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Thursday, August 30, 2012

University, i'm coming

hello assalamualaikum

as u can see, from the title, me and most of my friends are finally entering university. no more pre-u. heck yeahh ! well, some of my friends are already in university for like a year already *for diploma students* so not as much excitement as those from foundation and matriculation.

wait a second ? did i just say excitement ? i mean seriously, are we really excited ?

well for some, it might be excitement, "yeah, finally i am a MAHASISWA ! "
others might say " oh, it's nothing really"
some might also say " no, are u being serious ? holiday is over ?"
and the remaining might say " goshh i'm so nervous, my heart might jump out of my chest "

while i personally have mixed emotions, totally excited to go cause i might just die of boredom at home already.but actually it's just another step in life, so not that big of a deal though. quite overwhelmed cause i thought 4 months holiday lasted longer than this. and lastly yess, totally nervous because i have no expectations whatsoever about what i am about to face in this new environment of learning. not to forget, this is going to be the first time studying out of selangor, even though it's not really that far from home. so no reason to like, be a spoiled brat wanting to go home right ?

so, enough about me.
oh sorry, it's about me again, haha

University ?

what are ur expectations ?
everyhthing new, and a lot of adjusting

aims ?
do the best i can , i guess. be a pharmacist -DEFINITELY A MUST

hopes ?
i hope i don't  have to call everyone kakak just cause we are the only younger ones entering with them
(not that i don't respect them, just don't want to have any barriers to be friends with them, we are the same batch of kuantan intake anyways)

now u answer ~

this is the next step,
the day our life begins,

no no no, don't u dare ignore this video, it's really a good song with such motivational lyrics. u must must must listen. grab some of the moral values that the song is presenting through it's lyric which is coupled with a great upbeat & catchy music. LISTEN.

thanks y'all


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eid with friends

hello assalamualaikum

i've been wanting to update about baraan with friends for like ever, but, time has not allowed me to do so.

but today, I WILL ! muahahahahaha

at first, i thought i wasn't going cause my brother won't let me tag along with him. so i was thinking hard  on my way back to shah alam from batu pahat until i fell asleep. when i woke up, suddenly i got a message from shikin asking me if i want to go, and i was like OF COURSE !

so at 7 am of the 5th day of raya i went to shikin's house, somewhere near 8 am the great drivers akmal & zamir picked us up. we were so so excited.

so with the fast and furious driving by akmal, we arrived at sekinchan by 9 am.

 ze fazt n furious drivers
 ze guys of batch 19
ze cute ladies

from sekinchan tu sabak bernam with 16cars *plus minus lah*
it surely is a really big group of people going from house to house.
but the main thing is, we all had so so much fun,
meeting each other, eating together. fun fun fun !

 this is the birthday cake for those who celebrated their birthday on august, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
 ze car, me and shikin were so loyal to from the beginning up to the very end , VIOS~ muahahaha
fewiit2, that's the duit raya, with the international top model, ema latip !

and here are a few of the houses that we went to, so so so so great ! fun ! the best experience, the best day !

i really hope that we can do this every year, cause it is so much fun, no words can describe how great it was. only joining another baraan will be able to create the same feeling again. well, that's what I feel lah.



Friday, August 17, 2012

Thank U, I Love You

hello assalamualaikum

hoho, such a good day today !
particularly because of getting kad raya from my beloved zayani and hajar !
gahhh, u guys are gorgeous ! truly !
i didn't even imagine of getting any kad raya this year but suddenly my cucu and nenek sent a card.
thank u thank u thank u !
*weird ada nenek , then cucu pulak, for those who don't know, they are apart of my family at school*
(will be sharing about them next time, inshaAllah)

this is the lovely card , woohoo !

sorry, bad quality, webcam~

anyways, selamat hari raya to both of you, maaf zahir and batin
this post is dedicated for both of u *aww, sumpah terharu *

Thursday, August 9, 2012

childhood (:

hello assalamualaikum

i, i am just totally empty right now, sad too.
it's really weird how time can change things, not just us, but the relationships we had.
i found my child-hood friend's blog, and it just triggered so many memories suddenly.
it's funny how we were so close like sisters back then, but now we're almost like strangers.
it's just sad to loose a relationship like that.
i wonder, how do we loose relationships that we built. does growing up has anything to do with it.
or did time pull us apart ?
actually, the blame is on me ~

looking back, i smile.
why ? because we used to have the greatest time ever together.
we were the three best friends. even though they are sisters, i never felt like an intruder.
i felt like i was a match to them. those time were great.
my most favorite game, was of course playing the water hose and also pretending to be spies, hide and seek, playing in the small pool. ok , i can't decide which one i liked the best. the point is, i just
loved every moment with u guys.

wishing what we had could return.

Aliah Syaza and Qistina Syasya, thanks for the sweetest childhood memories.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

heyho experience +_+

hello assalamualaikum

the good things we've done in the past,
the mistakes we've woven into our lives,
the happiness and aches that lurches deep in our heart,
are all a part of an experience that we have gone through ,
or even yet an experience we long to gain. 

that's a pretty bad written poem right there, whatever lah. is it even a poem ?

      today i read some blogs *because i have the time to do so*, and then i realize i get really excited when i read things i've never went through and i start imagining and anticipating how would i react to a similar situation as the writer. but the truth is, i will never know how i would react unless i go through it myself. yet as human, we are merely weaklings that surely are not able to actually have all the experience in the world. therefore, we can only anticipate.

that's why there is a saying that says *lebih kurang camni lah*

 " u can't have all the experience in the world, so use other people's experience as a guide"

so , if there's someone sharing something u've never been through, listen, live within the moment of the story, and then taaaaadaaaa ! u have a superficial experience ! great isn't it ?

experience is what makes u grow and what changes you holistically whether attitude-wise or 
mindset-wise maybe even the way you view the world.

there's another saying that says

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
clearly it is saying that, u'll change lahh, ape lagi ??

this is my experience