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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Short Holiday

hello assalamualaikum

yeah, i just finished my final exam, and alhamdulillah it went well, now all i can hope for is to get great results, InshaAllah

after the exams, me and my friends went out AND we went BOWLING, oh so unbelievable for me.
it's a new experience. it was really great to learn something new, and the greatest part is, u get to throw the big heavy ball with all ur might, it is as if throwing away all the post-exam stress. and not to forget i also got great advice about bowling

straighten ur hands, aim , control breathing , breath in , breath out when throwing the ball, don't throw the ball too hard to avoid pain to the hands.

so here some pictures~
taken : wednesday

the following day, i had a picnic with my bestie at taman tasik shah alam, she's on holiday right now, and i am too, so we planned a simple and quite evening of eating spaghetti by the lake. good food, good view, what more could you ask for.

so here are more pictures
taken : thursday

and last but not least, I MET HAJAR! yeay,
such a sweetheart she is for spending her precious time to come to shah alam and eat with me,
its the first time hajar evr ate prosperity burger, so i just had to snap some pictures
and that day is so historical, because for hajar i pushed my limits and boundaries of driving. i am less scared than how i have been before. it felt so great to drive around shah alam with hajar of course

and once again here are some pics~
taken : Friday

so that's how my last few days for the year 2011 was spent
full of sweet memories
may 2012 be as sweet, with His will, InshaAllah.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

life must be strong

hello assalamualaikum,

today i once again want to use my favourite ayah
Althouh they plan, Allah also plans, and Allah is the best of planners
we can never expect what life can bring about to us, all we can do is to be prepared to face the worst and be thankful for the good things. All this time, i always ask from Allah
Tetapkanlah yang terbaik buatku
 and i firmly believe that whatever happens in life, must be good for me, as it Allah who plans it for me.
every cloud must have a silver-lining right ?
i found this quote somewhere, it also relates to how Allah determines what is best for us.
Place your heart in the hands of Allah, and He will place it in the hands of a man who He believes deserve it.
by finding the true love of Allah then we can find our love, and trust me, this way would cause muchmuch less pain than any other way.oh and, i read nisa sahar's blog and she shared a video, which was lovely, and i want to share it too

ok this video is quite long but worth the story~

so that's it,
may Allah bless all of us, keep us straight on His path, and never let us go astray.
be strong! as we always have Allah on our side, but we are the ones who always neglect Him.
May the end or the beginning of everything in our lives be a good one,

for anything that has end badly, and it is due to my own fault, im sorry
for anything that has started well, cherish it.

tett------------------------------ the end lagi-------------------------


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

present and future

hello assalamualaikum

before babbling just want to share a pretty picture

alright my titles are getting more and more nonsense by the day, anywayssssssss, i wanted to write something at home, but suddenly unifi was so NOT on my side, the internet had problems so i couldnt write. THEREFORE, today, i took the time to actually GO to the library so i can acces the internet *i'm so diligent kan ?, hehe*

right now is the short semester in CFSIIUM which is only 2 months, but its almost ending now, meaning that my FINAL EXAM is seriously just around the corner. am i prepared ? no comment. i got my mid semester exam results for physics, and its......... not so good, even my umi says so. so, i have to push myself further to excel in finals. good luck shak~~~

Do not study recklessly even though it is only for mid semester exam
Do not be unprepared
Must study hard and diligently
Most importantly, have passion for what you are studying *nabilah kate belajar kena ikhlas baru berkesan-simplified from her gorgeous post at fb*

what do you think about being a pharmacist ?? i think its okay, my mother think it is okay. BUT, even though she says it is okay, she is still provoking me to go for dentistry, *well she's trying to make me want medic, but i seriously decline* so now her second choice to provoke me is with dentistry, and frankly speaking, I AM TEMPTED~ my umi says i can open a clinic with my brother if i take dentistry, thus making it easier for me to take care of my FUTURE CHILDREN & HUSBAND, kahkahkah *my umi said that, not me* so how about dentistry ??? not bad right ? i will be considering it too. no  matter what i want, still, everything depends on future results, will it reach the necessary pointers required for either pharmacy or dentistry? *hopefully YES lah kan*

so to human beings out there.. BE FIRM WHEN MAKING LIFE-RELATED DECISION. don't rethink about it a dozen of time like i am , it is getting more and more confusing and jumbled up by the day.

next next next, im quite scared and sad, li anna (because) i must re-sit mathematics 1 due to kebocoran soalan yg entah hape laaa. i have not study anything at all. and the exam is quite near (14/1/2012).
i know there must be a silver-lining to this incident, and i hope the silver lining is........ EXTREMELY GREAT RESULTS FOR MATH 1 PAPER AT THE SAME TIME INCREASING MY POINTER. hehehe
inshaAllah, with His will.
may all of us always be grateful with His plans for us , coz His plan is the best of all plans

to friends,
as always, i miss u all extravagantly
and CONGRATULATIONS to those who got incredibly great results
u guys are so SUPERB LAH!
bangga saya- keep on being great!

that is all---- i will be back------tettt-----------------------------


Sunday, November 27, 2011



oh bloggy cutiee, miss u xtremely much! therefore i must redeem all the time ive been away from bloggy to write an awesome and great piece of post.

so firstly, i promised to share some RAYA HAJI pictures, which are like so out dated right now, because raya haji has passed us like weeks ago, yet a promise is still a promise,, so here.............
 yum2, this our food, laksa, nasi himpit, cakes
 my cute niece
the ladies

other pictures,, errr un-share-able hahaha

by the wayyyy, last week i went to KKNC< USIM, yeah,, it was so fun, no joke, i had loads of fun, even though waiting for hajar to arrive was such agony. my sweet intan payung wanted to go too, so it was perfect. both of us, me and intan, were so psyched to just be ON THE WAY to usim. to arrive there was like,, unbelievable! im traveling far *quiet far* with my friends, using assorted public transports. obviously i rarely go out. ahaks *mmg pun*
at usim, it was great too, the house is oh-so-gargantual compared to the small typical CFS room, jealous much *of course*
and the best part is, i get to spend loads of time with hajar, yanie, and amna ♥♥♥ and i also got the chance to meet insyirah and ad, (i dont know her full name *badbadbad*)
it was really tiring, but i was so satisfied! i can't potray how much i enjoyed the trip.

and this weekend, i went to ipoh, so me and my brother got boring, so we went around ipoh taking pictures and getting lost,, and im not lying when i say it was fun getting lost,anyways we went for just 24 hours,so nothing much to do.
here are some pictures
 view from the hotel room (syuen hotel)
 masjid india + my ugly face
 the court!
 our map to these places (first time using a map, no wonder we got lost )
 J.W.W Birch Memorial
 Syuen Hotel
 Dewn bandaraya ipoh
 samir gedik

 fulfilling my mother's request *jumping straight* (stesen keretapi)
 he wants to jump too, let him be
 ETS, (electrical train service)

 last shot : sharifahshakirah


Saturday, November 5, 2011

hello, assalamualaikum.

sadly thinking, i think i'm quite slow. i just choose to ask a lot of questions, cause i can't really grip the tiny details of an information.
simply said, i guess some times people just get tired of answering my questions. that is really sad.
kinda feel like i'm a stupid slow kid that even when people talk to me its like they are talking with very little pieces of patience left, so it seems like they don't want to talk to me.
i'm not stupid laa, but i might misinterpret the way i am treated
lately la im feeling this way, maybe its because of the holidays which made my brain less focused to details.

do you understand this messed up explanation ?

as usual, i turn to Allah, may He guide His humble servant to become more positive, and grateful towards the great things owned, rather than just complaining about other things. Aamin.


next, selamat hari raya aidiladha everyone,
this year's raya haji extra MERIAH.
maybe because of the amount of food cooked.
*marble cake, semolina cake, cookies,trifle,laksa johor, nasi himpit, rendang ayam sambal kacang, mash potato, kcg foul*
and also because my house is now the kampung for my married brothers

i'll share some pictures later ^_^


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


hello assalamualaikum,

or should i say byebye. im going back to CFS IIUM today
am i sad? not really, just not quiet ready yet to return~
am i lazy? yeah i guess the lazy part of me has developed throughout the holidays

but above all that negativity, a still have some love for yah (CFS IIUM)
i am actually a wee bit excited to meet my friends and get to know my new roommates.woohoo!

so here i come CFS. i'll be back and be ready to tackle physics!
ur going down physics! yeah, im gonna master u like i never did before!!

oops, i overdosed some spirit there, but heyy! sometimes we need a little something something to push us to go somewhere somewhere beyond our imagined or thinkable abilities
ITS A FACT : a little push helps a long wayy, no kidding *well at least for me lah kan*

so dear beloved bloggy
byebye ♥♥♥


Sunday, October 30, 2011

story of a friendship

hello assalamualaikum,
this post, will be written in malay in order to fulfill my dearest friend's request, Amirah Sairi

so yeah, here's the story

mira skrg study di UiTM Perlis tp skrg ni dia cuti, same jugak lah saya ni kan, saya study kat Asasi UIA Petaling Jaya, n skrg saya cuti jugak, maka truslah saya dgn mira ni sibuk merancang macam2 idea nak jalan, in the end satu2 batal, apa lah nasib kann. tapi tak[e, kita merancang , Allah yg menetukan, redha la kan

so in the end, kitorang setuju lah kan, nak keluar sama2 hari jumaat sebab nak teman aku shopping sikit, kehkehkeh~~ *suke pulak*
so hari jumaat tu, gerak lah pergi alam sentral dihantar oleh abang ku yang kacak *syedsamir*
sampai2 je terus pergi the store, cekau sikit brg2 yg perlu, pastu,,


orang yang dinanti-nanti oleh cek mira kita pun tiba, depa pun jalan sakan lah kan,,
ceq jalan depan je merayau kat the store tu,
mira tu x makan lagi masa tu, so teman lah dia makan, ok lah fine, time depa dok makan, ceq pun excuse myself lah, ceq lagi suka nak merayau-rayau dari dok je situ, bkn i makan pun kan, haha
so sebenarnya niat merayau tu sebab nak cari the perfect gift for mira's birthday *yg mana da lepas lame gila*
so punya lah using nak cari yg lembut, yang besar, yang lembik, yang sedap dipeluk, yang cute, warna yg cantik, byk lah kriteria yg i nak kn, ye lahh utk kawan kan,mestilah nak perfect. so JUMPA!!
yg aku ni da menggelabah suruh org tu balut cepat sikit, sebab mira da call2 cari aku, yg aku ni pun dok sakan tipu mira kata sakit perut lah ape lah kan, *baik betul saya*
da settle tu terus aku jalan dengan kepantasan ala-ala kilat gitu kan, nak pergi kat dorg, punya lah aku ni pusing jalan jauh nak serbu dari blakang kan, tetiba sampai kat dorang, eh gaduh pulakk, pastu mamat tu balik, *kehkehkeh pdn muka* aku pun dtg lah dengan selambernyee hulur kotak gabak tu, haha, yg miranye nak marah ke merajuk tah dgn mamat tu kan, tp yg aku ni da kacau line ah kan,, err, kesah ape en, hahaha
da lah aku bagi kotak besar gilaa, pstu x bagi plastik, meme aku saje la kan nak mira usung kotak gabak tu ke hulu ke mari kan, haha

da puas kt alam sentral tu kitorang g komplek pkns pulak, aku nak beli batu lesung utk rumah, selamat jumpa lah. tapi masalahnye,, mak aiii, berat gila tahu x? x tahu la tu~~
elok sgt lah kan,mira usung kotak gabak, yg aku ni pulak dok usung batu lesung, *bahagianya saat itu -_-*

pastu kitorang nak pergi sacc pulak, tapi hujan lebat sangt, cam air terjun dah masa tu, aku pun dgn magis nye bwk payung kan, so kitorang pun kidi-kidi lari dlm ujan bwh payung yg kecik cenonet tu. sampai2 je,
big apple kat tepi tu jerit2 , dia kata"

 " shakiraaaaaaaahhh! aku tau ko rindu aku, aku tau ko nak rasa kelmebutan doh aku, dan kemanisan n lemak krim aku kan, meh lee, meh lee, beli lahh"

aku pn kata

 "tidaaaaaaaaaakk, ko jgn nak hasut aku menggemukkan diri, tau tak 1 per 4 rakyat malaysia diabetes?"

namun sambil aku berbicara tu, kaki aku laju je da melangkah ke big apple, mira ikut sajalahh.
aku pun semnagt lah nak pilih ni kan,, aku x pikir ape dah, aku pikir donut je mase tu,

di big apple

mamat = "dik nak berapa?"
shakirah = "kejap2" *siap tnjuk tgn lagi kat dia-confident je*
mira = mula rasa muka panas
shakirah =" haaa, sy nak yg ni,, yg ni,, yeahh"
mira = sdg cuba buat cm x kenal aku
mamat = "nak berapa dik?"
shakirah =" nak yang ni "
mamat = tunduk, nk thn gelak, tgok mira gelak, kantoi mira malu sbb aku ni kwn dia, mamat tu gelak jugak
shakirah = blurrr#
mamat =" nak total berapa?"
shakirah = "ohhhhh, sy nk 3" *msti mamat tu pk lmbt betul minah ni*
mira = sakan menggelakkan aku

nak bayar------------

mamat = "seven ringgit and 50 cents"
shakirah = terdiam lama--------- "haa?"
mamat =" tujuh ringgit setengah"
shakirah =" oh k k k"

mase ni aku baru rasa malu , kenapa degnan aku ni wehhh
asek lambat jeeee pick up, sabar lah kann

so kitorg naik ats nak pergi tmpt mira suka makan trifle, teapot deli kot name dia

org dtg nak amik order kan

mira = "orderkan eh"
shak = "ok2"
minah = *senyum manis je*
shak = "iced tea satu, trifle satu, air pop satu"
minah = "flavour?"
shak = terdiam
minah = pndg aku
shak= "oh pop, ok2, nak lemon"
minah = cover gelak
mira = memang da gelak pun

mira pun bebel
"ko pahal, asek malukan aku jee"

 aku bebel balik
"bila dgn kau je aku asek memalukan diri sekaligus memalukan kau. heee malu da aku"

pastu makan la, tengok luar, lega, x hujan dahh, sng nak pergi kompleks balik

habis makan, hujan lebat gile, canne nih'

kitorang pun diri depan sacc memikirkan solusi terbaik nak pergi kompleks pkns balik

tetiba je ade guard berkata
"alaaa, lari je dik""

hati ku membebel. eh kauu, aku nak tengok kau lari dlm ujan lebat ni ha , baru aku larii

last2 try call taxi nak suruh ambik dpn sacc, tapi, aku xtw nape syarikat teksi ni berdendam dgn aku kot, xde yg jwb telepon, haisy, mslh je

maka , apa choice lagi kan, lari lah lagi menyeberang, masalah kali ni, ialah lagi lebat ujannye,jalan pun ala-ala banjir rendam kaki la kan, kitorang pun lari sakan, tetiba sepauh jalan,


oh noo, my baby,my bag, jatuhhh, tali x bkualiti, putus time kitorang lompat lopak besar punyeee.
rasa sebak seketika waktu itu, haha,
mira pulak ingat syiling yg jatuh, dia pelik je nape aku beria nak kutip, syiling muuu~~~beg aku laa

sampai pkns,donut ku penyek! kotak hadiah mira sudah huduh, batu lesung maintain kental dan tegap
x lame pastu mak saya pun amek
dia pun tnye

umi = korg nak pergi pasar ke?
kami =boleh laaa
umi =nk pergi terus ke nak balk dulu
kami = pergi terus lahh
umi = main lah ujan sikit eh, amek payung nih *payung koyak, haha*

so kitorang turun, beli brg, tgelak tengok mamat potong yong tau fu, jari robot ke ape
x leh berhenti gunting pdhl xde mnde nak gunting da, haha

pastu nak balik lah ni

mira = jom, mak kau mane?
shak = eh, mak aku tunggu ke?
mira = ko jgn buat lwk, xkn x tggu kot
shak = ntah, aku phm lain tadi
mira = cube kita usha

kilat sabung menyabung, kitorng jln dgn cuaknyee

shak = xde ah weh
mira = ko cube call mak ko
shak = hokeyh2

tuuut tuuuuut tuuuuuut

shak = umi, umi kat rumah da ke
umi = yelaaaa
shak = umi x tggu ke
umi = umi kena tnggu ke
shak = abistu
umi = alaaaa jalan perlahan2, jgn pegang besi, exercise sikit laaa

mira = canne
shak - mak aku suroh jalan
mira = haaa, dlm ujan ni,, dgn kilatnyee lagi,, hee ape nii
shak = mane la ku tau sori laaa
mira = *bebel lagi, kestressan*
shak = dah bak sini, biar aku bwk tu, ko cool down dulu
mira = xnk, bia aku bwk
shak= bak lah sini
mira = XNAK LAA

boleh pulak kitorang jerit2 dalam ujan tuu

jauh pjlnn akhirnyee sampai jugak rumahh, memang basah la kitorang,
walaupun, ngamuk2, marah2, basah bagai
kelakar laaa
seronok jugakk,
i had loads of fun in the end.

so there it was, another sweet memory ♥

thanks for the memories

mira yang cumillllll

err, kwn mira cumill hehe

ok,this post is too long, but what the heck, x wajib baca, 
i just want to write, kan?


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

true friends are meant to be honest

hello assalamualaikum

hmm, im quite sad today,
true friends are supposed to be honest to us, right? they are meant to tell us the truth, to be frank with us and feel free to say anything to us, that is true friends right? a true friend is a friend that stays with u us whether we are at ease or going through hardship.
what happened to me is not a big deal actually, but it made me think, why can't we just be honest rather than trying to please our friend with white lies.

which one do u prefer

a = a friend who tells u the truth even if its painful
b= a friend who tells you lies in order to please u

i honestly prefer A, even though it hurts, some things are meant to be known in order for us to avoid being hurt in the future
plus, who else should tell us the truth other than our friends right? they know us well 
anyways this is the only way for a relationship to last long and be inseparable. 

honesty is the best policy

other than that of course we need to build our relationship in the name of Allah, that is for sure~

'And hold fast , all of you together to the rope of Allah , and do not seperate'

to conclude, all i actually want to say is, be honest to your best friends rather than pretending. friends are meant to be helped no matter on what condition they are in

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said : Help your brother whether he is a wrong-doer or is wronged. A man enquired: 'O Messenger of Allah (pbuh) , I may help him when he is wronged, but how can I help him when he is a wrong-doer? ' 
                        The Prophet (pbuh) said ' You can prevent him from wrong-doing.
That will be your help to him' 
(Bukhari and Muslim)

ok, folks, i gotta stop here, i got some issues myself, where i need to be honest.

i can't run from problems forever

tettt-----------> END


Sunday, October 23, 2011

holidays end

hello assalamualaikum,

huh =.= 
holiday is almost over, and i'm getting bummed all about it, i dont want to go back *spoiled brat lah shakirah  ni*
i really enjoy the wonderous and joyful days of doing nothing other than cooking and a little tidying.
seriously i didnt open a single book, except a bunch of novels which my umi gave, but i havent actually read it yet, #ahakss *guilty with charges*
so this is my last week of free labouring with a bunch of thick text books.
i am just going to enjoy my days loafing around while acting nonchalant to the actual day that i have to register for short semester, #ahakss *ohh im loving the gedik parts lah*
i will surely be hay-wired by the time the actual day comes,
why? cause i dont care when it comes,, i want to stay home! 
but hey, i cant act all reckless and leave out my studies,, the fight must go on, right? *boleh ke x go on?*
so i will just let the wind and fate take me where it wants, let life drive me through all what is left of it,
that way less thinking, and i mean serious thinking is required, so i can have a lay-back holiday before the short semester starts,

here are some nonsense stuff i've been working on through out my loafing days 

 collection of name tags -
 collection of cuddly stuff -
 collection of head scarf -
 pretty name -
 syedsamir as photographer -
err. kerengga tepi jalan -

it is so obvious that i have nothing better to do,
well actually there is something better to do
but i choose not to do it
*once again nak menggedik*

yeahh! i almost forgot to mention that i watched an amazing Japanese drama
it is extremely funny yet it has a lot of moral values to it
its about a big brother and his little sister who lost their parents
so the big brother *ex-gang leader* raises the little girl
sad yet funny and great, love it!
so please, watch YASUKO TO KENJI
not to forget, thanks to nabilah for the recommendation, 
i totally enjoyed it,
no regrets at all.

adios amigos, pray the best for my next episode of studies with khadijah and intan at CFSIIUM, hehe



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i ♥ shoes !

hello, assalamualaikum,

weeeee ehehehehe,
i have a new pretty shoe, and i am so so so happy
its been a while since i bought a new shoe,
* liar * =__=
fine, i bought shoes for raya, which was almost 2 months back,
okay laa tuu.
ANYWAYS,  i am still happy, 
i've been searching around for this shoe, and this colour, 
and YEYEAH, i found it !!!

pretty right ?

okay, sorry if i am being immature or self-absorbed
but i just cant help mysef
i need to share this happiness, hehe

so i shopped with my UMI sayang
and little NABILAH

OH Happy Day

Saturday, October 8, 2011

class pictures

my beloved classmates, group 80 , semester 1 2011/2012
2 are not in the picture, husna fauzi and rafhana naiema

this is the one year programme students in my class,, lebiu!
intan, shakirah, khadijah, adilah, syafiq, zafran, izham, amin

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

not a great night

not feeling well at all, i kept puking, and now i cant sleep
even though i hate puking so much, but it was automatic.
Allah tests His servants in the most unique and unexpected ways.
all the pain that i dislike the most is all happening at once,
puking, stomachache, headache.
May we be patient facing His little tests on us,,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

tell me if im wrong,

hello assalamualaikum,

i cannot judge my ownself
i dont know how i am
i dont know if im wrong
and im not sure if its right
i may be open hearted
but how would i know that
u would know it better right?
i might think im doing the right thing
but how can i know for sure?
so please, tell me if im wrong
show me what's right
express what u feel about me,
so i would know what to do
dot leave me hanging with nothing to do
i cant think, n i cant move
all i need is someone true,
just tell me if im wrong
i promise i'll accept
but please i beg u please
tell me what is wrong?
tell me what u want?
i cant improve if im not shown
i cant help if im not told
so share what u feel,
dont be afraid,
people might change,,
yeah im changing too
but i promise
u and i will never change
there will be no end
our friendship will go beyond the end


dedicated specially to friends and to my little ones.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

dont be judgemental, SERIUOSLY dont!

dont be judgemental??

why? coz i hate judgemental people

sorry if im being too honest , but it is the bitter truth,

i dont understand why people must judge us by the way we appear,

i mean its fine to judge quietly to urself, in ur heart, but there is no need to show ur judgement through actions, thats just unfair,

the particular person u judged doesnt even know why the heck are u treating her in a awkwardly plastic yet not so nice manner,

gosh!! be real lahh, thats so rude,, if u have a problem with that particular person, why dont u just say it, or if ur even nicer, take an effort to change that particular person to become a better person,

however a person may look on the outside, u can never know how they are in the inside,, let me serve u with some examples

have u ever met the sweetest, most nicest girl ever who is just o extremely polite and helpful but she's sexy and dyes her hair and wears triple earrings n black apparel with heavy eyeliner? judging by her appearance, would u ever guess that she is extremely nice and sweeter than u could ever be?

rather than judging her n treating her rudely, why dont we get close n be friends with her while trying to help her change? isnt that much better

i mean,, nowadays, people care too much about standards and classes, what the heaven lahh?? uncivilized n unsociable GILAA,

people only treat other people nicely when
1 they are the same standard
2 or the person is beneficial to them
3 or they are forced to treat nicely *an act
4 look alike, as in same way of dressing up,

exmple for number 4, ak nk ckp mlayu jgk!
ade tak org sexy gila nak tegur orang pakai tudung labuh and vice versa?

this is all bcoz of judgemental,
judgemental to others
n judgemental to ourselves

oh man, im also judgemental, so i kinda hate this in myself

JUDGEMENTAL, delete delete, ayoyoyoyo,, please let me delete it.

sorry for any inappropriate stuff,
i just can help myself,
d├Ánt judge me through this, please,


Saturday, August 27, 2011

ramadhan activities

hello and assalamualaikum,,

what i thought to be a plain ramadhan turned out to be a great2 month, UIA is quite fun for ramadhan,, eventhough i  break fast with two of my roommates only *usually,, but sometimes we have big gigantic iftar and we eat in TALAM,, LOVE IT! here are some pictures of my class iftar,, NASI BRIANI! yumy,

 this is my classmate, hajar and mirash!
 6 pair of hands in one TALAM, barakah~~
finished! alhamdulillah.

other than my class iftar, we also had a level iftar,,my room is at level 5, so all the residents of level 5 was invited for the iftar at the level's lobby, once again we ate in talam. the lobby was packed! of course lah, the food was free, haha.

this ramadhan i also made new friends and met old friends at JALAN TUANKU ABDUL RAHMAN, jeng3!

my new friends is ALIA and LIN
*teselit pulak aja kt tgh, sebok je*

 actually i don't really have a lot to write about, my mind is blank,, all i want to say is,, that day,, when we went out together with HAJAR YANI YANA LIN ALIA was really really really fun, another collection of sweet memory