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Friday, October 30, 2015

Memoirs of a final year student

Hello assalamualaikum

i just wanted to brag that i acted in this video, it's not much, but just know that i ruined my image for this video *like i ever had a proper image before*

that was not nice of me bragging, but i'm still doing it anyways, muahahaha

So basically it's a video comparing how we were during our first year of study compared to now when we are already in our final year.

the best part of making this video was the excitement that it gave us, it was truly exhilarating. ideas were bursting in like waves hitting the shore, and of course when more minds share idea the idea grow and it becomes such an excitement. well, because we made it together i think it turned out awesome. but yeah, it might be plain to others, but as it was a joy to me thruout the process, seeing it become something made me happy like a fool.

thank you to everyone who participated not only in the making of this video, it was more than that, it was the making of a memory.

it maybe bland, plain or boring to others.
i am worried of people's expectation. HAHA

link below....

1st year VS 4th year


look forward girl !

hello assalamualaikum

i think this post need to be in malay to be expressed well

          Now i am 22, still quite young i must say, still in university, still stupidly facing life's little drama, still believe that we can follow the flow, still quite innocent in a way. but what's really funny is how the malay culture takes this age as a very beautiful age to talk about love and marriage and boyfriends and stuff. even if we're not the type to really talk about this. the situation sometimes just makes us one of those people, merely cause it's a good topic, an interesting one, society likes it, and when we start talking about it, honestly it's quite addictive lah. of course everyone talks about this once in a while, it's not wrong. but if the frequency of talking about it and the amount of people we talk to about it is a lot, well then doesn't it seem that we like it a little too much.

          I hate to say that it seems a quite desperate, but it actually is. I'm not talking about anyone else but this is about me. i feel ashamed of myself sometimes, why do i keep potraying myself like this. what do i get from talking about this constantly. honestly, sometimes i feel like i'm expecting other's to pity me. but why ? that's what i wonder. so what if people pity pun, can they do anything about it, not really. i mean, i like to talk about it too, duhh i'm not denying, but sometimes deep down in my heart i'm like " girl, u can do better than that, chill, u got loads of other things to exepect from life, don't decrease ur horizon to this one little thing".

         My point is, we have a lot of things that we can do for ourselves.  things that can make us a somebody someday. Help us to be someone that can help everyone later. there's just too many things to expect in life, but why is " the other half of me" taking over my life even before i can actually see the existence of that other half. funny kan, cm stupid pun ada. hahahaha. So dear self and anyone else like me out there, chill. think about yourself, think about what u've got and what u can do with it, think of all the people you have around you now. is that still not enough to be extremely thankful to god.

         seriously stop it, even i am tired attending to myself who is sliding from the better route of life. i always say this to myself, life is about choices, choose the right ones, choose the ones that make you happy for a long time, choose things that are worthwhile, choose while thinking of the future that you will shape for yourself. This is not being selfish, this is about being the best you can be so you can give even more to other people in the future. Develop yourself so that you can give back to society. it's about you, but it's also about the people u can help one day. the bigger and greater you are, there are more chances for u to help people. think of it that way, so that it might push us a little bit further to become better

ya Allah, please help me be better, help us be better. we want to be better.

p/s, i tak kata pasni i baik terus x sembang dah pasal mnde ni, work hard extremely ke cemana, i cuba je nasihat diri ini, moga berkesan lah. kalau i tak berjaya pun, i hope someone might benefit from this advice i directed to myself. u get me ?