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Saturday, May 28, 2011

last day~

slowly, im inhaling the fact that this my last day at home, hey, i guess the feeling is'nt that bad, actually i feel some sort of peace, tranquil and serene feeling, what is this? do i love leaving home? or is it the fact that UIA is an inch away from home that makes me at peace~

deeply in my soul i believe  that i love the life of being away from home, seriously, i have always loved hostel more than home,, but i love my home more than i love school though, haha.

the thought of making new friends is so exhilarating, I'd like that so much, i haven't been socializing much through these last 5 months of holiday.

BUT, *now i hate but's* the idea of getting friends that would lead me the wrong way kind of pushes away the happy thoughts of new friends

hey, through it all, i know i have Allah with me, so whatever happens is just something that will past, and im sure that everything that will happen is going to have a meaningful goodness hidden beneath it.
i put all my faith and trust in Allah,

the comments that una left for me really opened my eyes,
those words are the main reason and source of my tranquility now.

una's comment >>>>>

shakirah~~ my brother said to me "kamu pegi nanti nak blaja.niat dalam hati tu hari2 ingat nak blaja..seminggu kamu ada 160 lebih jam..pastikan sparuh drpdnya utk ibadah kamu dgn Allah supaya dunia akhirat kamu adil..blaja tu ibadah..means 80 jam lebih kamu kena ibadah pada Allah" and now I want to say the same things to you..put your trust to Allah SWT!! (^~^)

that is the comment she left for me, thank you so much! i know for sure that i have a really great great friend. im proud to have known her, and to be her friend,

you know what? i just realized something new about myself, short simple sentence filled with wisdom effects me the most rather than long lengthy articles.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

gold words of fath n biel~

hello assalamualaikum,,,

dugdap dugdap dugdap dugdap~ can u feel my heart beat? hahahahahahahahah

mood : unbelievable,,, almost Sunday!! almost gonna go through that gate!

so, the main point here is i was, and i guess i still am freaking out,, but hey, i think that's normal, *it's normal right?* a bunch of fighting comrade has already entered a new life in university, so basically they kind of advised me without really giving any advice, they were like telling me stories,, and i was like,. "oh really, ok2, I'll remember to do that, to be that, to bring that and so on "

last week nabilah and muneera slept at my house, so they were telling me about,, how we have to be so independent, have to find our own food, learn to take buses and a bunch more stuff. nabilah is the kind of person that easily blends in and adapt to new situations, she's great! that's why she is doing all fine and well at intec
so that is noted, thanks biel, i believe i can be independent *i hope so*

i text-ed fath and she told how boring the orientation week was, but it is a very great time to get to know people, especially those in the same course as she is, she told me to smile a lot and get to know people at every chance i get. fath said she talk to people even during the time they were lining up , she's such a friendly and independent person. thank u fath! i will do my best and talk a lot as i usually do, hahaha


Friday, May 20, 2011

tour of memory lane

hello assalamualaikum,

i have been longing to make a post just about my lovely friends,, but never got the chance [malas sebenarnye] but i  suddenly have the urge to write about it,, because, this is it, we are totally going on our own path,, to other states,, even other countries, we are all  putting up our future,, so friends, i love you, i miss you, and i wont ever forget you. [nak nangis tak?,hehe]

first and foremost is the friend that led me all through my years in secondary school, ur amazing.

yes, it is hajar. we don't really have a history of how we met, it just happened, we suddenly walked together, little did i know she was the person that would wipe my tears, fight my fears and always ready to lend an ear.
in my opinion, me & hajar were very romantic, haha, we would always write letters to each other, juts a small simple cute note and sometimes a lengthy letter.  i remember a moment when i was going for a debate competition, she gave me a star and a small note of good luck,,*sweet much* it always felt easy to tell her everything,, so she knows everything,, she has a closet of my secrets closed tightly in her mind. me n hajar, to me,, we are totally opposite each other,  she is more freakishly silly, while i'm a wee bit near to maturity than she is, *no offense* hehe. but hey, despite the difference, we complete each other, we were in the same class for 5 years, sat next to her for 3 years, and alhamdulillah, i never get tired of her. maybe it's because the silly activities we do during the sleepy times, there was one  time during f3, when we both slept together with pur books up while ustz md noh was teaching. during f4 we played "eraser fight" like all the time,, haha and f5 we just ate A LOT, but through all of this she is a really really good friend, i could never imagine of getting a better friend, hajar ur the best friend that a friend could ever asked for.
hajar will be going to USIM on 1st june

next is my dear, partner for life, dreamt sister, mira. we've known each other forever, i do mean FOREVER. our memories go way back to the days of wearing pampers, haha. she's been there through my whole life, i am just oh so grateful to have her,, i'd be totally lonely without her, as i said she is like a sister to me,, all our school holidays were spent together,, yeah we had some of our ups and down, but nothing changed, every time i'm with her,, i do silly things that i dont dream of ever doing, running home from the market through the rain wearing ugly yellow plastic covers, that is my favourite memory, haha. conclusion, i can't live without her,, haha. mira will register tomorrow at UITM

amira ashikin, is my baby little friend, she is spoilt, i feel so matured around her, me and shikin met during f1, we were in the same dorm,, but after that until f5, we were never the same dorm, class or prep table. but we were always best friend, eventhough we rarely chat, she still shares her problem with me through letters. and we had a habit since f2, that we don't really realize, everytime after balik kampung, she would visiti me at my dorm, or i wil visit her at her dorm,, the main thing is,, we must see each other, confirmed HABIT! haha
shikin will register monday at MATRIX PERLIS

my beloved biela has already went to INTEC on wednesday, and dear2 fath will be registering at UITM tomorrow,,,

guys i miss u so much

*yes,, it  is getting shorter, coz i'm getting lazier, sorry~ *

Thursday, May 19, 2011

happy birthday nadia~

yahhh,, today is the little girl's birthday, yup3, the one next to me, but now she is at school and she is also going through her midyear exam, i dont feel like wishing her at facebook, so Happy birthday little one~!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

my decision,,

hello assalamualaikum,

yes,, it has been a while since the last time i  posted in my blog, i just got really lazy, and everytime i wanted to write i would say to myself "how about do this tomorrow?" and the same thing i say to myself everyday, so im not saying it anymore today, it is just delaying me from sharing an important part of my life with my beloved blog, hahahah. yes blog, i love you, muah! *kinda crazy right now, caused by : stress*

so today, is the day, i am, sharing with you, MY DECISION

so so so so so
after thinking a lot through this whole week, and with guidance from HIM, i chose iium to be the path of my life
i am confident with my decision, and hey it is rare for me to be confident with my decision.

*oh it's a sign! i am mature now! haha*

so,  IIUM, here i come on the 29th of may.
im FREAKING out right now, because the ta'aruf week of IIUM consists of 4 TESTS, it is the first week and there is already 4 TESTS, goshhh, can i do it??? *wondering*

two of the test will determine how long i will be studying at the foundation, 2 semesters or 4 semesters?
so i better wake up from this long, long long long long holiday and start studying english and arabic,,,

*adoyai, malasnye, i need motivation~*

  i can't believe i am about to be a university student in less than two weeks,, oHH, iM fREaKIn OUT agAIN!

so friends wish me luck, pray for me,
i  will always pray for all of you~
♥ u,


Sunday, May 8, 2011

confusing mother's day? haa?

well,, happy mother's day to my dearest umi~ u r the bestEST mom in the whole wide world,,
i guess everyone else would say their mother is the best in the whole wide world,,
but just so you know,, my mom is still the best,, my mom wins!! lalalala,, haha

so what the heck is confusing my jumbled up mind right now?
OBVIOUSLY, its not about mother's day~
if u thought so,,
the case right now is.....
the problem that im facing is....
well,, i just don't know where to go,,

i,, only have two choices where both are rather uninviting to me..
it is either the scary, hard and tough matrix  at perlis   OR
the boring and uninteresting allied health science in UIA

both stated above has its benefits,, so its hard to choose!
help please,
i can clearly see the road of my future
but once i take a step forward. it is BLURRRR

walking in a dark alleyway all alone,, you know there is a road,, in fact ur sure to be walking on that road,, but the problem is,, its to dark to see,, where are u heading??? goshh! that's just scary,

all i want is the light in the dark road to be turned on [ u better turn on the lights man]
i just need to see the road,, waaa!! this is just so hard

do u actually understand all the metaphors im talking about? haha
- quite confusing, just like the twisted neurons in my brain.

i am just hoping for a guide from The Most Merciful Allah ..
may all of us be guided by Him to the right track,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

dug dap, dug dap

hello,, assalamualaikum

oh my dear blog, how i missed you, i am now at my brothers house so i rarely use the internet,,
its not that i am not allowed, its just that, im not used to using other people's stuff regularly,,
so i try to use it as rarely as possible,, hehehe

but hey,,
here i am today,, writing nervously,, why the heck am i so nervous? well,,
tomorrow is the day, the results of upu,, the destiny of my future,, it all depends on tomorrows result,,
so yeah! i am scared to death and i am recklessly nervous.

*berfikir sejenak*  [ T_T blurr saja]

i really hope to get what i want,,
i do have problems in making decisions,, but the decision i made for UPU was something that i was suddenly ,, kind of out of the blue,, really sure about,, i was confident in making the decision of choosing PHARMACY as my first choice, but hey,, even i dont know if that is what i will do in the future.

nothing is for sure,, so for now..
just have faith in HIM,, and pray that he will give us what is best for us.
let HIM decide what is best for us,
nvm little bumps along the way of the road ahead of us,, just go for it,, and make the little bumps as a motivation for us to go forward,

so YOSH SHAK!!! u can do it!

babble babble babble, is that all i can do,, hahaha

p/s  FIN,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

a melancholic girl

study shows women are more likely to experience melancholy rather than men

Causes of melancholy for women

  • divorce and the feeling of being overwhelmed with failure, and being a social outcast
♥however, women may see divorce as no more than one of those experiences in the school of life, from which she can walk out with more knowledge and confidence.in fact it is a new opportunity for her to start planning to step into the world of marriage again with new thoughts, yet now with an unforgettable experience
  • ill
♥treatment by the immediate family,the relatives or the husband
  • inability to adapt to changes and lack of faith in god and in destiny
♥ Allah's statement
    " no kind of calamity can occur, except by the leave of Allah: and if anyone believes in Allah ,(Allah) guides   his heart (aright): for Allah know all things "
Prophet PBUH said :

"whoever accepts Allah as a god, and islam as a religion, and Muhammad as a messenger, will definitely be rewarded by paradise"

so a girl should be pleased with god, and understand that everything which happens is from Him, and that He is the Most High, the Most Knowledgable

let destiny flow as preordained,
and never sleep with worries in mind;
and never moan in case of pain,
but sleep with an empty mind,
and no concern;
for at a wink of an eye,
Allah can alter a case from a state into another.

  • period of adolescence itself, with its physical and psychological transformations
  • the mistakes and sins, women cast a shadow over their heart n afflict the soul
♥ the remedy for this is AL-QURAN
"Say: o my servants who have transgressed against their souls, despair not of the mercy of Allah"

from hadith qudsi
" o my servants, you err day and night, but I forgive all sins: so ask Me for forgiveness so that i can forgive you"

so sooth urself regularly with quran and prayers until ur grief completely vanishes.

women by nature is more emotional and melancholic. this is due to the many shocks she recieves in life.

but women also respond positively to happiness.

read o sweet daughter who suffers from distress the book 
Da'i al-Qalaq wa Ibda-i al-Hayah [ leave anxiety behind, and set out on life],
and learn how to make life sweeter. And keep the book 
La Tahzan [don't be sad] by 'aid al-Qarni,
by u as a traveling companion.