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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hey, BUS

hello assalamualaikum

have you ever said something that u don't ever want to happen to you, but right after thinking it, it actually happens to you.

i was thinking about this thing while i was waiting, and in that thought i said, it's unimaginable if it actually happens to me, i wouldn't know what to do.


 i shouldn't have even thought about it, i guess. cause it happened. And i was a mess


okay2, i'm just trying to add some drama to my story, kahkahkah
actually, i was left by the bus i was suppose to go on to return to shah alam. =(

now here's the full story

that morning i actually came early, around 9.30 and my bus was at 10, so i was just waiting there, when it was about 10 minutes pass 10, i was worried. " where the heck is this bus ?". so i went up to the counter and asked, they said it was gonna be late, maybe 10.30. so i waited, when it reached 10.30, no bus, i went up again, they said it just arrived. huhh ? then why didn't i see it. i went back down and looked for the bus, but it was nowhere to be found. so i went back up for the third time and they said the bus left already.

at that moment, the whole station was on slow motion, the only moving was my mind. is this real ? or is it just a dream ? i was freaking out and kept going back & forth to the counter asking for the driver's number. i didn't even know what to do with that number ? actually i don't know why i even asked for it. i  just wanted to take an action but my mind has not rationalized yet.

after calling the bus driver who was not answering, i rationalized, and think hardly. WHAT TO DO ? WHAT TO DO ? I DO NOT WANT THIS DAY TO END BY ME BEING BACK IN UIA. NEVER. I WANT TO BE AT HOME ! so , now i see what to do, i walked to counters and asked for KL tickets but it was late in the evening, i almost lost hope when suddenly i heard a voice...........


i walked to the voice "mana dia kl skrg?". fuhhhh, i got a ticket 11.30. i called my brother asking if he could pick me up at KL. i tried calling my mother to tell what happened but she didn't answer, so i thought, i shouldn't tell her yet, my brother is going to tell anyways.

i waited at the platform, while waiting i was thinking to myself
ya Allah, You gave me a test , and i know it's a sign that You love me. thank you. but being the most merciful, You helped me again in getting a ticket. Alhamdulillah.

looking around,  i realized, that only males are waiting at the platform. is this reaally happening ? am i going to be the only girl in the bus ? in addition to that, most of those waiting are non-malay. what bus is this ? and then the bus arrived with a writing at the side " BAS PERSIARAN", well that's a first, going home with bas persiaran.

when i entered everyone was looking at me, probably thinking " what is she doing on THIS bus?"
hahaha, what the heck, i want to go home, i don't care what bus this is, as long as i get to go home.
 right after sitting another girl entered, and the bus conductor was like " where's the girl just now ?" i put my hands up. and he said to that girl " okay, go on sit with the girl at the back ".
yeahh, i was so glad, i felt a bit safer. Alhamdulillah.

the ride was smooth, i arrived safely. and i managed to go through that.
thinking back, it was funny. but i am really thankful to have such experience. i mean, not everyone can be left by a bus you know, hahahaha
 that's it. wassalam.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

you are in my mind

hello assalamualaikum

though life goes on day by day,
my mind without fail will always remember those memoirs created with you.
though life swarms me with loads and burdens,
my heart continuously loves and cherish you deeply.
though life brings about so many friends,
i swear u will not be forgotten.

and meeting you means THE WORLD TO ME

who am i talking about ?
hanisah diyana & nur afikah, my old roomates ay CFSIIUM
i miss them so much, & this holiday i had the chance to meet them

yeahhhh, though  it was a while it was so worth it, seriously

though we only learned to know about each other for a year, i felt like we've known each other forever. i was and still am very comfortable with them, and they are really nice people that taught me a lot of things.

thank you so much guys, i see the world in different light after meeting u guys. Going through that
 1 year of life with u guys was a very sweet and lovable memory, nothing bitter at all.

once again  thank you ~

my sayangs PKAH n YANA

Yana = is the cheeky, and loud one among us, she's the hot & popular one, She's the one that makes our room cheerful

Pkah = she's the nice one, caring, very helpful, and once she does something out of the ordinary she'll become the laughing stock, haha, sorry. 

most importantly these two girls accept me & all my flaws ( which are actually numerous ) so thanks (:
though i babble a lot, pull a straight face or sad, they are always there to make thing better, though it was just 1 year, it was not easy okayyyy

thank you  thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you !