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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

present and future

hello assalamualaikum

before babbling just want to share a pretty picture

alright my titles are getting more and more nonsense by the day, anywayssssssss, i wanted to write something at home, but suddenly unifi was so NOT on my side, the internet had problems so i couldnt write. THEREFORE, today, i took the time to actually GO to the library so i can acces the internet *i'm so diligent kan ?, hehe*

right now is the short semester in CFSIIUM which is only 2 months, but its almost ending now, meaning that my FINAL EXAM is seriously just around the corner. am i prepared ? no comment. i got my mid semester exam results for physics, and its......... not so good, even my umi says so. so, i have to push myself further to excel in finals. good luck shak~~~

Do not study recklessly even though it is only for mid semester exam
Do not be unprepared
Must study hard and diligently
Most importantly, have passion for what you are studying *nabilah kate belajar kena ikhlas baru berkesan-simplified from her gorgeous post at fb*

what do you think about being a pharmacist ?? i think its okay, my mother think it is okay. BUT, even though she says it is okay, she is still provoking me to go for dentistry, *well she's trying to make me want medic, but i seriously decline* so now her second choice to provoke me is with dentistry, and frankly speaking, I AM TEMPTED~ my umi says i can open a clinic with my brother if i take dentistry, thus making it easier for me to take care of my FUTURE CHILDREN & HUSBAND, kahkahkah *my umi said that, not me* so how about dentistry ??? not bad right ? i will be considering it too. no  matter what i want, still, everything depends on future results, will it reach the necessary pointers required for either pharmacy or dentistry? *hopefully YES lah kan*

so to human beings out there.. BE FIRM WHEN MAKING LIFE-RELATED DECISION. don't rethink about it a dozen of time like i am , it is getting more and more confusing and jumbled up by the day.

next next next, im quite scared and sad, li anna (because) i must re-sit mathematics 1 due to kebocoran soalan yg entah hape laaa. i have not study anything at all. and the exam is quite near (14/1/2012).
i know there must be a silver-lining to this incident, and i hope the silver lining is........ EXTREMELY GREAT RESULTS FOR MATH 1 PAPER AT THE SAME TIME INCREASING MY POINTER. hehehe
inshaAllah, with His will.
may all of us always be grateful with His plans for us , coz His plan is the best of all plans

to friends,
as always, i miss u all extravagantly
and CONGRATULATIONS to those who got incredibly great results
u guys are so SUPERB LAH!
bangga saya- keep on being great!

that is all---- i will be back------tettt-----------------------------



KID said...

ala math lame lg!!relek2~keh3

kiwi_baek! said...

rindu weh kat korg sume~

LemoN~* said...

fathiy : lame muu, ko ye la rase lame.. dok bcuti,, aku yg dok belajar ni rase kejap jee

fath : bila tah nk jumpe ramai2 lagi, rindu ko pat!

Miss. ciku_cika said...

dentist2!!! pilih jgn x pilih.. klinikal dy superb mcm blaja seni..hehehe..

haru_maki said...

keh,keh3...dah lame ak tak jumpe simbol math selain yg normal.