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Sunday, April 10, 2016

A bridesmaids story

hello assalamualaikum

I suddenly have the idea to write about my experience as a bridesmaids. A lot of people currently have bridesmaids at their wedding. i dont know other people's concept and perception on bridesmaids. but here's a glimpse of what we did.

when i first heard my close friend was getting married, we were all mumbo jumbo hyper excited for her, unbelievable ! so we started helping her on small things like basically just triggering her thoughts on what she needs to think about and just being there for her. she didn't really mention the bridesmaid thing but we were already all over it going crazy and wild with all these ideas waiting to jump out of our brain. so we made a group, discussed the color that won't overshadow the bride, then we bought our own clothes. yep, the bride didn't say a thing about wanting a set of bridesmaid, we were just suddenly set and decided to be her bridesmaids. so it all just fun so far, the more juicy parts aren't here yet.

so we came to her house a few days earlier just thinking of helping the last couple of details. but little did we know, our hands were full each and everyday without fail. we came around Tuesday and her solemnization was on Friday evening. that Tuesday we arrived quite late in the evening, so we just ate, learn to do tissue flowers and slept. the next day woke up early and starting making tissue flowers that took forever to complete. it was fun at first making flowers, crafting like a lady, but we need near 100 of it, yeah it does get a little annoying. we left it half way and took the bride for last minute shopping for some of her hantarans.

in the midst of all this craziness we were actually trying to plan a bachelorette party. but looking at how busy she was, we changed the concept to something more like "last chillin session with the bachelorette". it turned out to be quite a surprise to the bride, which we were utterly grateful of. later that night back to busy mode, thinking about the things to make her pelamin at home. yes people, her pelamin for solemnization was hand made by us and her sisters and cousin. amazing. Not only that, her hantaran, ALL OF IT i must say, was made by a group of us beautifully and simply using fresh flowers even. Does that seem a lot, well not quite yet, we also packed the door gift which was an extremely tedious job to do, 100 door gifts with at least 7 steps were all packed from scratch by us. to show yah how complicated it was, lemme tell yah

first, we used a stamp of her name and stamp on brown paper like a thank you note, next we had to cut those stamped paper into small 100 little pieces, we got tired of it so we made a copy at the photocopy shop, but still, they couldn't cut it for us, we still had to cut thru 1000 little pieces of paper. Next step is cookie packing, the cookies arrived bare, so we need to pack it in plastics and seal it tight. After sealing it in a plastic, we had to put the plastic in a small paper bag, stick the small paper piece just now, cut some ribbons and tie ribbons around the pack. how about that for a manual labor.

next, we were also actively or should i just say 100% involved with her makeup and pre treatment and henna stuff. several nights in  a row we put on her henna late into the night. such  a struggle to make it neat and tidy, we had to tape her finger, then apply the henna. About her makeup, my friend studied like very seriously and practiced and tested several makeup styles on her until everyone approved of the make, thus on the day of the solemnizaton and the day of the wedding itself, we did her makeup. last but not least the pre treatment part, well our bride was really busy due to the last minute preparations, thus we took the morning of her solemnization day to open a mini spa and do what brides shud do before marriage. u girls know what i mean eh ? hahaha

on the day of the wedding itself, we just prepped her makeup, her outfit. Then we were the ones who drove her to the wedding location. at the wedding, there wasn't much to do, cause her cousins, uncles and aunts were all around and super hyped to help, we only managed to help, when they were eating or praying. at the end of the day. yes, on the day of the wedding we may seem useless, but behind the scene we were top notch high end quality workers kind of bridesmaids. To be honest, i was really proud of what we achieved together. on top of that, it was such a memory that i think i'm gonna remember it forever.

After this, we will all go our separate ways, pursuing our lives, and i dont think there is another chance to do what we did. thank god one of my friends married while we were still students. Later in life, i hope, just once, i can go through this kind of joyful ride as bridesmaids again.

P/S this is of no particular importance to anyone, i just don't want to forget any details when  think of this memory. I'm storing it here for later.

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