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Sunday, November 27, 2011



oh bloggy cutiee, miss u xtremely much! therefore i must redeem all the time ive been away from bloggy to write an awesome and great piece of post.

so firstly, i promised to share some RAYA HAJI pictures, which are like so out dated right now, because raya haji has passed us like weeks ago, yet a promise is still a promise,, so here.............
 yum2, this our food, laksa, nasi himpit, cakes
 my cute niece
the ladies

other pictures,, errr un-share-able hahaha

by the wayyyy, last week i went to KKNC< USIM, yeah,, it was so fun, no joke, i had loads of fun, even though waiting for hajar to arrive was such agony. my sweet intan payung wanted to go too, so it was perfect. both of us, me and intan, were so psyched to just be ON THE WAY to usim. to arrive there was like,, unbelievable! im traveling far *quiet far* with my friends, using assorted public transports. obviously i rarely go out. ahaks *mmg pun*
at usim, it was great too, the house is oh-so-gargantual compared to the small typical CFS room, jealous much *of course*
and the best part is, i get to spend loads of time with hajar, yanie, and amna ♥♥♥ and i also got the chance to meet insyirah and ad, (i dont know her full name *badbadbad*)
it was really tiring, but i was so satisfied! i can't potray how much i enjoyed the trip.

and this weekend, i went to ipoh, so me and my brother got boring, so we went around ipoh taking pictures and getting lost,, and im not lying when i say it was fun getting lost,anyways we went for just 24 hours,so nothing much to do.
here are some pictures
 view from the hotel room (syuen hotel)
 masjid india + my ugly face
 the court!
 our map to these places (first time using a map, no wonder we got lost )
 J.W.W Birch Memorial
 Syuen Hotel
 Dewn bandaraya ipoh
 samir gedik

 fulfilling my mother's request *jumping straight* (stesen keretapi)
 he wants to jump too, let him be
 ETS, (electrical train service)

 last shot : sharifahshakirah


Saturday, November 5, 2011

hello, assalamualaikum.

sadly thinking, i think i'm quite slow. i just choose to ask a lot of questions, cause i can't really grip the tiny details of an information.
simply said, i guess some times people just get tired of answering my questions. that is really sad.
kinda feel like i'm a stupid slow kid that even when people talk to me its like they are talking with very little pieces of patience left, so it seems like they don't want to talk to me.
i'm not stupid laa, but i might misinterpret the way i am treated
lately la im feeling this way, maybe its because of the holidays which made my brain less focused to details.

do you understand this messed up explanation ?

as usual, i turn to Allah, may He guide His humble servant to become more positive, and grateful towards the great things owned, rather than just complaining about other things. Aamin.


next, selamat hari raya aidiladha everyone,
this year's raya haji extra MERIAH.
maybe because of the amount of food cooked.
*marble cake, semolina cake, cookies,trifle,laksa johor, nasi himpit, rendang ayam sambal kacang, mash potato, kcg foul*
and also because my house is now the kampung for my married brothers

i'll share some pictures later ^_^


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


hello assalamualaikum,

or should i say byebye. im going back to CFS IIUM today
am i sad? not really, just not quiet ready yet to return~
am i lazy? yeah i guess the lazy part of me has developed throughout the holidays

but above all that negativity, a still have some love for yah (CFS IIUM)
i am actually a wee bit excited to meet my friends and get to know my new roommates.woohoo!

so here i come CFS. i'll be back and be ready to tackle physics!
ur going down physics! yeah, im gonna master u like i never did before!!

oops, i overdosed some spirit there, but heyy! sometimes we need a little something something to push us to go somewhere somewhere beyond our imagined or thinkable abilities
ITS A FACT : a little push helps a long wayy, no kidding *well at least for me lah kan*

so dear beloved bloggy
byebye ♥♥♥