahh, it's dancing. and we got the sumazau dance mixed with it's gonna be  me by nsync. because of that night, i realized, dancing is probably not for me. i feel ridiculous. but i was lucky that my dance was  really simple neat and clean kind of dance, so i survived. 
nervous waiting for our turn~

finally, it was the last day, i slept through the morning, hahaha 

and in  the evening, there was a trip to IPharm which is Malaysian institute of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. i though it was a good trip because it was a chance to explore the many branches of pharmacy. and not to forget that institute also provides post graduate studies. if i can't go overseas, then i would definitely further my studies there. the machines were all so wowee. really loved the place.

and last but not least, the last night of the program, "GALA NIGHT" my favourite part of course, good food, good mood, what more can i ask for, hahahaha. with the theme glits and blits, i present to you the photos of gala night !

my bestest buds throughout the entire nogaps razi & nabilah

 my batch, though physically i am not in the picture, my heart will always be here~