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Sunday, October 20, 2013

around UK we go #1

hello assalamualaikum

yes, i went to europe haritu

so i want to share my experience,
we landed at heathrow airport in london and then took a plane straight to edinburgh, SCOTLAND. we arrived at night and rushed looking for the hotel coz it was freakishly cold. the hotel we stayed in was a budget hotel, it is counted as quite cheap as my brother say. travelodge budget hotel. it is all over UK, its cheap and its really clean and comfy. we were there for about four days. what we did was, visit edinburgh castle, climb a hill, went around there a bit, attend my brother's graduation, and that's about it. basically edinburgh is a really nice place to visit because of the heavenly view. but other than that there's nothing much, i think so.

but u know, the view is no joke. anywhere i go, the view always takes my breath away, as u can see from the pictures, the building style mostly is old english , so i think that is what gives edinburgh it's special touch. if u ever went to europe, i think it wouldn't be a loss to stop by at edinburgh.

 edinburgh castle

next stop is LIVERPOOL, we got there by train straight from edinburgh.
we stayed there for one night only cause the only thing we wanted to do their was visit the legendary anfield stadium. Liverpool's legendary stadium filled with glorious history. so my brother nabil and walid are both great fans. we were basically accompanying them. but i was still loads of fun, truly it is.

next we rented two cars and head to LONDON, along the way we made a stop  at AMESBURY the home of Stonehenge. what i liked about this part of the trip is that we went to the outskirts of london. subhanallah, it was so lovely, the buildings, the environment, everything is just amazing to see. so back to the stonenhenge, basically a part of a great history there. and that's all i know, haha.

and finally we reached london.
to be cotinued...

Monday, October 14, 2013

priceless 3 months

yeay, it’s already the 6th week of the new semester. alhamdulillah, though being rather busy I am unusually fine, a bit homesick, acting out a bit, but all in all, I’m really good.

so, I feel that I really need to put in words all the things that happened to me within the three months of holiday. my holiday was a packed one. but the thing is, there’s no regret at all. in fact, I had the time of my life. all the experience coming in one go, duhh, AWESOME !

so the start of my holiday was actually helping out our graduating seniors handling the final annual grand dinner together. I was the photographer, yeah I know, not really my thing, but who cares. Anyways it was lovely to be a part of a ceremony of friends enjoying each others company for the last time. Beautiful, and sad too. Really glad I joined, and you know what.. free food.. who doesn’t love free food ? haha.

 ze dinner workers, hehe
 ze worker wants to pose laaa

next, I was just spending a few weeks with family, cherishing every moment of it. trying my best to serve my parents while I’m around. that’s about it.

then the STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM started. now that was an enlightening journey. this program is organized by MyPSA-IPSF which is Malaysian Pharmacy Student’s Association hand in hand with International Pharmacy Student Federation. so, IIUM was the host for 6 lovely ladies, 2 from Holland (katia and mina), 2 from Egypt (farh and dalia), 1 from slovenia (ana) and 1 from Indonesia (tika). we lived together at a homestay in kuantan while they were doing their attachment. though just being a host, a committee, the experience of getting to know ppl from another part of the world, studying what you study, learning about their culture, their studies, their life. and at the same time, exposing our culture, our food, our way of life and even our religion to them. Being in the month of ramadhan made it a more unbelievable experience. the places we went to, the time we spent together. I think I would be representing all of us when I say that both parties, the exchange students and the host gained a lot from the experience.

 rivercruise sg pahang
 bukit panorama
 break fast, swan restaurant
 sungai pancing
 the committees
 buddhist place
 bukit pelindung

 teluk cempedak
 break fast at tc
 otw to KL
 break fast at padang kuantan

break fast at ana ikan bakar~~~

and too many other places we went to that i just don't have the time to mention everything. the point is, it was great  and fun and such an exhilarating and priceless experience. oaky ?

so I want to campaign a bit, to pharmacy students in IIUM, become LEO’s (local exchange officer). the experience gives u a wider horizon on life. sacrificing a bit of ur holiday will be the greatest decision u ever made. trust me. it’s fun. u go to A LOT, and I really do mean A LOT of places together. the sweetest thing is, u make great friends along the way, friends from another continent.

now, I also managed to WORK. yeehaa. I worked as an exam officer. just giving out and collecting exam paper and basically watching them. I think it was a good deal, to just stand for 2hours and get money. again, AWESOME. what I gained there was money (of course), new friends from a bunch of different universities, and I see a new perspective regarding life-long learning and human attitude of course. life-long learning part came about because of the age rang of students there. unlimited. unlimited. even very old ppl come to get a degree. what’s my excuse to not learn ?

I mean if we study the history of imam shafie. he never stopped studying. he went to Syria, gaza, madinah and Egypt for knowledge. when he went to Egypt, he was already old, but he still wanted to go because he really wanted to get even a wee bit of knowledge from a syeikh there. MashaAllah. and in Egypt was where he drew his last breath.

so yeah, learning. no excuse at all. fail or pass, good grades, doesn’t really matter if we are not getting the essence of knowledge.
so learn for the sake of Allah, for the sake of knowledge itself. yeayy pep talk for myself, so out of topic. -.-

Continuing, I went to NoGaps, national gathering of pharmacy students which I believe I hv shared in the previous post.

Last but not least, United Kingdom. Lovely country. To be truthful, I wouldn’t mind living there.

yeah unfortunately this post is too long, and I’m getting lazy. so the details of my trip to UK will be on the next post inshaAllah.