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Thursday, March 31, 2011

can't wait!

assalamualaikum.. hey hey

tomorrow is a new month people!! APRIL already.. i can't believe i havent gone to school for so long.. unbelievable GILA,, hahaha,, but that's the truth,,, by the way,, i can't wait to see my friends this saturday! yeyeah! alhamdulillah allah has make it an easy journey for each and everyone of us to meet up.. so yeay! to that,, hehehe.. but before all that,, i really REALLY REALLY hope that i will get my paycheck by tomorrow,, lah,, of course i need money to go eventhough biell promised treat us kenny rogers,, hahaha,, YUM!

so im looking forward to getting my MONEY!
and looking forward to see my buddies!!

btw,, tomorrow is the last day for cik fatin zulaikha,, which is one of my friend at the taska!! i will miss you tin!! waa~ i have no one my age anymore after this,, arghh!! cant wait to stop working!!! aaaaahhhhh!

that's it for now,, promise to post about my journey on this saturday!


Monday, March 28, 2011

looklooklook =) *btk GILA ni*

just took it today!! eventhough the photo is quite ugly,, but hey.. what do i care.. i have a licence  lah! can't wait to have official permission from family to drive,, and ONE DAY,,, I will be happily road travelling with my girlss ;aja;fath;biel;ckin; =) =) =)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

competent driving license , S.P.M {jeng3!!} *drum rolls!!

hello ^_^ assalamualaikum

fuh!, totally a busy week for me.. but everything was totally worth it
, i was actually rushing preparing my self for the parents n teachers discussion but my head cant stop thinking of the spm results that was to come and i almost forgot  that i also had a JPJ test coming up..

STOP!! too much to think about *glad that is over though~ haha*

so,, i went on with the week schedule just hoping for the best,, so on monday i finished all the children's file. that night i was thinking about the JPJ test on tuesday,, all i knew was i could not fail once again,, failing once is enough but to fail twice,, that is not acceptable..

alhamdulillah,, there was no grey cloud bothering my day,, everything went well.. and you know what?? I HAVE A LICENCE TO DRIVE~!!! i can drive man~ i PASSED,, feels oh so GREAT..
thanks so much jpj tester for passing me through and saving me from the shame of failure.. hehehe thank you, thank you!


so that was great news for me,, 

then i went home and i was thinking. oh no~ results TOMORROW! though thinking of that i still had a good night sleep~ hehe. but,, i woke up quite early, nervous?? totally - excited?? of course - blurr? yeah,, a little bit. on the way to school.. my heart was racing faster than a formula 1 car.. seriously.. i had butterflies in my stomach,, i keep texting with my friends to get the LATEST NEWS UPDATE,, so once the results was out at 12,, i was already at sekinchan.. but u know,, hajar,, she couldnt wait for me could she? she totally blabbed out my results on the phone.. and i was like,, "HAJAR!!" but ,, what's done is done,, i was still going to get my results anyway. so im fine..

once again,, alhamdulillah,, allah has granted my prayers to achieve excellent results. i know its not straight a's but HEY, im fine with it,,

peekabooo~!! hehe

do u want to know? do u really want to know my dream?
comecomecome take a peek~

can you see it.. the 3 sentence word.. its a bit blurr,,
let me clarify you the words "MEMAKAI JUBAH ANUGERAH"
yeyeah!! that's what im talking about..
*eh,, eventhough pakai jubah, still terfikir nak pakai baju ap eh pegi nanti.. haha* {monolog si gedik}

Sunday, March 20, 2011

aku sayang kau,,

what a lovely and meaningful sentence,, imagine what these three words could do to a person.

mira came.. as usual,, talking about university and future careers,, also talking about marriages in islam and fasakh stuff,, i don't know why suddenly we were talking about all this. hahaha. quite funny though.
at first mira was quite panicked about her upu id number cause she lost it.. but after the chit chat i guess she
forgot all about it.. glad she is no stressed out anymore..wee~

i also showed her some of the new videos that im really into right now,, and she watched some of her beloved bruno mars song,, then i took her downstairs to eat,, and so we ate,, just simple sambal telur, daun selom, ikan bilis and sambal belacan SAHAJA. but it was yummy,, so i was washing the dishes and i told mira

shak: mira, ko naik lah dulu pegi tgok bruno mars ko, aku nak kemas sikit ni
mira: oke2 ak naik lah ni,, tapi aku nak cakap something dulu,, penting ni
shak: ha,, ap pulak nye nak gtw,, bagitahu lahh

[while walking and smiling, she said]
mira: aku sayang ko,, hehe

then she went upstairs and i was smiling,, just  happy to know that someone loves yah~!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

life ??

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.

wow!! love love love this quote,, it really digs deep into the meaning of life,, life is EVERYTHING and we juat have to go for it.

emm,, actually i just wanted to share my life for half of this week.. it is quite BORING~~~ haha
it is the school holidays,, so i dont have to teach at the nursery for this whole week,, i just have to watch out for them,, n do you know how boring it is to have a bunch of kids with you but having nothing to do.. i could die of boredom,, haha,,but not many kids show up anyway,, most of them went on a holiday.. argh~~ JEALOUS,,
i keep sleeping at work,, from monday till today,, i sleep with the kids in the afternoon,, oh such wonderful nap time... i dont even care what the others would think.. haha..

n there is a few thing that i am very2 scared about..

on MONDAY there is going to be parent-teacher day at the nursery,, i have to meet my childrens parents and talk to them about my children's development,, *i'm thinking where should i even  start, what should i say,, haha,, so i decided to tell a bunch off good things about  their child b4 getting into the naughty parts,, GREAT IDEA~! haha
on TUESDAY i have my JPJ test,, waa~ so scared,, im scared of being panic or too nervous or anything that can make my heart beat so fast and eventually loose my focus,, please be a good day and a nervous-free day.
i want to passs with flying colours SERIOUSLY and BADLY want it!!
on WEDNESDAY is the freakish scary day OF THE YEAR,, it is the RESULTS day of SPM 2010..
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~!!!!!!! just thinking about it is making me hard to breathe..

ya ALLAH, give us good results suitable with our hardwork,effort and dilligence,, AAaminn.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

i wonder~?

lately, i have been thinking a lot,, actually it's not lately,, i have been over thinking, n thinking, n thinking my whole life,, but i really take time to reach a decision,, or i don't reach one at all,, haha,,
SO I WONDER,, why is it so hard for me to make a decision???? even the simplest most ridiculous thing is still so hard 4 me,, i guess i just think a lot,, and i think way too far ahead.. haha,,  but,, since the end of my school days i realize that i can't and won't be like this my whole life,, i have to make my own decisions,, whether i have a long time or short time to think about it,, i just have to do it,, im growing up,, life changes, and so do i,, we must change for the better,, adapt with the new surroundings,,

*motivation came from the book
must READ!!!!!!!!![ i strongly promote this book]

NEXT,, now i know it is confirmed ,that the date of spm results is on the 23rd,, fuyoh!! so near,, so scaredd!!
really have to prepare myself, I WONDER what will i get?? redho sje lahh,,

i am also WONDERING where did my slipper go.. i lost it,, i went to work wearing a green and orange croc sandles.. and by the time i wanted to go home,, it was lost,, it is actually my mother's slipper,, so i am feeling guilty,, but what can i do,, it's gone,, i asked everyone and even looked around the whole place,, but it was no where to be found,, such a mystery lahh,,

and one last thing,, i don't get why old friends like to be arrogant, is it so hard just to smile,, eventhough we we were friends during primary school,, what the heck just smile lahh~ *rugi je ak snyum lebar2,, die buat x tw je,, tp bile ak tgo.. bru nk jwb then tros chow,,*
i wonder does it feel good to act like you don't know someone,,?? n being arrogant??
what happened to "smile is sadaqah" n budi bahasa budaya kita"
i dont see that anymore nowadays,
* g psr pn makcik2 d sana lg lahh kerek, x nk snyum lgsung~*

Sunday, March 6, 2011

mail from naBIELa

ohhh,, i 4got to share about what i got from nabilah,, oh so sweet of her to mail it to me..

and i totally love what she gave me,,,

im just OH so touched.. thx so much~

firstly she gave me a card which i kinda ordered,, n you know,, she made it perfectly,, far prettier n better than what i dreamt of,, oh thx so much,,

 let me tell you a little bit about the card,, it is dedicated to our travel group.. wohoo.. me shikin fath aja n biel herself,, mybe we're just dreaming,, but hey,, i still love it!!
that is who the 5 people in the card represents.. loove the colours biel!!

she also gave me a cute NOTEBOOK and a veryveryvery cute turtle~
 this is the gigantic evelope for the card,, haha,,the card is soo BIG and so WORTH IT!!

thx so much!! love yah always biel!! n all of u aja shiq n fath~!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

cuties of mine~

so these are all my little kids.. just as i promised,, but  they are not my kids anymore,, right now im not taking care of them anymore,, waaaa~ quite sad,, now im with the 5 years old,, but they are also so great,, im fine with anything i guess~ hahaha
nvm,, i want to show pictures of my cute 3 years old a.k.a the WONDERFUL GROUP
handsome little ANAS n cutey FAIZ~

faiz again with cool AKiFF

 hyper AFFAN and ELHAM~ waa so cute!!

IRA and ANIS~!!


this is HANIS not crying,, much better,, haha

my babies n me~ haha
love you so much!!