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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

after a while

fuh,, seriously it has been a while since i wrote anything on this blog
lazy? yes
no time? not really, but i'd really love to put it that way
acting bz? oh so true,
so now im just gonna take my time and just TYPE..
ok,, so a lot has been goin on,, n i will tell it all but just briefly heheh

firtsly, DRIVING,
this week is gonna be my last class,,
yes,, i have driven on THE ROAD, theREAL ROAD in klang,, my GOODNESS,, i feel great!
if im okay i will be taking my jpj test by 8 march,, hehehe,,
cant wait!

oh,, it is as fun as ever,, but now i have 10 students under me,, it used to be 9.
the new member is DAMIA,, i will be putting some pictures in,, nut that will be later ok? hehehe, we also held a maulidur rasul celebration which i love so much coz there was so much food, LOVE IT!! hhaha, n just now.. which is today, i went to A FIRE STATION.. wahahahaha,, so boring,, coz i dont get to do anything.. but it was ok,, other than that,, i really enjoy my work.. but i just cant wait to stop which i will do by APRIL.. yeah!!

third, RESULTS
oh,, that is a very hot topic,, everyone is buzzing about the real date of the SPM results, my heart is already on fire with nerves,, im SOOOOO SCARED!! what wil i get? will i live up to expectations? will i get what i want? what will happen after that? did our batch do well? how about my friends?
oh,,my bran is totally crammed with questions,
i heard people say the result is on 28th feb,, and im like NOOO. so i asked my aunt and she said its this thursday,, so unacceptable! no no no..
i dont believe it.. i wont believe it.. lalalal let it go~

fourth, FRIENDS
oh la la,, i miss all of them so much.. but this is destiny,, allah has a better plan than we do right? so i'll just accept it and i promise i wont push anyone just to get to you guys,, i will see you one day when i can do things on my own and others wont be bothered by it.. so be patient.
maybe not on earth,, but just pray we will meet in heaven.
love yah!

i think that is it.,, i will be posting about my LITTLE KIDS, daaa~

Friday, February 11, 2011

by, HAJAR~

hajar made this,, how sweet is she, right?
 thx mdb~

Monday, February 7, 2011


malam ni rase sayu sangat, bace blog sume org rase nk nanges aje.. ak ke yg emosi lebih atau ini satu petanda ape2.. hari ini la,, asek teringat saat kt skolah dulu btpe protected nye aku.. btpe rajinnya aku, btpe kuatnye aku. tp skrg ak rse aku biase je.. ak lmh ke..ak tgok org lain ok je. tp ak rse cm tjunam masuk gaung je.. ak rase kekurgn and aku rase kekosongan gile.. seriously aku rase incomplete tw.. rse x sempurna sgt,, ak nk cikgu~ ak nk ustaz balik~ ak nk surau,, ak nk bilik aku.. ak nak kelas, aku nk blaja, ak nk solat jemaah, aku nk ngaji ramai2, aku nk semue pluang mngumpul pahale tu. buat ramai2 trse jao lebih mudah dari cube usahekn sdiri. Ya Allah., kuatkanlah sharifah shakirah.
aku teringat dulu ade satu saat bile aku pesan kat some of my trusted friends, aku ckp,, tolong jage aku, make sure ak elok je, tp ak sedar sumtig hari ni,, useless je ak ckp cm2.. no one can help me,, xde sape boleh tolong aku slain diri aku sdiri.. dorg x boleh ubah aku.. hanya aku yg mampu. honestly. skrg ni ak xde lah smpi thp jhnm just ak x seperti dulu.. and i want to be the person i was mase skolah dulu.
untung kan siape yg dpt ujian rupenye,, hatinye lagi terbuka dgn Allah, bersyukur jugak aku dalam hidup ni aku pun diuji jugak,, of course ade yg lagi terok dari aku. but aku rase ujian yg aku dapat cukup utk mmbentuk sape aku hari ini, terima kasih Ya Allah, walaupun ksusahn aku yg aku lalui sbnrnye aku x trse sgt, tp melihat ksushn n ksdihan yg mk ak lalui buat ak nmpk sgle-glenye.. btpe mk aku risaukn aku dan ank2nye yg lain walhal hati die sdiri bukn takat tergores tp da robek2, hmmm apelah yg mmpu ak wt nk tolong die. sampai hari ini,, ak cm2 je.. ak xde pn tlong mk aku lagi hadpi ujian die. tp aku tw mk aku kuat n dari die jugaklah aku dapat kekuatan aku. Umi,, shakirah syg umi~be strong eh.
sbnrnye itu je kot nak ckp mlm ni.. just sgt merindui bi'ah wk2 kat asrama dulu.
thank you simpang lima for making me who i am today
SMKASL made a big, huge, gigantic difference in my life

itu saje~
shakirahsaggaf out~!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

chinese new year~


honestly, i thought i was going to have the most boring holiday ever,BUT hey,, i was wrong,, i had a great holiday. why? because my relatives came to shah alam,, umi yah, ami wi, aliyah, samihah, and farha! thx for the enchanting holiday. usually i would just sit home all DAy long~

but not this time, on FRIDAY we went to KL from morning til evening,, oh god,, it was so tiring,,exhausting and not to mention thirsty! hahahaha,,
that night we went to Icity, [sorry, no photos,it is all in their camera], nothing much at icity,,
on SATURDAY we went to PKNS and umi yah bought me a new selendang, THANK YOU UMI YAH! love it~! then we continued our journey to RASAMAS restaurant, the bought a coupon from home and planned to use it.. so for everything we ordered we would get one free food, and it was unexplainable how much food the waiter kept sending over, and how much we ate, i for sure was totally full, up to the throat already, i felt like i can blow up. its good that i didnt though.. hahaha
at night we went to brothers house~SYED NABIL and had dinner there,, umi yah's family and me.. ate just a little.. and KAK JAH*nabil's wife, asked why dont u eat some more.. and we were all like.. err.. emm.. oh nono no.. no thanks.. we had enough already.

 hahah,, poor k jah for cooking a lot of food for us,, sorry eh~ promise to eat more next time.

ooooh, i almost forgot that on THURSDAY i went out with amirah to PKNS, SACC and ALAM SENTRAL to shop a bit.

and that was my plain yet better then ever chinese new year holiday~!