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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The First Sahur

hello assalamualaikum

Alhamdulillah, we manage to meet ramadhan again. What  a big opportunity we have here right ?
The month where we just have to force ourselves in doing ibadah, if we don't push ourselves, then it is a really and i mean like REALLY big loss, u get what i'm sayin here ?

Now, talking about the first sahur, such a memory to me. Why ? well, honestly. I've never really woke up to help cook for sahur, i just usually get up and eat. but this year, its quite different. Suddenly i realize that i have this responsibility without anyone telling me. today i woke up early and i cooked. My mom slept happily till it was time to eat. Not to feel proud or what ? but i was like, FUYOHH2! im cooking alone ! for sahur ! in the kitchen ! woweee ~ maybe i was really excited , excited for another small change in my life that will affect my whole life.

as we grow up,
a lot of thing changes (and i really hope that all the changes are for the better lah)
a lot of responsibility suddenly falls on our shoulder
a lot of things start make us worry and think
a lot of expectations to fulfill

yes ! life does get harder


it is just not life if it's easy
it is just not life if u don't make mistakes
it is juts not life if u never learn

so thumbs up to little changes, a big thumbs up to life,
and a high five of excitement to cooking sahur throughout this ramadhan. YOSH !

come to think of it, i guess i have to cook for iftar too (:
YOSH lagi !

May ramadhan this year be worthwhile :)



amalina mohmad said...

weeeee :) happy ramadhan ! shakirah yosh !

izzy said...

shakirah masak apa...? congrats.. =D