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Sunday, June 26, 2011

i made a promise =)

hello and assalamualaikum,,

yess, as the written title above, i made a promise,, to whom?? to my lovely beloved smarty pants extra genius friend with an IQ unimaginable by mankind,NABILAH *maybe that's too much, but hey, that is what i think about her* (oh gosh,, out of topic already), so the promise is to continue my story about my dear friends, and yes, it is time to spill the beans about her

nabilah bt zainol azmi,, ohhh,, i can never be more lucky to have know this particular person,, our heart beats together~ haha, what i mean is,, we are so so so compatible with each other, she's an extremely nice friend that will never say no and try all out to help people,, and, to help me of course,, she's actually quite dorky but in a cute way, well at least i think its cute.

through out my school days,, which was not very long time ago,, she was kind of the person that i really look up to, she can do a lot of activities, be very active, always help people, yet still she manages to  score straights a's all the time. i guess its barakah,

but, there's one thing that i really like knowing about her, she thinks she is unpredictable,, but hey, it comes easily for me to predict her,, hahaha, so i'm like a mind-reader, unfortunately i can only read hers, hahaha.having her as a part of my life totally made me a better person, its like i have a sister, a little sister,a short sister??? hahaha. she is my heartbeat,

i live and breathe on this land.
glad to know that ur my friend.

p/s hug ♥!

to be continued *LAGI*
sgt pmls, haha


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my story in cfs,,

err, im not going to write anything here actually, but im just going to give a link where i have jsut shared my journey here for less than 2 weeks, *mcm batak pulak*


i just want to share a few things,,
i miss my friends from SMKA Simpang Lima so much!
its quite lonely here as all my friends are still new, i can't share everything with them.
i keep texting hajar telling her this and that,, she has already started classes, but im still bothering her,,
so at this critical time,, i turn to Allah,, hoping he will make me strong and able top cope with the new environment,,
yess, i am scared, i dont deny the fact,, but heyy, this is life, it keeps going on,, u gotta do what u gotta do.
i am destined to be here, so i will do my best!


terindu pulak kat junior2 di SLISS dulu,, waa!

k daaa,,