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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IPhA (=

hello assalamualaikum

I'm excited,
I have a new job ( job ? errr, not really ). I am officially an 

IPhA office bearer for 2012/2013 session !


okay honestly I was not psyched at all to be nominated, then after the votes came in and I officially won, I was like OH NO! I really can't do this.

but heyy, Allah doesn't gives us burdens if we can't make it through , right ? so I chilled a bit.

But now, knowing a bit about my bureau (publication and information), I'm quite excited and pumped up. it's really interesting. Though I do not know much of the skills actually required for this, but still, I'm looking forward to learn,  inshaAllah. I just need to be positive. yeahh ! 

okayy, I've been babbling without actually telling what is IPhA, it's actually a short form for IIUM PHARMACY STUDENTS SOCIETY( kan ? =.=). Basically, it comprises all pharmacy students from 1st year to final year  students. An office bearer ( i heard it for the first time here too) is kinda like a committee for this society. 

oh yeahh, the process of being a committee is by being nominated by classmates. Next step, is voting during the Annual Grand Meeting and finally elected. simple.

so that's about it.

lastly,check this blog out to know what we first year pharmacy students of IIUM have been up to till now.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

we can be on top, or down low

hello, assalamualaikum.


there's a popular quote saying,

it's okay not to be okay.

let's continue life as a vicegerent with a brighter perspective.

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Little Compartment.

hello assalamualaikum but

yeahhh, I've been waiting a long long long long long long time to write a post about this, heee

 i just wanna share my unimportant and unnecessary excitement of having a little compartment of my own.

it's nothing really but very sufficient for me. so let's see, basically my room has a cupboard, a bed, a table and a rack, btw, my bed is facing the window. the view is marvelous (i'm not sure about my sincerity of saying this, haha) whatever, never mind.

so if there is any possibility of a student in CFSIIUM wondering how a room in kuantan looks like, here's a glimpse.

i actually got a secluded block at the back of the mahallah, so that is why i have such view from my room, preview........................

 amek kau, construction pun a part of my view.

so the window is next to my table, and the rack is above the table, come2 seeeeeeeeee

okayyy, not really in it's best condition, but okay lahh

finally is my cupboard and bed, which directly facing the window.
 so this is how a room in kuantan looks like, oops wrong , this is how a compartment in a room at kuantan looks like.

so that's it, i know it 's kinda like a syok sdiri  punye post, but i really want to share just cause i'm a bit ngada-ngada today. hahahaha

most importantly, HAJAR, u must read this, must must must.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

let's be HAPPY

hello assalamualaikum

okay i'm just gonna jump right in to what i want to say.

i always whine and listen to people whine about life, about what's in the future, about the past.
And i get this sense of realization especially when hearing other people whine.
why do we whine ? what are we not satisfied about life ? must we feel all this negative feelings ?

well that's the problem, in this life, it's in our hands to choose to be happy or not.

when we have a big problem, usually we just become oh so stress to the  point gritting our teeth until it cracks (is it possible ? )
anyways, if we think of it as a test from Allah s.w.t in order to to asses our level of iman, and patience and perseverance  don't u think we would feel better. Imagine, if we face it, Allah knows, so finally we will be rewarded with pahala. who knows if the pahala of us being patient is the one that saves us from hellfire.

wouldn't it be better if we do all the good things as Allah has commanded with the thought that i want to be in jannah, the place that is eternal, where we become young, flows of delicious river, fruits unimaginably tasty and so on.

don' set in ur mind that this is ur life. WRONG, this is our life which we borrowed and can be taken by Allah anytime. we might die today, we might die tomorrow.

Basically we have to deeply instill ihsan in our life, which is worshiping Allah as if we see Allah, even we do not see HIM, indeed HE sees us.

so if we choose to be happy in life, we would totally rely to Allah s.w.t. if u feel like " i'm just too sinful, i'm not worthy" DELETE that feeling.

we have to REALIZE that if we do not rely  to Allah, then we have no other person to fully rely to, Allah, has the power to help us, test us, give patience  to us, and most importantly only by HAVING DEEP FAITH IN ALLAH , then only we can have hope in life, why ? because only Allah has the power to make miracles, to turn impossible things possible.

so why ? why do we fight ? why do we have a enemies ? why do we make problems big ?

because we forget that life is about Allah, returning to Allah, being his vicegerent, doing and being the best we can in this world to prove that we are worthy servants.

have you heard of a story of a very poor family, but they have deep faith in Allah, so their life together as a family was very HAPPY
while there is a rich family which merely admits as Muslim, and their life was UNHAPPY
what differentiated them is the FAITH towards Allah.

so no matter what happens to you in life, u can always be happy, just to choose to be happy and rely on Allah.

This is a reminder to myself. to always remember Allah, to do everything lillahita'ala. i  am always negligent towards this life, sometimes i diverge from the road of remembering Allah. so i always need to remind myself. it's not that we don't know all the things i just stated before, it's just that it's not knit tightly to our hearts.

so for this awal muharram, a new year, a new book, my aim is TO BE HAPPY, cause i know, Allah is always there for me, so why be sad, hakuna matata guys.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

EidulAdha (:

hello assalamualaikum
minal aidil wal faizzin everyone

this year, i really had a hectic eid, but it was very fun and a surely becoming a memory to cherish. thursday morning i arrived at batu pahat johor, friday was eid already, i went to watch a sheep being slaughtered. (wait, kambing biri2 sheep kan ?) and by the evening, me and a bunch of cousins went to johor premium outlet. SHOPPING TIME ! for those with money only, excluding me of course ~

 ze sheep
 ze end of ze sheep's life
 LAPAH time
 ze ladies

 ze mothers excited to shop
 woahhh, i want one, but no money (telan air liur)
people with money shoppin

saturday, i went and watch some more slaughtering, went to an uncle's house for satay, went out with them to shop again, and went out again with my brother, then had a barbecue at night.
in simple words, a very packed day, from 8a.m to 11p.m.

 cutest baby ~!
 after jenjalan ~

Birthday Cake ! weeee, sumpah sdp.

very good holiday, study-free, work-free
consequence :
i'm gonna be a mad woman this monday doing loads of work for sure ~

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Student now, pharmacist later

hello assalamualaikum, yes2,

alhamdulillah, even with such a pack schedule and individual-studying all the time, I still manage to appreciate a part of the goodness of being a student. FRIENDS.

Yes, no matter how busy I get, meeting up with my friends just for a while lifts up my mood.
But the best-est thing ever is cause I actually spent my whole saturday with friends.

Me and my roomies went to buy some necesseties, and we ended up goin to the beach, just to relieve burdens of a students. (err, what burden again ?)
Subhanallah, the sea was so gorgeous maaa ! Here2, look2, pretty photos, by professional photographer shakirah (in ur dreams lahh )
totally satisfied , worth the trip and worth the money spent to get there. Breath-taking.

  "wahhhhhhhhhhhh " kata mereka
 ahhhhh, smooth white sand ~

 prettty right ? speechless

 subhanallah !


So that's a life of a student . Study +jalan = student's life

next !

My latest lab, was making creams, powders and, and..... i'm not quite sure if it is a mixture or a suspension, or whatever the name is. Hehe. so we had to make the stuff, and then submit our products, then the products will be judge based on our mixing techniques. seriously i have no techniques at all whatsoever. haha, i juts made it with my heart * err really ? *

so instead of telling what I did which surely would bore myself to death, take a look at the pictures of my products.

 oops, terbalik. malas nak betulkan.

P/s it is not as fun as people would think, quite tiring actually, but the mixing part is still fun to do, like playing masak-masak.

Yeehaaa, now it really seems like I am a pharmacist in the making right ? InshaAllah.

finito ~

Sunday, October 7, 2012



first time in my life directly seeing a cadaver. In other words, an embalmed body which has totally been dissected. Seriously thinking about entering the lab, freaked me out. But once I was in there, I was fine, and in the end, I ended up being the person with the clearest view of the cadaver, it was so interesting to see all these organs in our body for real.

We've been learning about our body forever, and we so know that our body is absolutely complex. And now seeing our body with my own eyes, in the real form, I’m like, mashaAllah, it's too great of a creation. No one can ever create something as complicated and perfect as our body other than Allah.

Yeah, I know we've been looking at pictures of our complex body all the time, but the feeling is SO different from a real one. A really great experience.

so btw, if you think choosing pharmacy helps you avoid these things, then ur definitely wrong. because we are apart of medical sciences, so anatomy and histology are majorly important.


Dr. Zakir Naik, held a talk titled QURAN AND MODERN SCIENCE. And man ! He was ssssoooo amazing, I mean like, he memorizes a lot of things, he's a like a computer, he's like google, he's just great. So , in simple words, what I got from him is something that uolls might know already, but sukahati I lah nak tulis. Hehe

> most of the scientific facts discovered today has long ago been mentioned in the quran, meaning quran is so so advanced in science. For example, quran explains embryology with great detail long time ago, saying that we developed in stage while humans just recently discovered it

> Dr zakir said, if u want to know a religion, read it's scripture. Don't look at the people, don't look at the lifestyle, but look at the scriptures. And if we realize something, islam is the only religion that strongly promotes the reading of quran. While believers of other faith are never tru;y encouraged by their religious people to read their scriptures. Why ? Because their beliefs now, contradict with their scriptures. Only islam really truly follows the guideline from quran.

everything created is subjected to us, humans, so we humans, in order not to be excessive or anything else, utilize the quran fully. It's so sad, sometimes I take life as it is, forgetting how this time here is only temporary, merely a test, and purely borrowed life. How ? how to affirm myself to always always remember that I am merely a slave being tested in this life.

Ohhh, by the way I met PIJA at the talk. So so happy !

i wish i have pictures to show

kayy, adiosss !

Monday, September 24, 2012

running rx

hello assalamulaikum

yes, it is an abnormal title, but that's the name of the program I joined this Sunday, 23rd September.

Basically it's explorace with a much glamor name, and the name is adapted from running man. Meanwhile rx stands for prescription. It doesn't really make sense lah running prescription right ? But kuliyyah of pharmacy right ? Even the name of programs want a pharmaceutical edge to it. Haha

it was really fun because of the activities, the chance to know seniors and the chance to bond with classmates. My groupmates were both ex-DQ, kak bi and kak mawaddah, they were really fun to be with.

There were 9 checkpoints, and some of the checkpoints were exactly like running man, for example, drinking something with the amount of sugar and cordial being chose randomly from a number spoons. 

The other few are simple checkpoints like throwing paper in a basket, charade, filling a pail with water, balloon passing and batu seremban.

Finally we met with our naqibahs and chatted a while.

One of the naqibahs asked me “what is ur expectation from this usrah?”
I answered “ fun, not the useless fun, but a meaningful fun, a fun that makes our soul complete of it's need”

not to boast or anything, but I really like my answer. Haha.
It felt right, and meaningful.

that's it peeps. may u have a great week ahead.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

liking someone ?

Hello assalamualaikum

a friend of mine said, “it's natural to have feelings for the opposite gender”.

We were all nodding our heads in agreement.

She continued, “ but every time we like someone, think deeply, why ? Is it because the person is handsome/pretty ? Is it because of their great personality ?. Well if it is, it's not that we like that person, but we are just merely liking that specific thing that they have. If they were to become our life partner, then the start of the love itself is already not that great of a start”.

Again we were all in agreement. The point is, having feelings are normal, but if it's not for the right reason, try to think deeply, and reflect.

But then I thought to myself,

What if we just like that person without any solid reason, we just plainly like him/her ?

What does that mean ?
Just a rhetorical question , maybe.

Anyways, feelings, especially to the opposite genders, are meant to be kept silently in our heart. The right time will come when all the feelings that we kept all these time could be freely unlocked from our hearts . Just be patient, and wait for the time to come.

Woahhh ! Suddenly i'm all lovey dovey.
Weird, weird. Clearly i'm not myself right now.

anyways, it has been two weeks since class started. study is okay lah but still adapting. yeah, i do have quite a slow adapting mechanism.
let's pray that Allah eases our journey from today onward.

Monday, September 17, 2012

statement ?

hello assalamualaikum

please read

agree or disagree ?
i could not agree more with this statement.
seriously, it's so true. well, true for me lah.
most of the time, i'm over thinking.

IIUM, kuantan

hello assalamulaikum,


yeah i was totally shocked. IIUM kuantan is very BIG, yet freakishly empty.
the buildings are too far apart from each other which makes it almost impossible to run into friends from other courses.
kuliyyah of pharmacy's building is also gigantic, even with the presence of hundreds of students in class, the building seems abandoned.

but regardless of those complaints i am so grateful for being here. there's always a good side to negativity.

anyways. i'm officially a degree student *haruslah bangga*

and good luck, good luck to me and anyone reading who happens to be a degree student just starting their studies.
May Allah guide and help all of us throughout our studies
yeah !

Thursday, August 30, 2012

University, i'm coming

hello assalamualaikum

as u can see, from the title, me and most of my friends are finally entering university. no more pre-u. heck yeahh ! well, some of my friends are already in university for like a year already *for diploma students* so not as much excitement as those from foundation and matriculation.

wait a second ? did i just say excitement ? i mean seriously, are we really excited ?

well for some, it might be excitement, "yeah, finally i am a MAHASISWA ! "
others might say " oh, it's nothing really"
some might also say " no, are u being serious ? holiday is over ?"
and the remaining might say " goshh i'm so nervous, my heart might jump out of my chest "

while i personally have mixed emotions, totally excited to go cause i might just die of boredom at home already.but actually it's just another step in life, so not that big of a deal though. quite overwhelmed cause i thought 4 months holiday lasted longer than this. and lastly yess, totally nervous because i have no expectations whatsoever about what i am about to face in this new environment of learning. not to forget, this is going to be the first time studying out of selangor, even though it's not really that far from home. so no reason to like, be a spoiled brat wanting to go home right ?

so, enough about me.
oh sorry, it's about me again, haha

University ?

what are ur expectations ?
everyhthing new, and a lot of adjusting

aims ?
do the best i can , i guess. be a pharmacist -DEFINITELY A MUST

hopes ?
i hope i don't  have to call everyone kakak just cause we are the only younger ones entering with them
(not that i don't respect them, just don't want to have any barriers to be friends with them, we are the same batch of kuantan intake anyways)

now u answer ~

this is the next step,
the day our life begins,

no no no, don't u dare ignore this video, it's really a good song with such motivational lyrics. u must must must listen. grab some of the moral values that the song is presenting through it's lyric which is coupled with a great upbeat & catchy music. LISTEN.

thanks y'all


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eid with friends

hello assalamualaikum

i've been wanting to update about baraan with friends for like ever, but, time has not allowed me to do so.

but today, I WILL ! muahahahahaha

at first, i thought i wasn't going cause my brother won't let me tag along with him. so i was thinking hard  on my way back to shah alam from batu pahat until i fell asleep. when i woke up, suddenly i got a message from shikin asking me if i want to go, and i was like OF COURSE !

so at 7 am of the 5th day of raya i went to shikin's house, somewhere near 8 am the great drivers akmal & zamir picked us up. we were so so excited.

so with the fast and furious driving by akmal, we arrived at sekinchan by 9 am.

 ze fazt n furious drivers
 ze guys of batch 19
ze cute ladies

from sekinchan tu sabak bernam with 16cars *plus minus lah*
it surely is a really big group of people going from house to house.
but the main thing is, we all had so so much fun,
meeting each other, eating together. fun fun fun !

 this is the birthday cake for those who celebrated their birthday on august, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
 ze car, me and shikin were so loyal to from the beginning up to the very end , VIOS~ muahahaha
fewiit2, that's the duit raya, with the international top model, ema latip !

and here are a few of the houses that we went to, so so so so great ! fun ! the best experience, the best day !

i really hope that we can do this every year, cause it is so much fun, no words can describe how great it was. only joining another baraan will be able to create the same feeling again. well, that's what I feel lah.