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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my story in cfs,,

err, im not going to write anything here actually, but im just going to give a link where i have jsut shared my journey here for less than 2 weeks, *mcm batak pulak*


i just want to share a few things,,
i miss my friends from SMKA Simpang Lima so much!
its quite lonely here as all my friends are still new, i can't share everything with them.
i keep texting hajar telling her this and that,, she has already started classes, but im still bothering her,,
so at this critical time,, i turn to Allah,, hoping he will make me strong and able top cope with the new environment,,
yess, i am scared, i dont deny the fact,, but heyy, this is life, it keeps going on,, u gotta do what u gotta do.
i am destined to be here, so i will do my best!


terindu pulak kat junior2 di SLISS dulu,, waa!

k daaa,,


bANanA (",) said...

miss u ~ hehe

muhdnaim0093 said...

stdy smart,work hard...good luck shaki.....jgn mls2 aq cepuk kang

muhdnaim0093 said...

study hard,work smart,jgn mls2 shaki...dptkn 4.o 1st sem...InsyaAllah leyh tuka course utk amek farmasi.....