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Thursday, April 14, 2011

graduation! party! birthday!


-graduation day
-smka simpang lima

i had the time of my life,, and i never felt this way before,, and i swear this is true~ and i owe it all to YOU
[YOU, as in allah swt, parents, bffs, sweet juniors, best teachers, great wardens, beloved hostel, and gogeous school]

thank you so much!!

umi , abah, this one's for u *they dont even read this blog, hahah*

 my dream came true,, to wear the jubah,, to go up there,, to smile oh so happily,,~
 with my nice good smart brother~ nabil,, ur my idol!

syok sgtt cemerlang with bff duh!

9/4/11 - 10/4/11

-wild party
-rumah nabilah

it was totally the best night ever since finishing SPM! love you all for maikng it special for me



-18th birthday
-at work

nothing happened actually, haha,, the special thing was i took care of the babies all day long,, what a good calm and nice birthday

BTW, i got tonnes of wishes from my friends~ thank you so much for wishing,, for remembering,, and for being such sweet and great friends

big thanks to shikin for a wonderful video,, loved it!!


-hungry at home

shakirah : samir,, shakirah nak masak nasi ni,, samir nak x?
samir : takde bende lain ke nak masak?
shakirah : nak bende lain buat sendiri lahh
samir : cmni lahh,, kite kluar makan kat luar nk..
shakirah : nak3!! jom!!!

after finished eating

shakirah: kenyang gila
samir : aisy,, jgn lah dulu, samir ade order lagi satu ni
shakirah : alaaah,, tipu je,, mane ade samir order pape da,, shakirah x nampak pun
samir : kita bet, kalau ade, shakirah bagi samir rm10, kalau xde samir bagi shakirah ok?
shakirah : xde hal

confidently and blankly i made a bet with my brother

suddenly,,,,,,,, there was a voice behind my back singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY and bringing a cake,,, awwww,,, totally touched,, baiknya samir!!

i think i never had a birthday cake before,, soooo thank you samir for giving me a birthday cake that i never had but always wanted,


-umi is home

presents from umi~

 two bags *gigantic white one and *cute orange one
love both!
oh, and a pink shirt
btw, kak epy from work gave me a pink purse as i am about to stop working
thank you kaka epy!


bANanA (",) said...

yuhuu..best'y mkn kek
nnt bday ak blnje ak kek tw !
btw nice header..layout oke jer~
hhahaa plus xleh lwn ak lg

husna assaedah said...

huhu.,shakirah...i found your blog...

LemoN~* said...

oh thank you2 una, sudi follow