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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a change

hello assalamualaikum

people always say, its hard to change, a lot of things need to be considered and what not. even a bunch of people has suggested great ways in order to make a change, for example this 3 step advice

IMAGINATION, imagine the worst case scenario if u dont change
EMOTION , the imagination will then trigger ur emotion to realize something
ACTION, take action in order to avoid the negativity that might occur just as u imagined and felt

great steps right > yeah i totally agree
but the problem is, the main foundation to start a change, is through the heart
what the heart feels, what the heart sees, what the heart realizes
so today i kinda realize that in order for a change to happen, u have to explore the real life incidents and scenarios
and really think about it
make ur heart see that u need a change
and once ur heart feels the urge to change
inshaAllah, it will be easier to take action then realizing the fact that u do actually need a change

the point is, explore life, don't be afraid

samir said
dalam hidup ni jgn takut apa2 pun, sebab kalau takut, nanti x berani, bila x berani nanti x buat, bila x buat mula lah serabut, da serabut , stress pulak masa tu lah kegagalan mula melingkar.
takut dgn Allah je, yg lain tu bkn apa2 pun. JANGAN TAKUT

so explore life, be careful, be wise, but dont ever be scared
then inshaAllah a change will come, with His will

ok, im getting all philosophical suddenly~ haha

that's it--------------------------------------tetttt


Monday, February 6, 2012