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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IPhA (=

hello assalamualaikum

I'm excited,
I have a new job ( job ? errr, not really ). I am officially an 

IPhA office bearer for 2012/2013 session !


okay honestly I was not psyched at all to be nominated, then after the votes came in and I officially won, I was like OH NO! I really can't do this.

but heyy, Allah doesn't gives us burdens if we can't make it through , right ? so I chilled a bit.

But now, knowing a bit about my bureau (publication and information), I'm quite excited and pumped up. it's really interesting. Though I do not know much of the skills actually required for this, but still, I'm looking forward to learn,  inshaAllah. I just need to be positive. yeahh ! 

okayy, I've been babbling without actually telling what is IPhA, it's actually a short form for IIUM PHARMACY STUDENTS SOCIETY( kan ? =.=). Basically, it comprises all pharmacy students from 1st year to final year  students. An office bearer ( i heard it for the first time here too) is kinda like a committee for this society. 

oh yeahh, the process of being a committee is by being nominated by classmates. Next step, is voting during the Annual Grand Meeting and finally elected. simple.

so that's about it.

lastly,check this blog out to know what we first year pharmacy students of IIUM have been up to till now.