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Thursday, June 13, 2013

When i'm home

hello assalamualaikum.

yippeeee yahuuuuu, i'm home. and yes i'm on holiday, but i'm not going for a holiday. U GET ME ? okay let's stop this, i'm blabbering nonsense.

so i'm home, and i guess everyone's happier ?


My brother returns from class, i rush to the door while my mum sits comfortably , writing.

me : u want to eat mee ?
bro : Yeahhh
me : u want some fried egg with it ?
bro : yeahhhhh
me : u want omellete or sunny-side up ?
bro : omellete
UMI : amboii , someone's becoming a spoiled brat i see ~~

so, my bro is spoiled now, coz i'm home. hehehehehehe


me relaxing, and my mum will be like.......

cut this, sew that, cook this, make that, wash this, mop that, sweep this, clean that, buy this, do that.

and i'll be like.......
okay, yes, will do, right on it, done.

so, her little helper is home, whose home again ? me lahh, ngeh3.

well, that was nothing really, just me being happy, coz everyone's happy. the point is, this holiday, we must must must
-Use our time wisely. we got a lot of time in our hands, and we might get confused on what to do, but, u know, we'll think of something to do. (Other than eating, sleeping, watch TV and dramas.)
-Familyyyy, yeahh. spend time with them. just talk, or maybe just sit quietly together, coz having company is the good part.
-Ramadan is coming up, so yeahh, let's gear up for that. start waking up early (maybe) and add on to our ibadah, May Allah accept our deeds.

and for those just about to, or currently facing the exams. ALL THE BEST !
i'm done, hehe

le end.

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