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Sunday, March 6, 2011

mail from naBIELa

ohhh,, i 4got to share about what i got from nabilah,, oh so sweet of her to mail it to me..

and i totally love what she gave me,,,

im just OH so touched.. thx so much~

firstly she gave me a card which i kinda ordered,, n you know,, she made it perfectly,, far prettier n better than what i dreamt of,, oh thx so much,,

 let me tell you a little bit about the card,, it is dedicated to our travel group.. wohoo.. me shikin fath aja n biel herself,, mybe we're just dreaming,, but hey,, i still love it!!
that is who the 5 people in the card represents.. loove the colours biel!!

she also gave me a cute NOTEBOOK and a veryveryvery cute turtle~
 this is the gigantic evelope for the card,, haha,,the card is soo BIG and so WORTH IT!!

thx so much!! love yah always biel!! n all of u aja shiq n fath~!!

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