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Sunday, October 28, 2012

EidulAdha (:

hello assalamualaikum
minal aidil wal faizzin everyone

this year, i really had a hectic eid, but it was very fun and a surely becoming a memory to cherish. thursday morning i arrived at batu pahat johor, friday was eid already, i went to watch a sheep being slaughtered. (wait, kambing biri2 sheep kan ?) and by the evening, me and a bunch of cousins went to johor premium outlet. SHOPPING TIME ! for those with money only, excluding me of course ~

 ze sheep
 ze end of ze sheep's life
 LAPAH time
 ze ladies

 ze mothers excited to shop
 woahhh, i want one, but no money (telan air liur)
people with money shoppin

saturday, i went and watch some more slaughtering, went to an uncle's house for satay, went out with them to shop again, and went out again with my brother, then had a barbecue at night.
in simple words, a very packed day, from 8a.m to 11p.m.

 cutest baby ~!
 after jenjalan ~

Birthday Cake ! weeee, sumpah sdp.

very good holiday, study-free, work-free
consequence :
i'm gonna be a mad woman this monday doing loads of work for sure ~

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Student now, pharmacist later

hello assalamualaikum, yes2,

alhamdulillah, even with such a pack schedule and individual-studying all the time, I still manage to appreciate a part of the goodness of being a student. FRIENDS.

Yes, no matter how busy I get, meeting up with my friends just for a while lifts up my mood.
But the best-est thing ever is cause I actually spent my whole saturday with friends.

Me and my roomies went to buy some necesseties, and we ended up goin to the beach, just to relieve burdens of a students. (err, what burden again ?)
Subhanallah, the sea was so gorgeous maaa ! Here2, look2, pretty photos, by professional photographer shakirah (in ur dreams lahh )
totally satisfied , worth the trip and worth the money spent to get there. Breath-taking.

  "wahhhhhhhhhhhh " kata mereka
 ahhhhh, smooth white sand ~

 prettty right ? speechless

 subhanallah !


So that's a life of a student . Study +jalan = student's life

next !

My latest lab, was making creams, powders and, and..... i'm not quite sure if it is a mixture or a suspension, or whatever the name is. Hehe. so we had to make the stuff, and then submit our products, then the products will be judge based on our mixing techniques. seriously i have no techniques at all whatsoever. haha, i juts made it with my heart * err really ? *

so instead of telling what I did which surely would bore myself to death, take a look at the pictures of my products.

 oops, terbalik. malas nak betulkan.

P/s it is not as fun as people would think, quite tiring actually, but the mixing part is still fun to do, like playing masak-masak.

Yeehaaa, now it really seems like I am a pharmacist in the making right ? InshaAllah.

finito ~

Sunday, October 7, 2012



first time in my life directly seeing a cadaver. In other words, an embalmed body which has totally been dissected. Seriously thinking about entering the lab, freaked me out. But once I was in there, I was fine, and in the end, I ended up being the person with the clearest view of the cadaver, it was so interesting to see all these organs in our body for real.

We've been learning about our body forever, and we so know that our body is absolutely complex. And now seeing our body with my own eyes, in the real form, I’m like, mashaAllah, it's too great of a creation. No one can ever create something as complicated and perfect as our body other than Allah.

Yeah, I know we've been looking at pictures of our complex body all the time, but the feeling is SO different from a real one. A really great experience.

so btw, if you think choosing pharmacy helps you avoid these things, then ur definitely wrong. because we are apart of medical sciences, so anatomy and histology are majorly important.


Dr. Zakir Naik, held a talk titled QURAN AND MODERN SCIENCE. And man ! He was ssssoooo amazing, I mean like, he memorizes a lot of things, he's a like a computer, he's like google, he's just great. So , in simple words, what I got from him is something that uolls might know already, but sukahati I lah nak tulis. Hehe

> most of the scientific facts discovered today has long ago been mentioned in the quran, meaning quran is so so advanced in science. For example, quran explains embryology with great detail long time ago, saying that we developed in stage while humans just recently discovered it

> Dr zakir said, if u want to know a religion, read it's scripture. Don't look at the people, don't look at the lifestyle, but look at the scriptures. And if we realize something, islam is the only religion that strongly promotes the reading of quran. While believers of other faith are never tru;y encouraged by their religious people to read their scriptures. Why ? Because their beliefs now, contradict with their scriptures. Only islam really truly follows the guideline from quran.

everything created is subjected to us, humans, so we humans, in order not to be excessive or anything else, utilize the quran fully. It's so sad, sometimes I take life as it is, forgetting how this time here is only temporary, merely a test, and purely borrowed life. How ? how to affirm myself to always always remember that I am merely a slave being tested in this life.

Ohhh, by the way I met PIJA at the talk. So so happy !

i wish i have pictures to show

kayy, adiosss !