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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The First Sahur

hello assalamualaikum

Alhamdulillah, we manage to meet ramadhan again. What  a big opportunity we have here right ?
The month where we just have to force ourselves in doing ibadah, if we don't push ourselves, then it is a really and i mean like REALLY big loss, u get what i'm sayin here ?

Now, talking about the first sahur, such a memory to me. Why ? well, honestly. I've never really woke up to help cook for sahur, i just usually get up and eat. but this year, its quite different. Suddenly i realize that i have this responsibility without anyone telling me. today i woke up early and i cooked. My mom slept happily till it was time to eat. Not to feel proud or what ? but i was like, FUYOHH2! im cooking alone ! for sahur ! in the kitchen ! woweee ~ maybe i was really excited , excited for another small change in my life that will affect my whole life.

as we grow up,
a lot of thing changes (and i really hope that all the changes are for the better lah)
a lot of responsibility suddenly falls on our shoulder
a lot of things start make us worry and think
a lot of expectations to fulfill

yes ! life does get harder


it is just not life if it's easy
it is just not life if u don't make mistakes
it is juts not life if u never learn

so thumbs up to little changes, a big thumbs up to life,
and a high five of excitement to cooking sahur throughout this ramadhan. YOSH !

come to think of it, i guess i have to cook for iftar too (:
YOSH lagi !

May ramadhan this year be worthwhile :)


Saturday, July 7, 2012

little sister (:

hello assalamualaikum

i'm a baby sister to four brothers. *baby ?* . ignore that please.
i get a lot of good things and bad things being the little one and the only girl.
but the bad things are not bad at all, just a little against of what i want

some situations that happened recently really touched me a bit.

me and samir were talking about life lah, in the future or something like that

shkrh : i don't like to make people have a hard time because of me eventhough all my brothers do have     a hard time because of me
samir : what do u mean ?
shkrh : well, u guys always have to pick me up, send me there, buy me this, take me here and all that.
samir : well it's not u that gives us a hard time, it's us who wants to give ourselves a hard time for you. we just want to do it.

and i was smiling all by myself all the way back home.

life is good with siblings, yeah sometimes we fight, sometimes we sulk
but in the end, u can always rely on them. that's love. 
things might not be as great as we want, but the thing is 
we just don't realize that things are much more greater than we ever want.
Allah plans right ? of course it's the BEST.

publicly saying : I LOVE U, BROs


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

losing passport

hello assalamualaikum,

yeah, as u can see, i lost my passport. my INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT. not good at all
so folks, don't ever loose ur passport. the process to make a new one is actually simple, but when u do it alone at an age like me, where i have never really settled important matter like this by myself, it becomes quite hard lah.

 firstly , i had to go to the POLICE STATION to report that i lost my passporteven though i just misplaced it at home. actually my mother misplaced it. but whatever.

as there was only big old cars at home which i don't dare to drive, i walked to the section 6 police station. it's not that far, so i was fine.
i was so relieved the minute i set foot there, unfortunately when i explained my situation, they said they could not help me cause their computer got struck by lightning and so their system is temporarily down

(great, on the day i decided to go on report it, their computer got struck by lightning)

so they told me i have to go to the section 9 police station. and i was like


but i still had to settle it so with all the energy in me, i walked all the way from that station to the section 9 police station. truthfully, it was so so so tiring, but i don't have a choice. gladly i was patient enough to face all that.

i could have asked my brother to send me, but he was studying for his exams, and i just don't have the heart to bother him when he just got his momentum to study.
(suddenly i have the heart to be nice to him T_T, weird)
 so there i was, walking, to the police station.

just as i arrived , i was already lost. searching for the lift was so hard. who designed that station ? what were u thinking getting me lost like that ? so i asked a couple of people around there.
alhamdulillah i managed to go up.
so i went into the special branch office and explained my situation. after that, i was interrogated. scary. but i managed. the bad thing is, i felt like crying with no solid reason at all. probably the situation was too overwhelming.

so the situation was kinda like this...

bhahahaha, so not logic right ?

*with a stiff face* the policeman interrogated me..... quite like this.....

where did u loose it = at home
how did u loose it = misplace
how old are u = 19
where is ur mother = at work
why didn't she come = cause she is working =.=
are u working now = im on holiday
where do u study = UIA
what course = inshaAllah pharmacy

*with a big smile* suddenly.....

oh really, my daughter is also on holiday. she's also taking pharmacy, ur going to kuantan right ?
so u were studying at PJ too right ? just like my daughter. :) :)

so he continued again.....

actually we can't allow u to report this, because it's ur fault. u were careless. { me :( } but according to me. i'll help u. but u must know that it's a big risk for me when i grant u this report ok ?

woohooo ! thank you sir ! ^_______^

after being interrogated i had to go back down to report it. and that was the most blur thing ever. i got a number then i waited, my number was called, i went over to the counter, hand the paper, he types things on his computer for a long long time. then i received another paper and done. like, what ?!

then i wanted to certify the report, and he said go over to the last counter. certification costs 2 ringgit.
so i went to the last counter, and it was the same guy at the counter before. i almost laughed at his face. but of course i held it in. i wanted to pay 2 ringgit using a 10 ringgit but he had no small change. in the end i ended up searching my whole bag for enough coins. fortunately, luck was on my side as i managed to find ample coins to pay 2 ringgit.

after all that i went to the commissioner of oaths for a signature that cost me 4 ringgit
lastly i went to the immigration and yeah, because i lost it. its gonna cost me 300 ringgit !
please come to me money ~

the point is, its quite interesting to settle these things all by myself

1. i felt like a grown up. hehe
2. i learned a LOT of things
3. i certainly see a lot of situation in each place i went.
4. and of course, it teaches me to be independent

so don't be afraid to try, we are gonna face unexpected things someday.

loving the experience.