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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

oh diary

hello assalamualaikum

i lost my diary, and i am totally crushed~
this is not good at all.

"why do  u even have a diary when u already have a blog ?"

good question.
well that was my diary during the whole semester 3 at CFSIIUM.
semester 3 was the best sem ever, yet a killer sem, and with all the things that happened in my life which made it harder.
as i can't blog as often as i would at home, i wrote in a diary instead.
and the diary is important because my deepest darkest feelings are all in there.
my blog is not a place for me to express EVERYTHING, not really. or is it ? *wondering *

so i really put a whole lot of effort in writing the diary, because it is filled with lovely quotes, cute doodles, colourful writing and a lot of other stuff too.

but now, it is gone.

A diary, is really helpful to me. if i am desperate, a piece of paper would do.

why is it helpful ?

well, i tend to be more rational and serene when i am writing, so it really helps to blow away any negativity such as ; anger, sad, empty feeling. all i do is write it all in my diary, and it is as if i poured all the feelings into the diary and i feel much better.

a diary to me is also how i manage my anger, in islam if we're angry while standing than sit, if ur sitting than lie down. so when i am angry, i would just pull myself together , then sit or even lie down, at the same time i write in my diary. 

my diary also contains a collection of my favourite quotes, heart-warming quranic verses, motivational tips and so on. sometimes when i'm feeling a bit blue , i would just reread what i have written before. Some of things I've written are really an eye-opener and and it motivates me to get out of the blues ~

so a diary is significant to me, it might be significant to other people too ~

even though i lost mine. it's fine. hakuna matata right ? (:

                                                (konon-konon tulis diary la ni . motif ? =_=')

* boring2 !  who wants to know about ur little diary lah shakirah ? *
> tahu takpe <

  ok fine, finito.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

why hakuna matata ?

hello assalamualaikum

today my sister-in-law found out that i have a blog, so she asked me

" why is the name of your blog hakuna matata ? "

so i explained lah why i chose this name, but i know she actually knew where the influence came from.

here is the story behind hakuna matata

i like to take at least a week out of any holidays and spend it at my brother's house
just so i can be involve in my niece's life.

so that's what i do every holiday. so there was this one holiday my little niece was so head over heels in love with LION KING movies.

my cute niece ♥

as i am the one with her every minute of the day, so i am forced to watch the movie again and again.
In that movie, there's a couple of best friends, TIMON and PUMBAA. they sang a song about hakuna matata which means no worries to a lost lion cub , SIMBAA.

please listen

after a few time watching, the term hakuna matata really took me by heart.  WHY ?
cause it actually has a really deep meaning behind it.
the way that i interpret it :

# why should we worry when we have not even try something

# as muslims, why should we worry when we know INALLAHA MA'ANA DAIMAN (Allah is always with us)

#  worrying too much leads to negativity, unless it is a rational and suitable situation. but the best way is not to worry much.

so that's how it happened.
thank you nabilah bt nabil for the inspiration
( i have to write the BT just in case nabilah zainol azmi mula perasan, hoho )

lastly, i want to share a quote i grab from a TV show

" The only difference between TRY and TRIUMPH is just a little UMPH "

so try ur best to achieve triumph, without trying there'll never be triumph



Saturday, June 16, 2012

handphone ~

yalloo, assalamualaikum

alright, today suddenly i got an idea to write this post while accompanying my not-blood-related aunty ririn sutrina to buy her new phone.

she bought a NOKIA ASHA 302, which by the way, is gorgeous and red in colour, such a BEE-YUU-TEEE (oh i mean beauty)

so buying the phone kinda reminded me how people assume about handphones nowadays~


just registered into our new college and my friend happened to get quite an ugly and old college, so that person was telling me how the room was

yop    : how's ur room ?
shkrh : yeah, ok, quite small, but ok. how's urs ?
yop    : mine is ugly man. seriously it's old and ugly
shkrh : well it can't be that bad though
yop   : but it is ! let me send u a picture as a proof
shkrh : u better not, u will just waste ur credit
yop   : what do you mean by that ?
yop    : like whaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt !!!?? unbeleivable
shkrh : whatever ~


something wrong with my friend's bluetooth thingy

minah : can u lend me ur phone ?
shkrh  : errr, for what ?
minah : just lend me ur phone lahh
shkrh  : well, tell me why u want it ?
minah : just a small matter. GIVE ME UR PHONE LAA please (=
shkrh  : HUKALOH, tell me why ?
minah : i just want to try and bluetooth blabla to ur phone
shkrh  : and u expect my phone to have bluetooth laa
minah : duhhh, who doesn't have bluetooth
shkrh  : duhhhh, i don't
minah  : stop joking
shkrh   : u nak i sepak u ke ?
minah  : oh ok2 sorry ~
shkrh   : hahaha, ur scared. that's funny


these are my babies ♥ ♥

 so that's it
thank youhhh !


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photo (=

well i feel that i must explain why i chose this ayyah
firstly, the sentence clearly says, that Allah is near us,
whether we realize it or not, Allah is always close to us
we need to remind ourselves, remind myself for sure, to not worry
calm down, think of actions about to be done, why ?
Indeed, Allah is with us.

next, i also really like the part
 " I respond to the invocation of the supplicants"
why ?
well mainly because on how general the statement itself is
we don't have to be a religious supplicant or a good supplicant, a perfect supplicant or whatsoever 
for Allah to listen to us.
there is no condition, except to call  upon HIM.

( original )

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Special Task !


oh i don't know where to start, i so miss blogging and all but i find myself distracted every time i want to share something here, but tonight im focused!


Joining this program as a committee is the best and greatest thing that i have ever done throughout the whole year of my existence in CFSIIUM.

the first week was the induction week, where mostly we just had a lot of discussions and preparations for the following week when new students start pouring in.

the first day was a total blur for me, we were in groups for team building activities and, honestly, my group wasn't the best but i did have fun. The second day and onwards, we started to actually gather according to our bureau. And fortunately and alhamdulillah,  i am totally blessed by Allah to be apart of THE SPECIAL TASK FAMILY. The first day of being together, i was so quiet, u would not believe that i can be that quiet. But when they started breaking us into smaller units, that was when i felt in my gut, and i knew it deep in my heart, this is gonna be great! The experience became better because i had this friend that i was really kamceng la. we went everywhere together and we were in the same unit, her name is SITI HAJAR ANUAR BT ABDULLAH. We  were like sisters, always together, some people even thought we were roommates or classmates, because we instantly clicked.

at first i did not really know everyone in my bureau, but starting from the first day of student's registration, we were all like family, i'm not sure of their names honestly, but i can talk and work with any of them instantly. Stress, is out of my diction when it comes to working with them. All I had was loads of fun and experience. Alhamdulillah, now i know all their names too. hehe

The best part of being apart of the bureau was, i really felt the cooperation. even though we were broken up into smaller and totally different units with works that has nothing to do with other units, everyone will help each unit willingly and happily and everyone knows if other units have problem and we try to solve the problem together as a bureau not as a unit. maybe that is the key point making this bureau feel a lot like family, cause we are all in this together~

So , last night was the last night of us being together, and it was so sad, seriously. some of them were crying even though we only met each other for less than two weeks. Everyone gave a short speech including our head FARID WAJDI. I was really touched by his speech when he said, " i have become head of a lot of things, but being  the head of this bureau was THE BEST experience, because it's so easy to work with u guys as a group"

i seriously will not forget this experience.
yes i felt tired GILAA
yes i woke up early and slept late
yes every part of my body hurt
yes i even fell sick
but it is ALL WORTH IT!
i love it!



i will miss everything from selecting MCs and Announcers, photography session, campus tour, counseling outreach, eating at GCU, distributing matric card, eating domino's together, Cultural night and Welcoming and Bai'ah ceremony.
finally, our last night together~

that's it