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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Year 1, pharm. end.

hello assalamualaikum

it's actually been over for about two weeks now, but only now have i mustered the strength to write a post related to whatever happened throughout the first two semesters. why ? because i'm telling u, the 2nd semester of first year is not an easy path to recover from. i was damaged, crushed yet still weirdly happy.. all the time.. is there something wrong with me.. let's abandon that point.

so, all in all, i've got quite the picture what i am about to face in the future. let me tell u this that pharmacy is not a joke. i f u want it, u better be totally serious about it. The busy-ness is just crazy, the hours that we put in to attend class and self learning is just madness and to be able to bear all that, u gotta be tough, u gotta be motivated, u gotta want this thanngg like u never want anythanngg else.
i've got to give some warning for those who think,

"medical is too much for me, i better go for pharmacy"

be well informed that STUDYING undergraduate pharmacy is, is.. out of this world, indescribable.
so don't take pharmacy as something easier than medic, it's just equally hard. (i think so)
yeahh, i think i'm going a bit too far with my words. sorry. Hyperbola.

but still, i had a life (or didn't i).
I have 137 classmates which are awesome ! though i don't know all of them personally, through the activities done, i can see they are awesome in so many different ways. It's really amazing and fascinating how Allah can create people with very different personalities. and i am very lucky to be apart of this little BIG dysfunctional weird and sassy family. they made my life as a pharmacy student a lively one, thanks guys, keep up the good work ! keh3

oh by the way, this is a picture from our Annual Grand Dinner held at Mega View Hotel. Really, it was a great night. here some pictures.

 yeahhhhh, that was fun.

what else did i do ? oh yeah, i  turned 20

 rainbow cake! delicious, nokidding.

do you see that number, no more sweet teen years, i'm officially on the twenties road. gaahhhh. it's still hard to accept. But u know my birthday was wonderful, my friends gave me a cake, donuts and sushi, yeahh. and i also got chocolates, key chain and new hijab! the story is quite old, but heck, i have the time now.

well, you see, i really have nothing much to say, i just wanted to blab about the end of my first year i guess, heh.
well, there's still another 3 years to go. so let's keep ourselves together, be bulletproof, be tough as titanium and walk through the years calmly~

 or is it this one ?

the choice is in your hands, TO BE OR NOT TO BE CALM.

*really sorry for talking nonsense, i'm outta my head currently.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

When i'm home

hello assalamualaikum.

yippeeee yahuuuuu, i'm home. and yes i'm on holiday, but i'm not going for a holiday. U GET ME ? okay let's stop this, i'm blabbering nonsense.

so i'm home, and i guess everyone's happier ?


My brother returns from class, i rush to the door while my mum sits comfortably , writing.

me : u want to eat mee ?
bro : Yeahhh
me : u want some fried egg with it ?
bro : yeahhhhh
me : u want omellete or sunny-side up ?
bro : omellete
UMI : amboii , someone's becoming a spoiled brat i see ~~

so, my bro is spoiled now, coz i'm home. hehehehehehe


me relaxing, and my mum will be like.......

cut this, sew that, cook this, make that, wash this, mop that, sweep this, clean that, buy this, do that.

and i'll be like.......
okay, yes, will do, right on it, done.

so, her little helper is home, whose home again ? me lahh, ngeh3.

well, that was nothing really, just me being happy, coz everyone's happy. the point is, this holiday, we must must must
-Use our time wisely. we got a lot of time in our hands, and we might get confused on what to do, but, u know, we'll think of something to do. (Other than eating, sleeping, watch TV and dramas.)
-Familyyyy, yeahh. spend time with them. just talk, or maybe just sit quietly together, coz having company is the good part.
-Ramadan is coming up, so yeahh, let's gear up for that. start waking up early (maybe) and add on to our ibadah, May Allah accept our deeds.

and for those just about to, or currently facing the exams. ALL THE BEST !
i'm done, hehe

le end.