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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i ♥ shoes !

hello, assalamualaikum,

weeeee ehehehehe,
i have a new pretty shoe, and i am so so so happy
its been a while since i bought a new shoe,
* liar * =__=
fine, i bought shoes for raya, which was almost 2 months back,
okay laa tuu.
ANYWAYS,  i am still happy, 
i've been searching around for this shoe, and this colour, 
and YEYEAH, i found it !!!

pretty right ?

okay, sorry if i am being immature or self-absorbed
but i just cant help mysef
i need to share this happiness, hehe

so i shopped with my UMI sayang
and little NABILAH

OH Happy Day


KID said...


haru_maki said...

comelnye NABILAH~~

LemoN~* said...

nabilahh, comelnye sharifah nabilah lah kn maksud anda,, hahaha, bkn nabilah zainol azmi.
fathiy,, inilah dia hakikat perempuan dan kasut