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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's her Birthday

hello assalamualaikum

yeah, today is her birthday, not me, but her, the one in red, the short one, and the cute one.
we've known each other since i was 15 and she was 13, and now i am still 18 n 9 months, and she is 17.
woweee, time flies by so fast

so dear nisa
happy birthday, ur one step closer to finding urself, so go on with the journey, make good choices, be positive and face life with optimism, rely on Allah always and inshaAllah everything will be eased for u. challenges are just a part of life, don't think of it as a stop sign, just think of it as a toll , u just have to pay and move on.
be wise in making decision, coz each and everything u do reflects who you are

u are amazing and will always be amazing.

song dedicated just for you on your birthday~



Monday, January 23, 2012

Arabian wedding

hello assalamualaikum
before i go further deep into all the thing i want to share
lets just take some time to remind ourselves including myself

those who put their solah in vain are the ones who delay solah 
so, let us all together improve ourselves in this particular pillar of islam.

now, moving on i would like to share about a particular superb arabian wedding i attended last saturday, the wedding of

sharifah suaad shadzwa alhaddad & syed abu bakar alyahya

i am apart of the guy's side, he is my sister-in-law's brother. so whatever lah, not an important  point. what i would really like to share is how this ALHADDAD family really uphold their roots and culture. i was totally fascinated and blown away at the wedding reception. so let me simply lay out to you their concept of the wedding

VENUE : JW Marriot Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
the hotel itself is already gorgeous, and how the ballroom was decorated was even more mind boggling to absorb. the tables were  arabian style, the low tables, and the table cloth were sparkly and colourful with beautifully arranged flowers, and so were the pillows surrounding the table, and if ur wondering, yes we did not sit on a chair but instead we sat on pillows on the floor. Now the walls of the ballroom was covered with colourful cloths to give the effects of an arabian night theme, not only that , the lights of the hall were dimmed and there were colourful spotlights turned on instead.and at each end of the ballrooms, gazebos were set up with sofas for those who just want to sit and chill.

FOOD : talking about the food makes me want to drool, because the food was perfect, i's like to mention the stand outs only. what i loved the most was that they served a WHOLE LAMB which was cooked to perfection. they also served hummous *which happens to be one of my fav foods*. and unbelievably, they also served baklava. thank god it was a buffet cause i went back and forth too many times just to get more food.

GUESTS :   i really loved the way that they actually set a theme for what the guests should wear. so most of the male guest wore jubah, nothing outstanding there, and some even wore emm, i dont know its name, but u know the thing on the head for male

so for females, most of them also wore jubah, and i felt like i was at a fashion show, the jubah the guests wore were too amazing, loved it.

so this is the bride and the groom

PERFORMANCE : the actually had samrah which is people singing and some dancing, but strictly for male only

this is just an example i found on youtube, but these people are kind of professional compared to those i saw at the wedding which was more lay back and joyful to watch

one great feature of the wedding is that, they actually separate the men and women seatings, so men and women sat separately.

------------------------so that's it about the wedding-------------------------------

next ,
i just would like to dedicate a song for khairunnisa sahar, for sharing ur problems and also listening to mine, ur oh so awesome~ ur growing up and turning into an incredibly great person, ur everything ^_^

ok lahh,______________________________________________tettt


Sunday, January 15, 2012


hello assalamualaikum

im running out of titles to name my post so yeah, smiley is fine right ?
i just want tp share that at last, i have finished my reseat exam for maths
a big burden is just lifted off my shoulders, now whats left to be done is struggle with all my might for this last sem, inshaAllah

subjects for this semester
  1. mathematics 2
  2. biology 2
  3. chemistry 2
  4. physics 2
  5. english for academic purposes
and oh yeah, i am going to take MUET on february, this si gonna be a heck of a semester, four months for almost 50 chapters and a MUET.

may Allah make it an easy journey of life to go through~
easy ? mcm melampau pulak,, smooth laa.

and not to forget, congrats to friends who has taken MUET and got great results.
for those with not so good results, don't worry, there must be a silver-lining
Allah has saved better things for u in the future~

that's it

with all my love-----------------------end


Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello 2012

hello assalamualaikum

ok, right now its my holiday for just like a week and  a half, but only after four days through this holiday, i am already getting bored~
i can't believe how life can become so lonely sometimes, exactly how i'm feeling right now, but that's the problem, i always have Allah with me, but sometimes i just get lost in my thoughts and forget this fact
i have problems with lonely holidays, cause it gives me time to think about my life, the people who surrounds me, and everything else. and because of that i always end up messing up things.
is this something that all girls go through or is it just me ? i don't like it much.

anyways, it's new year and im better off babbling about my aims for 2012

firstly, i must must must study math, i havent started anything at all and i have 2 weeks left.
next, i want to graduate from CFSIIUM with pointers above 3.5, ok at least 3.8, but actually i want 4.0. haha
i also want to get into the course that i want, i dont want to be kicked into other courses
i want to be a confident person who is firm when making decisions
i dont want to mess things up and i dont want to get involve in other people's mess
i really want to be a good person to everyone
i hope to scrape off being so judgemental
i want to look at the future smiling
i want to be a positive person
i dont want to hurt anyone, but somehow i always do.
i want to be a cool person who cares less about unimportant things the way i am now
i want to be a good servant to Allah
i want to improve myself in ibadah
i want to honour my parents wishes with all my might

i want a lot of things in life, i really do. not just this year but every year, but we can't have it all right ?

so i just hope 2012 would be a year full of smiles and less of tears, because for me 2011 went by with quite a lot of tears, but hey 2011 brought a whole new meaning to my life and a whole bunch of sweet memories too.

i did not get a lot of wishes for new year, but i dont mind, i just would like to share some of the wishes i recieved

yesterday is a memory, today is a gift, tomorrow is a hope. let's begin a new year with faith , love , peace, wisdom and hope

god stores his blessings and deposited 365 days full of love, faith and happiness for us, so enjoy spending

may allah bless all of us
make us stronger to face life.
i need the strength