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Thursday, April 28, 2011

got what i wanted

hellooooo,,the results of MATRICULATION are IN!!!

  • Which matriculation did u get?
i got my first choice, which is,, KMP-kolej matrikulasi perlis
  •  Were u nervous while checking?
so nervous and anxious but with slight,,eh no no.. with over excitement
  • Do you really want this place or u wish you were somewhere else?
yeah,, i do want this place,, duh, that is why i placed it as my first choice and i dont wish to be anywhere else
  • Are you scared?
scared?  huh not at all *im lying* yeah i am a little scared to be oh so far from home,, however i do have a bunch of relatives there,, so im fine,, they even got a warung,, so i can pau my breakfast for freeeee~ hahaha *kidding*
  • When is ur registration?
my registration is on the 23rd of mei,, kind of early don't u think, it's less then a month from nOW!!!!
  • What program did you get?
i got PROGRAM SATU TAHUN,, is there any other program than that?? 
  • What course did you get?
the course that i have been assigned to,,*poyo gila* is M001-sains [like i can get any other course,haha]
  • Are you happy?
    happy? quite happy coz i got where i wanted, and i know DAYAH, SHIKIN, NAJAN my beloved friends is gonna be there with me
    • Does your family knows yet?
    err,,, emm,, no they don't know yet, but i'll be telling them later,, hehehe by the way,,

    p/s : my brother walid also used to go to this matriculation,,, and he was absolutely excellent, and now he is     almost getting a hold of his degree in engineering at UTM, i hope to be like him as in excellent, not become an engineer.haha

    Monday, April 25, 2011

    study or jalan? BOTH!!

    hello, assalamualaikum,

    first and foremost, i am totally FREAKIN OUT!! why? coz,, matrix , university and so whatever other bunch of big people stuff is just around the corner~ waaaa!

    and yeah, reality just hit me today, to realize that i am not a kid, i am a grown up [yeah,totally*haha] and i am about to face all those grown up things that all my life i've been saying "that's a long way to go and reach"
    but now i am here, unBELIEVABLE!

    so, suitable with my freakin out mode, i decide to *jeng3* start studying [just a little wee bit *i guess*]
    and the only book i am interested to open is my old, and ugly EVERYTHING book, and the DICTIONARY,,
     so i want to share some simple words that i would love to practice using it daily [if i can lahh*haha*]

    • nonchalant : tidak peduli
    • moribund : hampir mati
    • mercenary : bekerja semata utk upah
    • lass/lassie : budak perempuan
    • wee : kecil/sedikit
    • comrade : kawan/rakan
    • condemn : mengutuk/menyalahkan
    • provoke : menghasut/mengusik/mengacau
    so,lets use these words, simple but not our daily lingo,

    ************************** second part of post*********************

    yeah!! i went to bukit cerakahhhh! i rode a bike!! it was so fun,, i had so much fun
    and we had a picnic too, which was even more gorgeous,

    firstly me n mira rode the bike all over around bukit cerakah

    then the sun came up and it was really , really HOT!

    so we sat by the pool, the blue pretty pool, the pool that i wish to dive in

    and we had a fiest of fried rice made by mira and junkfood

    yeah, of course i made something tooo,, but it was too delicious  that it was the first thing to finish,, hahah,, i made my delicious and scrumptious ROTI PUDING, haha

    and lalala

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    So beautiful to be near to HIM

    firstly,, want thank una,, for being my 6th follower~ and congrats in finding my blog,, haha

    JUST yesterday i was wondering about how long since i've heard a TAZKIRAH, and i was kind of craving to hear some,, really miss the old school days where you can get tazkirah everyday, even just a wee of it,, but it was all meaningful and great

    so, because of my craving i decided to sign myself up for a friendly comparing religion, saw the add at una's FB,, once again thank you una~ haha

    but that is whatever,, i'll share the story once i go to the program lah,

    today i want to share about how down i felt, i felt like a big huge gigantic and enormous burden fell on my shoulder, i was not feeling good at all,, i was already getting furious in the morning,, which is so not good, then in the evening my heart was all gloomy and dark,, so sad,, *poyo je

    but then,, i stumbled upon a beautiful sentence that was brought up by fath at our blog, i was so easily touched by it,,

    [Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us).]

    una and fath both explained the sentence wondefully to me,, i now i get it,, in whatever i do,, i don't have to expect to much from people around, allah alone is sufficient for me,, HE is the one that will support me in all times of woe. thank you so much fath and una for allowing me to learn this sentence, and for really touching my heart. it is so beautiful to be nearer to allah, it feels so great to be near to allah,

    this is MY TRUE LOVE

    fath's words
    tp ALLAH?? yerr..allah lah yg sentiasa menyokong kite..ade sesetengah masalah yg xmampu kite selesai kan? 
    oleh itu...ucaplah hasbunallah hu wani'mal wakil.

    una's words
    dlm hati btul2 ingat Allah je yg akn bantu ak..tak der org lain o makhluk lain..o hamba lain yg dapat bantu ak..kne yakin betul2 yg Allah je sbgi wakil yg akn tlg n bantu kite hambanyer.bce ayat ni HASBUNALLAHWA'NI'MALWAKIL,, NI'MAL MAULAWANI'MANNASIR..400X..n the result??haha..sgt berhasil

    uhibbuki fillah abadan abada, 
    may our friendship last till we reach heaven together.
    love u guys,, and hope to get reminded always of HIS power and presence in our lives

    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    jealous much!

    tonight i realize something very VERY very important, english is a really big and important thing,, people say im good,, well they are wrong, i'm just average for all i know. i have stumbled into a blog of a third former student.now her english is great and superb english. oh how i love all her posts,, its just because how she can use BIG n bombastic words perfectly in each her post, plus, her posts always have a very deep meaning,, i do adore her writing and take her as an artist in crafting words, a genius in producing masterpiece essays, and a dancing soul that can make my heart beat in excitement through her phenomenal way of writing

    maybe to everyone else she is plain, and her writing is plain, but to me she is amazing. adore you little one.

    have a look at her blog and see for urself the wonder and joy of readings words expressed from her heart artistically. once again i say "ur great"

    * http://shahanin-ismail.blogspot.com/

    and hey,, im jealous of her,, so much.
    may i steal her brain please? pretty please?

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    graduation! party! birthday!


    -graduation day
    -smka simpang lima

    i had the time of my life,, and i never felt this way before,, and i swear this is true~ and i owe it all to YOU
    [YOU, as in allah swt, parents, bffs, sweet juniors, best teachers, great wardens, beloved hostel, and gogeous school]

    thank you so much!!

    umi , abah, this one's for u *they dont even read this blog, hahah*

     my dream came true,, to wear the jubah,, to go up there,, to smile oh so happily,,~
     with my nice good smart brother~ nabil,, ur my idol!

    syok sgtt cemerlang with bff duh!

    9/4/11 - 10/4/11

    -wild party
    -rumah nabilah

    it was totally the best night ever since finishing SPM! love you all for maikng it special for me



    -18th birthday
    -at work

    nothing happened actually, haha,, the special thing was i took care of the babies all day long,, what a good calm and nice birthday

    BTW, i got tonnes of wishes from my friends~ thank you so much for wishing,, for remembering,, and for being such sweet and great friends

    big thanks to shikin for a wonderful video,, loved it!!


    -hungry at home

    shakirah : samir,, shakirah nak masak nasi ni,, samir nak x?
    samir : takde bende lain ke nak masak?
    shakirah : nak bende lain buat sendiri lahh
    samir : cmni lahh,, kite kluar makan kat luar nk..
    shakirah : nak3!! jom!!!

    after finished eating

    shakirah: kenyang gila
    samir : aisy,, jgn lah dulu, samir ade order lagi satu ni
    shakirah : alaaah,, tipu je,, mane ade samir order pape da,, shakirah x nampak pun
    samir : kita bet, kalau ade, shakirah bagi samir rm10, kalau xde samir bagi shakirah ok?
    shakirah : xde hal

    confidently and blankly i made a bet with my brother

    suddenly,,,,,,,, there was a voice behind my back singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY and bringing a cake,,, awwww,,, totally touched,, baiknya samir!!

    i think i never had a birthday cake before,, soooo thank you samir for giving me a birthday cake that i never had but always wanted,


    -umi is home

    presents from umi~

     two bags *gigantic white one and *cute orange one
    love both!
    oh, and a pink shirt
    btw, kak epy from work gave me a pink purse as i am about to stop working
    thank you kaka epy!

    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    the first TRIP! ♥

    assalamualaikum warahmatullahhi wabarakatuh,

    now,, is the time,, for me,, to share,, the best,, moment of,, my long long long holiday, which is,, the time,, i went out,, with,, my beloved,, FRIENDS!


    the MINES,~

    so,, me,, shikin,, fath,, biela,, hajar

    me shikin n fath went a bit earlier lahh,, by 12 we were already there,, at the MINES~ wee *syok abis!*
    so we went on to the karnival first,, i mean like,, how long can we wait for aja n biel.. better w go in first so when they come,, we just lead them the way,, right?? *huh alasan semata kott,*

    while waiting,, we KIND OF bumped in into some of our firends from sg besar too~,, oh so so so glad to meet them, totally miss themm,, syera, jijah, amena, zatiram, ♥

    so sweeeeeetttt,,,

    so we finished talking a bit,, or maybe more than a bit,, well i guess we chatted quite a lot,,, before me shikin n fath continued our journey in the carnival,, after we finished.. we were just in time to meet up with them again,, while they were eating though,, haha,, but so what,, as long as we meet up!

    and not long after that~~~~ aja N bell ARRIVED,, oh happy times,, so we went once again to the carnival for the sake of aja n bell,,

    talking about the future?? WITH STYLE i guess, haha

    then then then,, we ate!! yum2,,, we ate at KENNY ROGERS ROSTER,, which is extremely delicious and oh so expensive for students like us~ wahaha,, BUT,, fortunately,, we have the gorgeous biela,, n pretty awesome hajar paying for all the food,, which cost MORE THAN A HUNDRED LA WEYHH!!

    sodap GILA!! ahahaha

    so i totally had so much fun meeting up with themm we chat a lot and just you know,, think about the future,, or as me and shikin would like to put it as day-dreaming *haha, berangan saja*

    but that was not the end of this journey,, what kind of a journey would it be if we don't have a special souvenier to remind us of the DAY,the PLACE, the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED,, right?? betol gila en~

    we found a cute shop,, that only sells cute things,,, and so we bought a cute fan,, that suits us very well as we are very cute too~~ wahahaha

    woops,, kantoi pulak harga~ haha

    so i went home with fath n shikn by LRT,, pergh!! first time going on LRT all by myself.. eventhough it was just one station lahh,, hahaha

    love yah my TEAM!!

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    bread pudding**!


    last week ,, i really wanted something sweet to eat,, but i was totally lazy,, so thought hard of something simple to do.. and WAlLLAAAAA,, it hit me,, this pudding is so easy, just put some=

    milk *skati lah susu cair ke pekat ke susu kotak..*

    dont worry about the quantity,, cause u can put as much as anything.. make it how you want it to be.. want it to be oh so soft,, than dont put too much bread,, but  believe me, to much egg is a bad choice

    i only used 1 egg,, and 4 and a half bread,, the other stuff i just add in happily without even taking any consideration of the quantity.. i just tasted it before putting it in the oven

    and hey. people usually put it in a big baking pan,, but i did not make much.. and i dont have any small pans.. so i put it in a muffin pan.. so my pudding is quite cute.. haha

    baking it is also up to u.. i just wait until its quite golden,, and HEY!,, there u have it..

    here are some pictures~

     so pretty right?? hehe * saja nak tarik perhatian anda2 suruh buat jugak!

    *eat when its still hot is the BEST!