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Friday, August 16, 2013

time for eid with friends ♥

assalamualaikum and halloo

I've been joining baraan with my buddies for 3 yrs including this year, and every time is a blast. i can join every year, i NEVER get bored, like seriously never ! haha
the big fat reality of this year is that i actually drove from shah alam to sungai besar, i mean that's really crazy, that's a record for me.the furthest distance i have ever drove in  my life. as if that is not enough, i drove all day long throughout the baraan. seriously crazy ! i went out at 7.15am, and reached home 10pm. like whatt ??! i can't believe myself.

but to be honest the drive back was oh so tiring, my head was beating like a drum, and it was also a bit jammed, so yeah, not the best time to drive, especially a freakin manual kancil without aircon. 5 girls, in a car, without aircon, we're too powerful to have faced the situation head on !
but u know, all in all, i still had the best time ever.

i'm really thankful to my mother for suddenly allowing me to drive SO far like this. it's like an impossible thing, a dream, quite illogical actually. it was out of this world, i just cannot believe that she allowed me. so thank you for this cool experience.

so i guess that's enough of my blabbers , how about a lot of pictures ?

u know what, that is definitely not the end of it. this year they upgraded baraan to a whole new level. and i am so glad they did. they came here to my house and also some other houses on klang. AWESOME GUYS. you make me love yah even more and more, hahaha. seriously, thank you so much for coming out so far, it must've been heck of a journey for u guys, but still, u did it anyways, thank you so much. truly, i am so thankful. words cannot explain how happy i am that u guys managed to come to my house, thank you2

andddd, i feel very2 sorry to mr.izzul coz there was a little accident. a little lady, kinda bumped the back of his car quite hard. luckily the car's injury was minor, hahaha.

 my housee
 ze big fat avanza, thanks izzul and kalam~

 umek's house
 syamin's house

i know the pictures are overpowering my post, but heyy, who cares, a picture is worth a thousand words right ?

so that's it amigoss

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

rayyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

hallo, assalamualaikum

yeahh i know it's a bit cliche to post about raya, but i wnat to do it anyways, tho good thing is, i gots a lots of picturesss. yeyeah.

so this year, we had a change in our raya habit, we went back to johor early, and it was worth it i tell yah.
why ? because for the first time ever in my life i went out to something sort of like an uptown in parit raja, and reached home about 3 am. cool, really cool. but i was sleeping like crazy in the car otw back home, muahaha. what made me feel okay and quiet safe going out over midnight is because i have one of my "superhero" brothers with me that night. poor him, it was a girly girl cousins night, but he was forced to be the official driver and bodyguard, thanks bro, u know i love yah. " but i will only say it here, never in ur face" kah3.

raya, raya was the usual, good food, happy family, happy tummy, weight gain, yada yada yada..

request dari ibu tercintaa "TERBANGGGGG"

okayy, that's it.
baraan next~