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Friday, April 20, 2012

near the end

assalamualikum, heyyaa~

ok2, the title is so dramatic, its not the end of me (kot), clearly Allah knows best about that, what i mean about the end is the end of me being a student at CFSIIUM petaling jaya,
seriously, it is a fact that i find hard to absorb. why ? because of all these times I've been whining about being tired of rushing around, barely breathing, living the life of a 1-year student, but Alhamdulillah i have made it this far,

so it is true that Allah will never burden His servants more than that is bearable. Thank you Allah for the strength, the patience and the ability. This walk of life throughout this year cannot have been better than what You have planned. thank you Allah, u have given me the chance to experience a feeling so precious, that is sacrifice, not only sacrifice of time, but there are other sacrifices that i learnt,
sometimes to be near to Allah, we have to sacrifice what we think we love, but actually might deprive us from being closer to Allah.
Thank you Allah, for giving me friends that are indescribably gorgeous, roommates, classmates, schoolmates. i actually can't really grip the fact that i have the best-est  classmates ever, each and everyone of them, are gorgeous.

now, i actually want to take this short time to update about the great events that has been happening


this annual grand dinner actually reminds me of my school annual dinner every year, everyone would be busy thinking of what to wear, borrowing hijabs, bringing raya shoes, taking a bunch of pictures, the only difference is that , at school i know everyone, but here, i only know my classmates. however, that does not stop me, or them from having the greatest times together, sometimes it does not matter what the celebration is, or where it is, or how grand it is, the main thing is who you spend it with, and im very glad to have spend it with me dear classmates. here are some gorg pictures~

oh btw, we took a picture with the dean, and he was such a great guy, did i mention he is so great!


alright, now this is a party at my level, and it kind of reminded me of the good old dorm party, oh such sweet memories. so there was a theme :garden. so everyone dressed up and we had a simple party. soo. picture time~


oh yeah, i almost forgot about my birthday. seriously i was not expecting anything at all, seriously. but unfortunately, i was WRONG. duhh. firstly on the night of my birthday, my sweet roommates gave me a cake, so delicious, they also made a video of me. so sweet. my classmates pranked me by asking one of the guys in my class to give the me a present in an attempt to me make me blush and probably ignite a gossip. however, that attempt failed, not interested. haha. later in the evening i was thrown at with eggs, water and coffee powder, how do you think i smell? like a partially baked coffee cake with too much egg, argh. but hey, each of the events were such a sweet memory for me. i got palazo pants from my classmates. thank you guys! love yah~ pictures some more ~