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Monday, January 28, 2013


Hello, Assalamualaikum

yeyeahh, plans for this holiday to go to singapore was accomplished, alhamdulillah.
it was a youngsters budget trip , simply said. Going with two of my brothers, samir and walid ; and  a cousin of mine Aliyah. Though it wasn't planned smoothly, we managed. singapore is an easy place to not get lost, u just easily find ur way.

so the first day, we arrived already late evening, we walked around bugis st. and arab st. , then we took an MRT ( basically like an LRT in malaysia) to Marina Bay Sand, and it was so prettyy !! what a view, so picturesque. Then we went to raffles, just to see the place. we did not buy anything that day except the tourist pass to ride on MRT. Tight Budget, remember ? HAHA


the next day was a day of fun, cause we went to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE. that palce is full of rollercoasters , and i happen to be not so fond of those things. but heyy, it's not cheap to get in, so i must ride everything. but man, that was a once in a lifetime experience lah, carzy roller coaster, i felt like i stopped breathing on the ride, though the ride was 90 seconds, i felt like it lasted forever, gosh, at least i know i tried,  a second round is quite impossible for me. 

 we conquered this


  3D time !
THE roller coaster
Fairy God Mother

that evening we went to the beach, man-made beach okay, but still, it's pretty. and at night we went to a show called song of the sea, which was just lovely, so i won't tell u guys the details, cause u just got to see these things urself, lovely really.

so the trip was for 3 days and 2 nights. wondering where we slept ? well actually, we have a bunch of relatives there, so we just crashed in one of the houses lahh, hahahaha. budget trip okay, hotels are so not affordable.

so that's just about it, a very simple trip.

but u know, it's always nice to see other countries just to be thankful of what we have, and see things that we can improve. for example, Singaporeans  are disciplined people, really take time as gold. but Muslims are really lacking there, i mean, i rarely see those wearing hijabs, so i'm thankful to be in a Malaysia for we have majority of Muslims here.

and one more thing i learned is that, u really can NEVER, EVER judge a book by its cover. proof :

1 ) at USS, there was this girl wearing shorts, but then she went to surau and prayed. i really did not expect that

2 ) in MRT, a woman sitting, wearing short skirt, colored hair, i would not have any idea that she was a Muslim  until i realized she was reading quranic verses with translation and explanation from a book. i felt like i was slapped in the face. i mean, i really did not see that coming.

so , we really cannot judge people's deeds or doings. Only Allah knows, though we might think we're good enough, we may never know that maybe the girl in USS, or the woman in the MRT is much2 better than us. though they don't wear what we wear does not mean that they're not good  people. It is only for Allah to judge. agreed ?

so that's it, I WAS AT SINGAPORE.

Monday, January 14, 2013

talk about exams.

hello assalamualaikum

alhamdulillah exams for the first semester of the first year is done.

          To me, this was the hardest and most challenging exam which requires a lot of endurance and perseverance  however, we all managed to make it through what we think is  the hardest time.
but, a lot of good things also came from the exam seasons because ;

♥now we know how the exams actually are
♥next, i actually kinda feel that i was going through a week of discovery of my attitude
♥it also really is a bonding time with roommates, for me laa

but seriously the exams was not a joke at all.
we had 6 essay papers for subjects anatomy, physiology, physical pharmacy, pharmacy practice, Islamic worldview and Islamic input in pharmacy.

          Next we have 2 common MCQ paper. The first paper is a combination of physiology and anatomy, 200 questions, 1h 20m, and to add to the burden is minus marking ( if u get something wrong, minus 1 mark, better leave it if u don't know it ). Second MCQ consists of physical pharmacy, Islamic input in pharmacy and pharmacy practice, 175 questions, 1h 10m.

          As if we don't have enough papers, we also have practical exams for anatomy and pharmacy practice. For anatomy, we had to look at body parts, i mean like real body parts, and name it. ohh, and we also had to identify several histology slides under a microscope. Pharmacy practice's practical was quite hard, first part, cream-making, that was actually fun. second part, interpreting a prescription, preparing the medicines, according to correct doses, putting it in correct containers and labeling. When the meds are prepared, we had to bring all the medications, and act as if we are counselling a patient, and the patient for that day were lecturers. can you imagine how nervous it was, to act as if we know all the thing regarding drugs and counsel a patient which happens to be someone who is actually a pro on drugs. i felt like i was making a fool out of myself. but heyy, i learnt a lot that day, it was a good experience definitely a good memory.


the exams are over, now what's left to do is pray for the best, and tawakkal.
yeahh, and of course, after exams are holidays, so it's time to.... u know, do stuff, that we like, when we like. hehehehehehhehe ~~~