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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Short Holiday

hello assalamualaikum

yeah, i just finished my final exam, and alhamdulillah it went well, now all i can hope for is to get great results, InshaAllah

after the exams, me and my friends went out AND we went BOWLING, oh so unbelievable for me.
it's a new experience. it was really great to learn something new, and the greatest part is, u get to throw the big heavy ball with all ur might, it is as if throwing away all the post-exam stress. and not to forget i also got great advice about bowling

straighten ur hands, aim , control breathing , breath in , breath out when throwing the ball, don't throw the ball too hard to avoid pain to the hands.

so here some pictures~
taken : wednesday

the following day, i had a picnic with my bestie at taman tasik shah alam, she's on holiday right now, and i am too, so we planned a simple and quite evening of eating spaghetti by the lake. good food, good view, what more could you ask for.

so here are more pictures
taken : thursday

and last but not least, I MET HAJAR! yeay,
such a sweetheart she is for spending her precious time to come to shah alam and eat with me,
its the first time hajar evr ate prosperity burger, so i just had to snap some pictures
and that day is so historical, because for hajar i pushed my limits and boundaries of driving. i am less scared than how i have been before. it felt so great to drive around shah alam with hajar of course

and once again here are some pics~
taken : Friday

so that's how my last few days for the year 2011 was spent
full of sweet memories
may 2012 be as sweet, with His will, InshaAllah.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

life must be strong

hello assalamualaikum,

today i once again want to use my favourite ayah
Althouh they plan, Allah also plans, and Allah is the best of planners
we can never expect what life can bring about to us, all we can do is to be prepared to face the worst and be thankful for the good things. All this time, i always ask from Allah
Tetapkanlah yang terbaik buatku
 and i firmly believe that whatever happens in life, must be good for me, as it Allah who plans it for me.
every cloud must have a silver-lining right ?
i found this quote somewhere, it also relates to how Allah determines what is best for us.
Place your heart in the hands of Allah, and He will place it in the hands of a man who He believes deserve it.
by finding the true love of Allah then we can find our love, and trust me, this way would cause muchmuch less pain than any other way.oh and, i read nisa sahar's blog and she shared a video, which was lovely, and i want to share it too

ok this video is quite long but worth the story~

so that's it,
may Allah bless all of us, keep us straight on His path, and never let us go astray.
be strong! as we always have Allah on our side, but we are the ones who always neglect Him.
May the end or the beginning of everything in our lives be a good one,

for anything that has end badly, and it is due to my own fault, im sorry
for anything that has started well, cherish it.

tett------------------------------ the end lagi-------------------------


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

present and future

hello assalamualaikum

before babbling just want to share a pretty picture

alright my titles are getting more and more nonsense by the day, anywayssssssss, i wanted to write something at home, but suddenly unifi was so NOT on my side, the internet had problems so i couldnt write. THEREFORE, today, i took the time to actually GO to the library so i can acces the internet *i'm so diligent kan ?, hehe*

right now is the short semester in CFSIIUM which is only 2 months, but its almost ending now, meaning that my FINAL EXAM is seriously just around the corner. am i prepared ? no comment. i got my mid semester exam results for physics, and its......... not so good, even my umi says so. so, i have to push myself further to excel in finals. good luck shak~~~

Do not study recklessly even though it is only for mid semester exam
Do not be unprepared
Must study hard and diligently
Most importantly, have passion for what you are studying *nabilah kate belajar kena ikhlas baru berkesan-simplified from her gorgeous post at fb*

what do you think about being a pharmacist ?? i think its okay, my mother think it is okay. BUT, even though she says it is okay, she is still provoking me to go for dentistry, *well she's trying to make me want medic, but i seriously decline* so now her second choice to provoke me is with dentistry, and frankly speaking, I AM TEMPTED~ my umi says i can open a clinic with my brother if i take dentistry, thus making it easier for me to take care of my FUTURE CHILDREN & HUSBAND, kahkahkah *my umi said that, not me* so how about dentistry ??? not bad right ? i will be considering it too. no  matter what i want, still, everything depends on future results, will it reach the necessary pointers required for either pharmacy or dentistry? *hopefully YES lah kan*

so to human beings out there.. BE FIRM WHEN MAKING LIFE-RELATED DECISION. don't rethink about it a dozen of time like i am , it is getting more and more confusing and jumbled up by the day.

next next next, im quite scared and sad, li anna (because) i must re-sit mathematics 1 due to kebocoran soalan yg entah hape laaa. i have not study anything at all. and the exam is quite near (14/1/2012).
i know there must be a silver-lining to this incident, and i hope the silver lining is........ EXTREMELY GREAT RESULTS FOR MATH 1 PAPER AT THE SAME TIME INCREASING MY POINTER. hehehe
inshaAllah, with His will.
may all of us always be grateful with His plans for us , coz His plan is the best of all plans

to friends,
as always, i miss u all extravagantly
and CONGRATULATIONS to those who got incredibly great results
u guys are so SUPERB LAH!
bangga saya- keep on being great!

that is all---- i will be back------tettt-----------------------------