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Sunday, March 11, 2012


hello assalamualaikum,

finally, im blogging...
i just finished my exams and i couldn't feel any better than this
but suddenly something struck me and i realize that i have a heck of a bunch of work to settle
sheeesshhh, i am slowly sliding into a stress mode.
it's just not natural for me to just continue doing homework after an exam.
what i do is kick back, relax, and just unload the burden of exams.
but i am not supposed to be doing that right now, but i am doing it.
i just needed to let that out. i need to write.

maybe i need to change
let go of that habit and mind set that after exam is a resting and hibernating time.
well, i'll try

an addition to that, is that lately i've got some things bothering my mind
i dont know what it is, but im bothered by it
and i kinda feel empty, i feel empty laahh
no other words to describe it
maybe i need to reconcile my connection to Allah and strengthen that
im sure there's something wrong there.

now wowwweeeeeeee
hajar came to my house yesterday and slept over last night
i can't be thankful enough to her for even considering to come, ur so gorgeous!

so that's it. just a simple update after the exams
i'll write something much more beneficial when the holiday comes
but for now, that's all i can say.

and before i forget, i love this song. it's so meaningful. thanks pikah for introducing it.

dedicated to all the people out there whose feeling down. bye~