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Monday, January 31, 2011

worth my hardWORK!

so , how does it feel just looking at it,, feel rich right? that is exactly how i felt today,, oh gosh!! i got my salary today!!!!! and i was laughing and smiling all the way back home,, do u know how good it feels to earn it,, its GREAT,, no no no,, its GREATER THAN GREAT, its just so AMAZING,, hey, maybe its not much, but its just fine with me. oh , im so proud of myself for being able to work for almost a month! yosh shak,, go on,, u r great,,,hahaha. so,, try working people, the precious experience is what counts as it is not our actual future career right? im sure everybody in the world gets excited with their first salary. im positive of that, all im thinking now is to spend just a bit of my money to support my chinese new year holiday where i will be somewhere i LOVE SO MUCH! k thats all ..

shakirah out!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

muffin mission^^

this is what i have been up to today, making muffins.. so i made a walnut-coffee muffin, which is quite delicious but im sure that i could, would and should improve. haha
so firtsly i mixed all the ingredients wwhich is really quite simple
an egg
 3/4 cup of sugar
2cup of flour
1/ 2 cup of milk
1/2 of corn oil
dried coconuts
1/2 cup of coffee emulco
3 tsp of baking powder
1 tsp of salt

i think that's it, really simple, here check it out before i poped it into the oven

 this is before i popped it into the oven

this is while it was baking

done!!! yummy~
 so thats my muffin

Sunday, January 23, 2011

new NEW~

woah! who knew this was laid out for me in life , a  lot is happening u know~ and im really learning a lot!
all these new experiences excites me to go on further with life.OH THANK YOU THANK YOU TO LOVE OF KNOWLEDGE~
nowadays i am still learning to drive with my brother, he is so fed up with me coz i drive badly. but whatever lah, im learning right? learn from my mistakes. so im just gonna relax and take it slow, really absorb it. oh i hope i can do it. i hope I CAN DRIVE WELL!~

i am also learning techniques to take care of children. wahaha. today i joined a seminar on this topic, and hey~ it totally opened up my eyes, now i know what kids need in order for a normal and healthy development. thats good right?

i also learned a life lesson this week,
i learn that nowadays people really look up to the standards of our study, even if we  dont have any skills, but with a bag full  of a's, oh people are sure gonna like you.
as i went to the seminar, i was helping my boss at the seminar while attending it too. not only she kept asking me about correction of sentence, she even asked me araabic and asked me about computers, and Almost everything eventhough the room was full of older and more experienced people.
all i want to say is, people really look up to brains, so study hard and be a star! shine a light to the world~


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

to those i LOVE the most~


Taeyeon - Like A Star Lyrics (English)

Where ever you are hiding
I can find you
If there were no you
If there were no you
...Then my heart would stop
Even if you don't say "Love"
I can feel with my heart
If you are here
If you are here
I don't need anything
You're my everything to me
You're my everything to me
Please shine like a star in the sky
You are my only love
Forever my only love
We love each other
All I need is you

Can it be compared with anything else
Can it be exchanged with anything else
Your love
Your heart
...Who can replace you
You're my everything to me
You're my everything to me
Please shine like a star in the sky
Please shine like a star in the sky
You are my only love
Forever my only love
We love each other
All I need is you
We will never part from each other
Anything that will hurt you
Nothing that will cause tear will happen
You're my everything to me
You're my everything to me
Let's not change
Even as time goes by
You're my only love
Forever my only love
We love each other
In a place without sadness

Taeyeon - Like A Star Lyrics (korea)
Sesang eoneun geoseh geudae sumdeorado
naneun geudael chajanael suga isseoyo
geudaega eobdamyeon
geudaega eobdamyeon
naesimjangeun dduiji anheuhniga
sarang i ra geudi malhaji anhado
ma eum euh ro naneun al suga itjyo
geudaeman itdamyeon
guedaeman itdamyeon
amugeotdo nan pilyo eobneundeh
You're my everything to me
You're my everything to me
haneul ui byeolcheoreom hwanhageh bichwojuri
geudaeneun naman ui sarang
yeonywonhan namanui sarang
uri saranghaeyo
geudae hanamyeon nan chungbunhaeyo

geu mueotgwa bigwohalsu isseulggayo
geu mueotgwabattol suga itnayo
geudae ui sarangeul
geudaeui maeumeul
geu nugadaesinhalsu itnayo
you're my everything to me
you're my everything to me
haneul ui byeolcheoreom hwanhageh bichwojuri
geudaeneun naman ui sarang
yeonywonhan namanui sarang
uri saranghaeyo
geudae hanamyeon nan chungbunhaeyo
i byeolhaneun il eobseulgo eh yo
geudaeehgeh sangcheohjuneun il
nuneul heulrigeh halril na eobdorok
you're my everything to me
you're my everything to me
uri byeonchimayo
seh wo ri heu reundaedo
geudaeneun naman ui sarang
yeongwonhan naman ui sarang
uri saranghaeyo
seul peum eobneun sesang eseo uri

so2 sweet song..
dedicated to all the people i LOVE!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A whole new life~

wow wow wow wow wow.
thats all i can say,, this week has really been a big stepping stone in my life, i realize now that everything is changing and i am so moving on with my life.
im doing a lot of things now, so i just want to tell share my new experience of life throughout this week,

so this whole week from monday to friday i have started working, hey2! its not bad, npt bad at all, in fact i do enjoy the job.. i cant deny that sometimes i do get a little bugged and stressed out by these little kids behaviour, but hey~ they are kids, and im the one who is suppose to teach them to be better,, so hang on bebeh!
you can do it shak! yosh! haha

so here is how my schedule goes, i go to work at around 7 am, then wait 4 the kids to arrive until 8.30 am. then there will be an assembly where i usually watch ONLY~ hehe. at 9 i start my class. 9.30 recess, 10 to 11 class again and then eat, change their clothes and pampers and make sure they go to sleep. i will wake them up at around 3.30, give them some snack and bathe them. then wait for the parents to pick them up, clean the room a bit, and by six pm i am already at home.

i love these kids, totally, here are the three year old kids that are my students, my baby, my children = ELHAM, FAIZ, AFFAN, ANAS, AKIFF,ANIS, HANIS, ARINA,IRA
i love you little ones!

so that is work

license ~
so i just had my computerized test this morning and i was SO NERVOUS, luckily i passed, hehe, so tomorrow i will be having a talk on theory of driving and get to know my instructor~ weee,, i cant wait.

and hey~ i made a change to myself tonight,
and i love it~

and that is about it 4 this week.

oh i almost forgot, at the daycare there are 2 unable boys one of them have down syndrome and the other have the type that saliva dripping all the time,
actually im quite scared of them because when i was little a boy with down syndrome suddenly became wild and chased me,
so i was quite phobia of that experience.
but hey, working there allows to overcome my fears, im okay now, im cured but not fully, but im OKAY! yeah!

so that is it~

Sunday, January 9, 2011


just now i attended my FIRST talk about ltaking a licence.... waaaa! overexcited totally!! it was not that fun at all.. but i was smiling alright~ why? well,, i was thinking about driving around, in a car, my own car, to my friends house, how cool~ isnt it..wee~ cant wait.. it was a 5 hour talk. n i wasnt alone..guess who was there..
zame~ hahaha..so funny..
all i want to say is,, i just cant believe that my lifelong dream of being able to drive a car is getting so near now..whoa! yeah! a few more steps and inshaallah i will be on the road bebeh!
pray for me yah!

next is my new year resolution.. its quite late.. but its never too late.. so here it is.. my new year resolution.

its quite ruined actually. i editted it. and it went all wrong.. n i decided what the heck.. its my blog.. why should i work so hard.. working hard is just enough.. so here it is my goals that i plan on achieving..
i hope i can DO IT!

 yup thats it folks..nak jugak achieve sume nih!!! msti!!

tomorrow is my 1st day of working at the taska..emm wish me luck.. i will take  the time tomorrow to tell you about my FIRST xperience eh..
k im sleepin early for the night. daa~
b4 that... ya allah ya tuhanku.. ko permudahknlah sgle urusan ku kluarge ku dan rkn2 ku..
smoge kmi sume mncpi sgle ap yg dhjti dgn mudah ya allah.. ko kuatknlah hti2 kmi mnghdpi dugaan kcilmu di muka bumi ini ya allah.. ko tng kn lah hati kmi ya allah.. dan kau jauhkanlah kmi dr sgle bala bncana dan mksiat. kekalkn kmi dlm peliharaan dan reda mu ya allah.
amin y arabbal alamin~


Saturday, January 8, 2011

untukmu,, untukku jua~ W.A.N.I.T.A.

wahai wanita SOLEHAH.

JANGAN lah risau akan JODOH mu.

kerana MUSLIMIN yang BIJAK,

TAK KAN terpaut hanya pada


pada BICARA MANJA yang mengGODA,

atau PUJUK RAYU seorang wanita yang meRUNTUHkan IMAN nya.

telah terCATAT seungkap nama LELAKI

di LUH MAHFUZ untuk mu.

CUMA peribadi nya diTENTUkan

sejauh mana KETINGGIAN peribadi mu.

JIKA kau tetap di atas jalan yang diREDHAI,

INSYAALLAH si DIA turut berada di jalan yang SAMA.

something stupid~*

I know I stand in line
Until you think you have the time
To spend an evening with me
And if we go someplace to dance
I know that there's a chance
You won't be leaving with me

Then afterwards we drop into a quiet little place
And have a drink or two
And then I go and spoil it all
By saying something stupid
Like I love you

I can see it in your eyes
 you still despise the same old lies
You heard the night before
And though it's just a line to you
For me it's true
And never seemed so right before

I practice every day to find some clever
lines to say
To make the meaning come true
But then I think I'll wait until the evening
gets late
And I'm alone with you

The time is right
Your perfume fills my head
The stars get red
And oh the night so blue
And then I go and spoil it all
By saying something stupid
Like I love you
I love you... 

sweet sweet song.. i have not heard this song for a really really long time..
and then last night..someone played this song 4 me..
and it reminded me how beautiful this song is..

Friday, January 7, 2011


just looking at the title it makes me say UNBELIEVABLE MAN!!
i just dont expect to be working at such a young age..what a good experience this will be for me.. i went for the interview today and so they wanted me n mira to work with them but at separate places. me at section 6 mira at section 7. actually im quite scared to hold to such a big responsibility.. can u believe it! working,, taking care of other people's children.. its like.. can i do this..would i be any good. can i withstand these little kids.. im nervous but at the same time i cant wait to learn loads of new things. this will prepare me to be a good mother one day!~ hehehe..
i will be start working on monday.. this monday wow!! its so fast.. i cant wait.. but im SOO scared.. not lying eh.. hmm.. i can only hope for the best and hope allah will lead me all the way.. aaamin~~

im also gonna take my license not long from now..but i can only do it on weekends..coz im WORKING daa~ haha..
oh n i almost forgot.. the boss of the daycare is pija's aunt..n i was thinking what a small world! hahaha..

i cant wait to be with the kids..cant wait to learn more responsibility,,, and i cant wait to earn my own money bebeh! yeah!
it is gonna hit me hard..but..bring it on!! im ready to take it on..yeah!
i rather be working then do nothing at home.. tired? oh..i just gotta be ready for it.. better get myself pumped up then getting lazy at home n becoming extra fat..
ooo.. i dont want that totally! hahah..
azri said to me yesterday..he is now working with TLDM..n i was like woah!! but then he told me the meaning of TLDM.. tidur lepak dan makan..
huh T_T.. how could i fall for that.
so pray for my successs!! yeah!!
jgn jd si mnje mngde2 x thn nk wt keje ok shak!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

looking back~

ah.. ari ni ak rse mnyesal gile bile pk balik mse lalu..ak geram dgn sifat ak sdiri yg mngde2 kne diajak..yg mlu2 nk join org knon.. yg sgn2 knon..
sbb sume sifat ak tu la..byk mnde yg ak rse rugi ari ni.. hmmm..skrg en da la x skola..xde mse da nk spend with my bestest friend ever di dskola tu aja n shiq. ak rse rugi sgt..smte2 sbb feel ak tu. ak jao ngan dorg..dorg da la slumber sempoi..relax..xkn dorg nk g ajak2 ak plak..pelik je.. tp tu la kje ak mnharap..mngharap je..ape2 tah.
suda2 nye ak yg nyesal ari ni.. huh.. ap la yg ak wt ni.. pling ak sdy n x bley bla bile pk moment2 last ktorg.. ak yg pegi mrugikn diri sdiri.. ak yg xde.. dorg da b'2.. yg ak x dtg wt pe.. x kn due nk kja 1.. mst la stu kne pndi2 join.. tp 2 lah ak.. mngde2.. serius ak x puas ati.. mb kt cni la titik tolak ak nk brubh.. slme ni ak pk ak ni kwn yg ok lah kire nye.. now ak pk ak lah kwn yg xtw nk take advantage of mse yg  ad slme ni.. coz..ak lah yg slalu xde... ak syg kwn ak gile2..tp npe ak rse ak x bjye tunjukkn tu.. ak x bjye..
pling ak nyesal..mlm jmuan..sume duduk dgn best friend msing2..bukan ak x syg budak smeje ak..ak syg gile jugak.. just ak x pna got the chance to be with aja n shiq..lg2 tym spm.. ps2 bile da last sgt2 tu pn.. ak bia je~
lgsung x de effort.. ak nk.. tp ak x ushe.. ap tah yg ak cbe capai dgn wt cm2.. ish3.. aja, shiq, im sorry.
sorry sgt.. ak x bley rse lg nyesal dr yg ak da rse ni. ak sdy sgt,, ad ke mse lg utk kite psni.. ad x? cntct korg pn da jrg.. jumpe apth lg... waaa!! i miss you~ ak tpkse akui d cni ak mmg emosi when it comes to friends.. emosi je lby..  ushe xde.. hai la shak,,
ak cube pk2..mb ad hikmah d sbalik sume ni.. mb ad baik nye... tp.. ak sdy sgt sbb ak x nmpk lg hikmah nye~
bkk la mte ak.. give me a lead.. show me the light,,