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Monday, September 24, 2012

running rx

hello assalamulaikum

yes, it is an abnormal title, but that's the name of the program I joined this Sunday, 23rd September.

Basically it's explorace with a much glamor name, and the name is adapted from running man. Meanwhile rx stands for prescription. It doesn't really make sense lah running prescription right ? But kuliyyah of pharmacy right ? Even the name of programs want a pharmaceutical edge to it. Haha

it was really fun because of the activities, the chance to know seniors and the chance to bond with classmates. My groupmates were both ex-DQ, kak bi and kak mawaddah, they were really fun to be with.

There were 9 checkpoints, and some of the checkpoints were exactly like running man, for example, drinking something with the amount of sugar and cordial being chose randomly from a number spoons. 

The other few are simple checkpoints like throwing paper in a basket, charade, filling a pail with water, balloon passing and batu seremban.

Finally we met with our naqibahs and chatted a while.

One of the naqibahs asked me “what is ur expectation from this usrah?”
I answered “ fun, not the useless fun, but a meaningful fun, a fun that makes our soul complete of it's need”

not to boast or anything, but I really like my answer. Haha.
It felt right, and meaningful.

that's it peeps. may u have a great week ahead.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

liking someone ?

Hello assalamualaikum

a friend of mine said, “it's natural to have feelings for the opposite gender”.

We were all nodding our heads in agreement.

She continued, “ but every time we like someone, think deeply, why ? Is it because the person is handsome/pretty ? Is it because of their great personality ?. Well if it is, it's not that we like that person, but we are just merely liking that specific thing that they have. If they were to become our life partner, then the start of the love itself is already not that great of a start”.

Again we were all in agreement. The point is, having feelings are normal, but if it's not for the right reason, try to think deeply, and reflect.

But then I thought to myself,

What if we just like that person without any solid reason, we just plainly like him/her ?

What does that mean ?
Just a rhetorical question , maybe.

Anyways, feelings, especially to the opposite genders, are meant to be kept silently in our heart. The right time will come when all the feelings that we kept all these time could be freely unlocked from our hearts . Just be patient, and wait for the time to come.

Woahhh ! Suddenly i'm all lovey dovey.
Weird, weird. Clearly i'm not myself right now.

anyways, it has been two weeks since class started. study is okay lah but still adapting. yeah, i do have quite a slow adapting mechanism.
let's pray that Allah eases our journey from today onward.

Monday, September 17, 2012

statement ?

hello assalamualaikum

please read

agree or disagree ?
i could not agree more with this statement.
seriously, it's so true. well, true for me lah.
most of the time, i'm over thinking.

IIUM, kuantan

hello assalamulaikum,


yeah i was totally shocked. IIUM kuantan is very BIG, yet freakishly empty.
the buildings are too far apart from each other which makes it almost impossible to run into friends from other courses.
kuliyyah of pharmacy's building is also gigantic, even with the presence of hundreds of students in class, the building seems abandoned.

but regardless of those complaints i am so grateful for being here. there's always a good side to negativity.

anyways. i'm officially a degree student *haruslah bangga*

and good luck, good luck to me and anyone reading who happens to be a degree student just starting their studies.
May Allah guide and help all of us throughout our studies
yeah !