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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

we can be on top, or down low

hello, assalamualaikum.


there's a popular quote saying,

it's okay not to be okay.

let's continue life as a vicegerent with a brighter perspective.

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Little Compartment.

hello assalamualaikum but

yeahhh, I've been waiting a long long long long long long time to write a post about this, heee

 i just wanna share my unimportant and unnecessary excitement of having a little compartment of my own.

it's nothing really but very sufficient for me. so let's see, basically my room has a cupboard, a bed, a table and a rack, btw, my bed is facing the window. the view is marvelous (i'm not sure about my sincerity of saying this, haha) whatever, never mind.

so if there is any possibility of a student in CFSIIUM wondering how a room in kuantan looks like, here's a glimpse.

i actually got a secluded block at the back of the mahallah, so that is why i have such view from my room, preview........................

 amek kau, construction pun a part of my view.

so the window is next to my table, and the rack is above the table, come2 seeeeeeeeee

okayyy, not really in it's best condition, but okay lahh

finally is my cupboard and bed, which directly facing the window.
 so this is how a room in kuantan looks like, oops wrong , this is how a compartment in a room at kuantan looks like.

so that's it, i know it 's kinda like a syok sdiri  punye post, but i really want to share just cause i'm a bit ngada-ngada today. hahahaha

most importantly, HAJAR, u must read this, must must must.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

let's be HAPPY

hello assalamualaikum

okay i'm just gonna jump right in to what i want to say.

i always whine and listen to people whine about life, about what's in the future, about the past.
And i get this sense of realization especially when hearing other people whine.
why do we whine ? what are we not satisfied about life ? must we feel all this negative feelings ?

well that's the problem, in this life, it's in our hands to choose to be happy or not.

when we have a big problem, usually we just become oh so stress to the  point gritting our teeth until it cracks (is it possible ? )
anyways, if we think of it as a test from Allah s.w.t in order to to asses our level of iman, and patience and perseverance  don't u think we would feel better. Imagine, if we face it, Allah knows, so finally we will be rewarded with pahala. who knows if the pahala of us being patient is the one that saves us from hellfire.

wouldn't it be better if we do all the good things as Allah has commanded with the thought that i want to be in jannah, the place that is eternal, where we become young, flows of delicious river, fruits unimaginably tasty and so on.

don' set in ur mind that this is ur life. WRONG, this is our life which we borrowed and can be taken by Allah anytime. we might die today, we might die tomorrow.

Basically we have to deeply instill ihsan in our life, which is worshiping Allah as if we see Allah, even we do not see HIM, indeed HE sees us.

so if we choose to be happy in life, we would totally rely to Allah s.w.t. if u feel like " i'm just too sinful, i'm not worthy" DELETE that feeling.

we have to REALIZE that if we do not rely  to Allah, then we have no other person to fully rely to, Allah, has the power to help us, test us, give patience  to us, and most importantly only by HAVING DEEP FAITH IN ALLAH , then only we can have hope in life, why ? because only Allah has the power to make miracles, to turn impossible things possible.

so why ? why do we fight ? why do we have a enemies ? why do we make problems big ?

because we forget that life is about Allah, returning to Allah, being his vicegerent, doing and being the best we can in this world to prove that we are worthy servants.

have you heard of a story of a very poor family, but they have deep faith in Allah, so their life together as a family was very HAPPY
while there is a rich family which merely admits as Muslim, and their life was UNHAPPY
what differentiated them is the FAITH towards Allah.

so no matter what happens to you in life, u can always be happy, just to choose to be happy and rely on Allah.

This is a reminder to myself. to always remember Allah, to do everything lillahita'ala. i  am always negligent towards this life, sometimes i diverge from the road of remembering Allah. so i always need to remind myself. it's not that we don't know all the things i just stated before, it's just that it's not knit tightly to our hearts.

so for this awal muharram, a new year, a new book, my aim is TO BE HAPPY, cause i know, Allah is always there for me, so why be sad, hakuna matata guys.