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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my loLiday~

emmm...ahaha..[sje nk sebuk]
those percious time i'd went through started exactly after SPM ends, made me realize much how important them to me.. i should be thankful to Allah for granting me them, the most precious treasure in my school life...

They were so good to me. so helpful. so kind. What else i need then. Always give me advices, help, support and love. They make me feel like i'm being cared by someone when my familiy was not there. Thank you so much, for everything that you did. You're the best.

posted by my sweetest dearest nabilah~

the first post EVER!~*

hey2. assalamualaikum..,,

ehem2.. representing myself ,,,SHAKIRAH,,
blog? do i need it.. dunno yet.. so that's why im doin it.. to try it.. and to get the feel~.
what am i feelin? huh T_T.. blurr~ +xcited a little..haha [lol]

this is my first post ever~ wow~ fuh [T_T].. right now is a very long holiday 4 those that hve just finished spm right? it hasnt been long since we strted our holiday but.. man~ im bored already.. 1st week was fine..coz i was bz.. but these 4 days at home.. i kinda lost it.. i dont even know what day it is anymore.. i dont know what to do?? eventhough i do my chores.. there is still a lot.. n i really mean A LOT of time..EXTRA time.. wht to do..wht to do.. blurr~

i..i.. totally miss my friends~ fuh.. what r they doin now.. how are they?? are they ok? are they havin fun with life? are they movin on? do they still remeber the times at school? emmm..do..they...remember.. me? i wonder..yeah i can only wonder all this..
honestly..NAK BALIK ASRAMA~ waa!~ rndy rndu rndu.. thp xtreme punyer!!~
i know iknow..its impossible.. but just need to xpress my feelins k?

huh, thats the problem.. i dont have any plans.. but my father definitely has a plan 4 me.. waa~ i cant wait to take my licence.. i cant wait to just enjoy~ haha.. working? not for me i guess.. but i need money lah! to have fun n joli2 kn3?? my friends are going t o PLKN.. huhu bye2 guys~ gonna miss u lah! hope you have fun ok?

i think thats all for my first post ever~ ehem,,, thx to the helping hand for making this blog..
my dear nabilah~ love yah*