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Saturday, August 27, 2011

ramadhan activities

hello and assalamualaikum,,

what i thought to be a plain ramadhan turned out to be a great2 month, UIA is quite fun for ramadhan,, eventhough i  break fast with two of my roommates only *usually,, but sometimes we have big gigantic iftar and we eat in TALAM,, LOVE IT! here are some pictures of my class iftar,, NASI BRIANI! yumy,

 this is my classmate, hajar and mirash!
 6 pair of hands in one TALAM, barakah~~
finished! alhamdulillah.

other than my class iftar, we also had a level iftar,,my room is at level 5, so all the residents of level 5 was invited for the iftar at the level's lobby, once again we ate in talam. the lobby was packed! of course lah, the food was free, haha.

this ramadhan i also made new friends and met old friends at JALAN TUANKU ABDUL RAHMAN, jeng3!

my new friends is ALIA and LIN
*teselit pulak aja kt tgh, sebok je*

 actually i don't really have a lot to write about, my mind is blank,, all i want to say is,, that day,, when we went out together with HAJAR YANI YANA LIN ALIA was really really really fun, another collection of sweet memory

Saturday, August 13, 2011


hello assalamualaikum, are you wondering what i mean by double r, well then, just continue reading my dear friends

the first R is,, emmm, errr, i guess it's not too late for me to talk about RAMADHAN,

yes,, marhaban ya ramadhan, it seems like we have all been given the chance to meet ramadhan this year, and alhamdulillah, we have gone through almost half of ramadhan, i hope each and every one of us has gain a lot of benefits from the first half of ramadhan~~

but, as we all know, Ramadhan is not far from ending, and the last 10 days of ramadhan is coming, the most rewarding night, is in one of the last 10 days of ramadhan, so lets check our iman, refuel it, recharge it, and start the engine, and speed to the highest limit so that we can gain something meaningful from Allah swt this Ramadhan.

i was reading a book today, and the book i really GREAT! and it made me feel hat i am such a humble slave to Allah swt, i have nothing,
i am extremely jealous to those who see the sweetness of iman and can actually feel it,
i envy those who can always put Allah and iman first as it is always in their mind,
i wish i could push away my hawa' and satan's whisper so that i can enslave myself fully to Allah.

but i guess there are some things that i lack in myself, which needs to be improved
my biggest problem is, the UPs and DOWNs of iman,
sometimes i feel very near to HIM, n the sentence hasbunallahhuwani'malwakil becomes so sweet,
but other times, i feel vulnerable and lost without guidance, and i myself put myself in that situation.

may Allah guide us always, may HIS hidayah be apart of our life, may we feel halawatul iman~~~

wokeh! that is the first R, and i can see that i drove off the topic a bit, but who cares, its my blog lah. u like it u read, u dont like it, so what? haha

the second R is...................... guess3???
RESULTS!!! yup, mid sem exam results are in, but not all, at least i know all the marks for core courses.

yeah, i guess i've done quite well. not excellent, yet not bad, my mother says im doing well, i hope that is true
cause, i feel quite down as there are a lot of people to compete with, everyone is freakishly smart.

 what the heaven ? haha *adapted from sir chemistry, sir ismail cute!

in my class there are only 4 girls out of 19 taking the 1 year programme, so? i am suppose to score quite higher lah to make it through this programme, but my score is average, im not sad, but im just scared of what my family thinks,

they kinda have the idea that i am a very smart student, so they have high expectations, and im afraid if i might not fulfill those expectations,

hokeyhh! oooemmjayyy~~ *omg (gediks giler) i didnt expect to write this long, but heck yeahh! it feels great to write,
 love u bloggy for being a medium for me to share
love who reads, coz u spend ur time reading my humble blog

love love love, spread love, n u'll be happym inshaAllah