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Saturday, September 17, 2011

dont be judgemental, SERIUOSLY dont!

dont be judgemental??

why? coz i hate judgemental people

sorry if im being too honest , but it is the bitter truth,

i dont understand why people must judge us by the way we appear,

i mean its fine to judge quietly to urself, in ur heart, but there is no need to show ur judgement through actions, thats just unfair,

the particular person u judged doesnt even know why the heck are u treating her in a awkwardly plastic yet not so nice manner,

gosh!! be real lahh, thats so rude,, if u have a problem with that particular person, why dont u just say it, or if ur even nicer, take an effort to change that particular person to become a better person,

however a person may look on the outside, u can never know how they are in the inside,, let me serve u with some examples

have u ever met the sweetest, most nicest girl ever who is just o extremely polite and helpful but she's sexy and dyes her hair and wears triple earrings n black apparel with heavy eyeliner? judging by her appearance, would u ever guess that she is extremely nice and sweeter than u could ever be?

rather than judging her n treating her rudely, why dont we get close n be friends with her while trying to help her change? isnt that much better

i mean,, nowadays, people care too much about standards and classes, what the heaven lahh?? uncivilized n unsociable GILAA,

people only treat other people nicely when
1 they are the same standard
2 or the person is beneficial to them
3 or they are forced to treat nicely *an act
4 look alike, as in same way of dressing up,

exmple for number 4, ak nk ckp mlayu jgk!
ade tak org sexy gila nak tegur orang pakai tudung labuh and vice versa?

this is all bcoz of judgemental,
judgemental to others
n judgemental to ourselves

oh man, im also judgemental, so i kinda hate this in myself

JUDGEMENTAL, delete delete, ayoyoyoyo,, please let me delete it.

sorry for any inappropriate stuff,
i just can help myself,
d├Ánt judge me through this, please,